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  1. iparodyall

    Who would you kill?

    Anyone who eats with a gas mask on
  2. Stone found the notes, then saw some crazy lady named ami setting up a bunch of lights around a dead guy! Twas a weird experience!
  3. iparodyall

    Interview with Bruce

    The animal is loose! Its Ass Kicking Bruce!
  4. GREAT RP BUDDY!....although i would still rather use a banana peel in a tree hole, i mean the "cow" idea was good and all but i'm wayy too cool to do that!
  5. *Stone looks through the peep-hole at the dead zombie, its head ripped in chunks and a puddle of warm yellow liquid filling its eyesocket. its innards were wrapped in a tree in a festive way, looking like a Christmas tree in a bad dream* *His sticky hands held up the radio and the gristle he had been treating like bubblegum was moved into his cheek by his foul smelling tongue* "Oh yeah, i was gonna beat him to death buster! but you see i trying to save my energy....you know until i get some GOOD food" "Been eating whatever i can find in this here trashcan fella!... *he speaks in a gruff form of a childs voice* I'm tough though i tell you! I aint afraid!" *He holds the gun up to the peep hole once more....waiting*
  6. iparodyall

    A Test of Translation {Open Frequency}

    *Stone hides in his trashcan listening at the complex pattern, it almost makes him feel comfort, so lifeless in its robotic structure, almost hypnotizing* "Oh, computer language! but next time go slower, or just say it in another language.... maybe just stop being so crazy too...yeah..that will help." "Best of luck with the ones and zeros though!"
  7. "Hey! I just thought I'd greet everyone out there listening, its kind of a lonely and scary place out here. I'd like to meet a couple new friends, the other day i had to shoot at a dead man! He was walking around and moaning so.... *puts on a gruff voice* i had to shoot at him...you know thats how it is out here...Real reckless and stuff... I missed the shot! But I meant to, cause i just wanted to show him that i meant business! I said "look here buster! If you don't hit the road running I'll be knockin' a bitch in the face!" Anyways! I was wondering if anyone could find out what kind of bullets my shotgun takes, it has two ports on it for maximum POWER! Also if someone could teach me how to put it back together it would be great too! Also...I'm very hungry and I'm scare--- well I'm not scared, I'm just not sure where to get it......But If i did you'd bet your sisters wig I'd go get it! I'm not scared! I think I'm in this place called story..or skary......so just look for any town that sounds like that and check it for me. I'm inside of a trash can, but there's a water bottle glued on top of it, that way you can tell which one it is....pretty sneaky huh! Anyway! when you find the trashcan tap three time on the top of it and whisper the secret password through the peephole that i ON PURPOSE made with a shotgun! The secret password is pseudoephedrine hydrochloride!! That's the name for allergy pills, but i know that NO one else would EVER say that to a trashcan bullet hole...i mean peep hole. Say it twice and I'll come help you survive! After you feed me and fix my gun of course....and please take care of the dead guy outside he keeps moaning....and its just very...distracting you know... BYE! ....OH wait! when you shoot the dead guy don't shoot the trashcan like i did...I did it on purpose to scare him but you shouldn't do that cause I'm inside of it! Okay see you guys!"
  8. Much obliged to you and J.T. Ripper. It was a great night for us and the whole time i was on i was wondering if i would run into jacks character. That moment was RP bliss. I couldn't have picked better players to make it happen with! *throws beanz at you*
  9. Try updating the drivers for your graphics card, and make sure its supported.
  10. iparodyall

    Too many crazies (?)

    There aren't too many "crazies" there's too many people "acting" crazy. In short: Too many half hearted attempts at crazy I'll show you crazy, it needs no anger or danger, it needs no outlet, it festers and ruins logic. No need for running silly, or screaming at random. Crazy is a goggle in which the world it distorts, and no insane man would dare believe himself more than logical. To him, you are the crazies, you are the sickness. Thats crazy.
  11. Mr Pink looks through his binoculars, scanning for any signs of human interaction. The radio message piques his interest and he responds. *turns down the volume and holds PPT* "Stary or hoblin cop" "Find me there.....oh, and bring a gun with you" *clips the radio on his belt* ~Shit, that kid won't know what i'm talkin about~ *takes the radio from his belt* "Hoblin cop is what you call Novy" "And No, i really don't want to explain it" "Senor rosado don't like giving out stories for free haha" *turns off the radio* Mr Pink sees movement in the distance, only a tree moving in the wind. It proves to him yet again, that he's slipping away.
  12. iparodyall

    Gear RP? Should I be mad?

    Did they completely remove your clothing?
  13. iparodyall

    Sadly, I must step down...

    Good luck, i hope everything goes smoothly for you friend. o7
  14. Man, you don't really have to kill an animal to RP as a hunter, just tell people you are a hunter. You can say you killed a deer, no one is going to question you, this is an RP server. For example, when a person cuts off a finger or scars someone theres no ACTUAL change to the character model. We just pretend that person has a scar or is missing a finger. You don't have to have a cooking pot or kill an animal to be a hunter. You can't get hung up on something because it technically "didn't happen" after all, your backstory didn't happen either. So just relax man, its all good. Enjoy the RP and don't worry about anything else.
  15. If a death is satisfying to both parties, permadeath is a great option. I know there are a few people that play with the same characters until theres no story left to tell, thats not how i want to play it. I think people should be more cautious with their characters lives. Especially considering how immersion breaking it can be to see the same character that has died multiple times acting like nothing has happened. Plus i find it rewarding to "finish" a story, I LOVE creating characters. Some of us love making a character more than killing or getting in firefights. Some of us play RP hardcore (taking mask off to eat, or not spamming the water pump) and others rather take RP more lightly and focus on scenarios and creating situations for other players. We are all different, and we all have our own ideas about when a character should die. So the choice is entirely up to you. Best of luck out there buddy and welcome to our community.