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  1. Puma

    What was your first RP encounter?

    Pre-Lore wipe: . Was in the game for about 30 minutes. I had ran into Barazino to loot for food when I had some one rob me of every thing I had on, even took all my cloths, told me not to talk and then left me there looking into the corner of the wall as he ran off. Spent the rest of the day with a pub server mentality after that of avoiding every one I saw. Post Lore Wipe: Encountered two players up in Sinistock as I was headed up to the water pump. I met two players and talked to them for a short minute, they asked if I wanted to come up north with them, which would have been tisy military base but I had no reason to go up there as I was still trying to figure the zombies out with my character. They headed north to the edge of town and I went to the water pump, turned around and walked south down the road so I could head further east along the main highway up there in the north, I was walking when they circled back with guns points at me and told me to drop to the ground. They tied me up and searched me for stuff. I was technical a fresh spawn as I had dropped every thing in the woods near sinistock when we did the wipe and then went down into sinistock. Since I didn't have any thing but a cross bow and civie clothing I found in the first house I went into, they let me go. Left my cross bow down the road about a 100 meters and then left me alone. The very next encounter was an two hour later that lasted about two hour were I was RPing my Fat character concept I had been so excited to play. So here I was trying to trade a winnie I found with ammo so I could get a can of soda. The three players told me they would help me loose weight and then cut the characters love handle flaps off and his man boobs. For their torture RP, my cfharacter screamed the entire time and cried "why are you doing this to me". All I got were laughs in return and so the character died. I stopped playing after that.
  2. Puma

    They Are Not the Problem. YOU Are.

    Every one has an opinion as to what causes one thing to happen in relation to another. I am going to link two youtube videos that are about six minutes long each. The first one is to find what kind of player you are, and the second is the more important one describing how each type of player effects how a community shrinks or increases. No doubt has been watched by every gamer out there any ways. They describe four fundamental types of players in games. For arguments sake we all are Role Players, but we still have a different kind of personality that would still fall into the category listed. Explorers - Lone Wolfs Socialisers - Camp Fire RPers Achievers - Gear acquisition Killers - Bandits I already know I would be an explorer, its what I do in DayZ any ways. What are you?
  3. Growing up out in the country on a ranch in Arizona, the mans early life lead him to being an outdoors man. Camping, backpacking, hunting, and fishing are just the basics. An descent backyard mechanic and other activities that are needed to get things repaired. His upbringing is what lead him to Joining the US ARMY. He was no infantry man, he went the route of transportation. Driving large truck, large equipment, loading air plains. Even if he wasn't infantry, he still was able to play with the weapons provided for being military. Being Airborn, he jumped out of perfectly good airplanes, shot just about every weapon he could get his hands on. Don't ask him to use a patriot missile system, he could figure it out given enough time but he wasn't trained on that stuff. hand-grenades were fun to him, as they were like when he used to make quarter sticks of dynamite when he was growing up. His military experiance was cut short at 6 years after his second deployment he sustained a back injury while on a convoy that was attacked. An RPG hit the unarmored Humvee he was driving which took so much shock that it compressed discs in his lower back. No longer fit for military service he was pushed out of the military. Upon entering the civilian world in 2008, the US economy crashed, and the job he had just had started, the business had gone bankrupt and he found him self unemployed. Taking truck driving jobs and other delivery jobs, those were short lived and his savings was sucked dry. Unable to work at the service industry positions such as check out clerk and fast food worker due his inability to stand for long periods he found him self homeless. At first living in the city. Being in the city and homeless was far more difficult then being deployed as most homeless in the cities are mentally unstable. That and the many laws made to keep the homeless from being some where, he found him self out in the woods up in the higher country of Arizona, his old territory where he used to do weekend camping as a child. Being homeless out in the woods he had far more time to him self. While in the city he used to use his time at the library as the AC was a welcome relief to the summer heat in the city. While there he was studying the laws of the state and of the country in more detail with the help of a friend who was going through law school at the time. While studding law he had other questions that kept pointing him in a direction that he didn't want to look into. Being out in the woods now, he needed something to pursue to keep him busy so he opened a bible that he had picked up out of a motel he had stayed in for a night off the streets after doing some pan handling. Spending five months out in the woods and deciding he would go and evangelize, by chance some one stumbled upon him while he was at his latest camp site whom was just backpacking through. The man was a pastor at a church further north and needed help with maintaining the church and offered him the position and a place to stay. Hunter accepted it and spent the rest of his time helping this church. This is what brought him to Chenarus, a mission trip to help another church that had just opened up in the country.
  4. I have provided Dax the requested script log.
  5. I have uploaded the whole ordeal. I ran it through my video program to enhance the gamma. All 40 minutes are here. I can give you even more time before what happened but I'm already uploading this 1gb video and every 1 gb over my monthly 10 gb upload rate is 2 dollars. The video will be at this link once it fully uploads. https://youtu.be/gEyhEadAxCQ
  6. Server and location: S1 - Starry Yarr Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 01:50 10FEB2017 Your in game name: Hunter Harris Names of allies involved: Marry Name of suspect/s: Dusty, Imari, Acrasia, Gamblers Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Video 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qd3Woo1ERng Video 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCbcXeaKevU Detailed description of the events: The First video is of me role-playing with some one who had come through the 101 camp involving trade. I was not able to get his name as I don'e care for pulse checking people and since had hadn't offered it to begin with, I wasn't going to pry it from him. He had mentioned something about how he was packing his stuff up and moving out as his tent which was further west of us kept getting ransacked and was going to relocated. Offering stuff that he couldn't carry away for us to have at it. The conversation had come to M4's and I mention I had them at one point, eluding to the recently stash wipe on S2. (American player, I use the US server since I get nearly 500 ping coming onto the UK server.) About that time he mentions some one by a building behind me and I turn around barely notice some movement and at this time I hear a very faint voice just as I'm saying interesting. I faintly hear the words hands up and go to put mine up, missing f2 and hitting f3. The guy was standing even further away from the people so I am under the impression he didn't even hear them until after the shots are fire and then we hear the much louder and clearer threat of hands up. I didn't even see a weapon raised due to it being night time so even the initiation wasn't even there. 2 seconds later after hearing the words hands up bullets now come in our direction, the guy I am talking to is hit by a bullet, he survives and fires back, then his life is ended. At this point I am taking inside and then demands of payments are exchanged. Forty minutes later, we are released, in video 2 we are left with most of our items, minus a few rare clothing items and our weapons. No big deal. Some one mentions a grenade and so I check my bag for one before picking it up. Smoke grenades, are what I find, but those were mine to begin with, I use them rather often. Zombie distraction, Concealment for escaping, other uses such as shits and giggles. Marry picks her bag up and we are then killed by an unpinned grenade which was left in her bag after it had been raided and left behind for us. The unpinning of the grenade and being left as a booby trap reminds me of a member of my group back in august of 2016 that I rolled under the bus after I found out about his use of the grenades. I looked for the post as reference but it has been removed. Instead I only found a thread being solved which linked to the post but is a dead link. I bring this up as the use of the grenades are similar. Video 1 00:17 mention of some one at the house. 00:20 faintly hear the words hands up. 00:22 Shots are received. 00:25 guy next to me is shot 00:28 guy next to me shoots back 00:32 guy next to me is killed. 00:38 Zombie agro Video 2 00:34 mention of grenade. 02:37 Death by grenade.
  7. Puma

    S1: RDM and NVFL - Camp 101 - 23:15

    I have not denied any actions here for which I have been accused. The entire time, I have been badgered in this report by mental. With remarks such as Not once have I lied nor have I been deceitful and yet the accusatory tone of needing the video to make me honest. I didn't even watch your video till after I put my PoV up. After I did see it, you can hear the TS chatter of our chosen type of RP to have a camp fire is viewed with contempt. As to saying the group was not there to initiate, I have been on this server for over a year now, lead even a group. So every encounter I have had with bandits groups is always the same cooky cutter approach. I already explained it before, but as I quoted above from others who have post there PoV, the gamblers were coming to see if we had learned our lesson. In which I wasn't even privy to what had happen the day before. When I asked as to what happened I was shut down with I want to talk to your leaders instead of just answering the questions to tell me what happened. All experience has shown that the group isn't looking for RP at this point since I'm the only one they can RP with. They are looking for an initiation and when the "heavy emphasis" is placed about loosing the weapon. Thats all grounds on a group of heavily armed people are there for PvP. If this isn't the case in your groups parts, perhaps thinking what it looks like when the local armed gang comes through your front door of your house uninvited.
  8. Puma

    S1: RDM and NVFL - Camp 101 - 23:15

    I have been a member of the alliance since its founding. I have only logged in over the last couple of weeks because of the new patch and wanting to keep a barrel alive. We all know how bandit RP goes down. A group of people heavily armed weaving guns around, raising them and lowering them. Searching the entire compound after they were asked not to enter, to see how many people are there, and then position them selves before the initiation is dropped. Give them the benefit of the doubt till its clear what they are there for. Come back to the game on Monday to get back into RP and its the same voices of the groups who you were fighting before leaving and then they talk to you letting you know they are going to take your weapon. So to be clear, a group of people setting up to initiate, clearly there for PvP, repeatably showing up for the same thing. Since he was going to take the weapon any ways, why not let them earn it?
  9. Puma

    S1: RDM and NVFL - Camp 101 - 23:15

    I am the one in this report. I was initially on sentry duty when I first see four people approaching the base from about 400 meters away with open fields all around the group. I scope in with my weapon, which is a FAL with a ACOG on it. At this point I count out eight players moving as a group. Once they get close enough, I am able to verify that the group are wearing yellow arm bands and were all caring heavy weapons in there hands, I call it out over the radio to the rest of the group, who were out of the compound looking for more wood for our fire and trying to set up a camp feel since we were in the area. With me being brand new the 101 group, signing up literally yesterday. I didn't have enough comprehension of what politics the group had other then being warned that the gamblers are straight up bandit group. With the group now passing the 200 meter mark I lower my weapon so I can just watch them with out giving a hostile intention. They then approach the base from the road. Since I'm not in local range, I here over radio that they just opened the gate and walked in like they owned the place. At this point the entire camp is on high alert. The rest of the team in the area are now taking up positions. So, some one comes into the office and tells me to come down with him out of the building. Initially I wanted to the use office to talk with them but instead radio that they were escorting me out of the building so they could surround me. Upon coming out of the building, I am asked if I am with the 101, which I am. Then I'm asked if any of the higher ups are around because they want to negotiate the incident that recently happened. In all honesty I had no clue as to what incident transpired the day before since I had just joined the group yesterday. Then I am accused of pointing a weapon at them while they were inside the compounded. In which I had never done, I had never even looked out the window that overlooks the compounds courtyard. I have eight people out side and then the guy heavily emphasize he wants my weapon while his friends are all around me with guns. Others Invovled MoTaVa, Miniblasan , Dave Stone
  10. Server and location: S2 - Kamenka Light House Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 0350 25DEC2016 Your in game name: Hunter Harris Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: Unknown if any. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I Had just swam back from Prison island. Yes, I had the Freezing message and had just gotten the Hypothermia message. I had built a fire and was sitting next to it. I still had color vision. Considering I had just ticked into hypo by the time I got the fire started and still had color vision I'm wanting to see if I got picked off because of my location or if color fading to grey doesn't mean any thing any more.
  11. I must thank the admin team for looking into this matter and giving their time to find the player whom logged out in this manner. A number of people were called in and I know I would have been sweating bullets if I was the first one to be called into the report just because I was close to the log out time. TheLostGoober, I appreciate that you have stepped forward and said this was you in this incident. I do feel that in this case you may have been server hopping to get gear as the location is a gear acquisition location or did Combat log as you can see you were on the server by the times of at least two minutes. It was just bad timing to have some one there was all. I comprehend that people will server hop for gear and I wont fault them for that, in this case though it would best to at least run into a tree just a bit away from a traffic area because of as you can see in the video you looked to have been combat logging. If not that, had we actually been in the building when you logged in, that could have been seen as ghosting. If you did indeed combat log, please remember, when playing on DayZRP, you are on a RP server. Chances are fifty fifty of either encountering a hostile person or a friendly person. We all are here to role play first, be it hostile or friendly. You may picked up new friends that night by RPing with us as the guy I was typing to in OOC we had just met an hour previously and turned out to be a pretty good guy. I don't like to assume, but with you just recently joining the server I think you may have panicked and bounced on out. I have no wish to see some one so fresh to the server receive a ban after just being here only a few days. Ghosting or Combat Logging is a 3 day ban with 10 points as a ban strike. Not enough to have your whitelist revoked and having to take that test again to play here. With you being new I just want you to remember that we are role players and "normally" some one isn't going to KOS you. So please fight the urge to bounce out. Because of this, I humbily ask that the admins close this report. Of course I will leave this to the admins discretion if they wish to persue it. Once again, thank you for your time and dilligence in looking for the player on the initial report criteria.
  12. Bet Dont understand all these threads recently where the introduction is shade to everyone but the OP. To be honest, I think there is more ego boosting on the forums then actually in game I stated how I felt about people who went around picking RPers off who were sitting still just trying to do what the server was there for, to RP, which normally implies talking and not running circles around some one. Also I stated my PvP Skills were Alright no where near hardcore. I wanted my opinion put out there first before people started the accusations as to my PvP or RP side of the camp i stood on. I wanted it to be clear. Your post though appears to be a direct attack against me the poster as you are betting I'm making the statement to inflate my own ego. I wanted to keep the discussion open for a lagitament discussion and you have already started personally attacking me on my opinion of PvPers looking for PvP on a RP server. Not only that, your post is completely off topic of what the thread is about. If you want a topic about people smearing others reputations to inflate ego, please make a thread for that.
  13. This is a very good reason and I had not seen it from this angle. I was thinking of the realism side of hostages while at the same time irked by the fact of so many people who use the hostage armor rule to provoke situations that normally wouldn't happen. I wasn't thinking of the fact that there are trigger happy people who just can't see the value of the hostages life and just want to shoot some one. Rolle your response is straight forward and logical in it self, this I can concede to. I still would like to keep the forum thread open for discussion but will leave it to the discretion of the staff at this point to determine when or if the topic needs to be closed. This isn't working so much any more. More and more I am encountering where people are using a different TS server, or using discord for their communications. This makes it really hard to do this at all. Some people do it to stop the meta gaming from people seeing how many are in a crew, while others do it to avoid people jumping into an unlocked channel. There are many reasons but more and more I am being denied the ability to tap into their comm's after snatching their radio tuned to that frequency. So this ties into the hostage as you can't use the hostage to gain any real RP value from the situation either.
  14. First of all, let me put out there that I'm on the camp fire RP side of this community. I love just to be able to tell a story or make a story with what happens here. Can I PvP? Yes. Do I PvP? Yes. Am I good at it? I'm alright. I play on an RP server because I also love to RP, and you can not RP on a Public server. I am of the opinion, if you want to PvP, go to a public server and do it, stop trying to inflate your ego by killing people who would rather talk then shoot you on sight. If you need to shoot sitting ducks around a campfire, you probably suck at PvP and need a handicap. Now that being said I still feel there needs to be an element of tension as well as Safe RP also gets stale, new stories do not happen by sitting at the campfire. Though I would love to see trading posts so I can have a campfire to tell my stories at. Any ways I keep getting off topic I just wanted to give some insight into where I am coming from. Hostage Rule I am not in agreeance with the currant hostage rule. I comprehend that hostages are looking for RP, but I find that the hostage believes this gives them armor. Consistently I see reports up on "Killing of Compliant Hostage". But when you see the video or read the POV, most hostages are shot because the hostages buddies started shooting at the people holding the hostage. The whole point of having a hostage is so you don't get shot at and making the other party follow demands. We all know the scenerio but here it is: Hostage gets held up, hostages buddies get into position. Hostage is initiated on, Hostage says over radio "they initiated on me " Then mutes his mic and puts his hands up. Bandits get shot at by hostages buddies. At this point i feel if the buddies miss their targets, the hostage can be creamed by the hostage taker. The hostages buddies sure as hell had NVFL no value for life of their friend any ways at this point. Then you have the scenario where the hostage is being used as a distraction as well. By this I mean the hostage gets taken, and as long as he is complying no harm can come to him, even if his buddies keep shooting at the bandits. If the bandits take their eyes off the hostage, he manages to break loose and kill the bandits from behind. I would think Compliant Hostage would be some one who is a hostage, and his friends have not opened fire on the bandits and the bandits kill the hostage any ways. That would be RDM and no need for complaint hostage rule. But this is my opinion on that matter. Since I am not staff, I do not have the experience as to why the rule was made the way it was to begin with. But I would like to see of other opinions on the matter.
  15. I have read the back and forth before placing my post up here. Some one mentioned all the people who play soldiers but do not know any thing about the culture of the military. Yes, the military has its own culture, and each countries culture is different, even the branches with in the same country. I was US ARMY, I was from the transportation side of the military so I was not specially trained in infantry. Soldiers are still solders so we have a level of competence when it comes to have to fight. With this said, when I encounter other characters who play as US military of some sort or even the NATO nations I don't prod to deep into any conversations with them. No reason to put them on the spot as most people who do play military in this game have actually never been exposed to that culture. I could drill the shit out of them if I wanted to but for what purpose? That would be like saying, So I was the NCOIC of ADAG/C while having ten RECT and 20 10ks and 5 15ks to conduct movement ops as I was the MCT liaison with the AFC. Not only that, the E-4 mafia handled the work with the Privates. Most people would see this as gibberish, and for those people who were military know what I'm talking about. Not only did I use official language I also tossed in some culture specific slang. So of all those super soldiers out there, how many of them did I just call out on their BS? That was mearly an example. I bring this up as currently the character I play is highly based off my self. I ended up resorting to that as I wanted to see how my progression in the new would go. I'm a combat Vet but left the military back in 2007, so guess, top of my game person. Matter of fact, my character has never said any thing about being a member of the military. Two reasons for this, one seeing soldiers in game is a dime a dozen and the other reason being once you say military people OOC start to groan. Initially when I came to this community I was going to create a fat guy who would trade nice things away for a candy bar or even donuts. I figured it would be fun, and perhaps have other people laugh. When I started to put my feelers out I was told it would be troll RP. Also I had the dilemma of trying to explain some one who was still a butterball turkey even a year after the outbreak. So i had to go with the character based off my self. Recently I have been thinking about running a second character, as I am a Dungeons and Dragons player as well, table top, Third addition version, prefering the Forgotten realms campaing setting. I like playing different kinds of characters as each one has their own personality. So here I was recently thinking about creating a "local" as it would make seance for the area instead of being a foreigner. I was thinking along the lines of a local carpenter/plumber who would be able to tell you about the "clients" of each house of the city that he used to do work for. I was going to RP him as speaking the local language only and have him still trying to learn English, he would have some basic stuff but do it broken like. I thought it might have been fun to walk into Kab and offer to fix the heating and perhaps getting a source of running water for one of the Clowns buildings just for the RP sake of it. He would want to keep his fingers because of the nature of his work but I figured the clowns would take those any ways. It would have been a short lived character, I assume. But now reading that the Russian based members of this community feel you need to actually know the language or be belittled, na never mind. Not going to create a local character now as I wouldn't be able to properly portray him so people would actually accept him as genuinely being a local. So I thank the Russian community for informing me this wasn't as cool of an idea as I thought it would have been.