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  1. Marius Crawford is an outdoorsman and factory worker spending most of his time working assembly. After his company moved jobs overseas they offered him a supervising position if he were to move with the company. Seeing that he had no family and no obligations to his current establishment he uprooted and left. After a few successful years in his supervisor position the outbreak started. Marius is stern but not rude and tries to lighten the mood with jokes and somewhat of a sarcastic style of speech. Though not having any family back at his home he has managed to make very good friends with some of the people who had also traveled over in the recent years and his general concern for their well being can make him fierce when someone or something tries to hurt a member of his group. Marius is a very personable guy but the outbreak has made him a bit more weary of people he doesn't know causing him to sometimes just stay on the outskirts of the woods and live off the land unless he is needed in town by his friends or his own personal needs. He does not shy away from confrontation but would rather avoid it if possible and is very good at talking his way out of situations that tend to be a bit uneasy. Overall Marius is a level headed person who is friend/family oriented and will do anything to keep them safe. Also he is a very good talker and tends to bring a lightheartedness to most situations.
  2. isaacp

    RP2: KoS, Combat Logging, & Ghosting in Sinistok - 01/02/2016 04:45 [Server Time]

    Yes ma'am that would be Erich Meier.
  3. isaacp

    RP2: KoS, Combat Logging, & Ghosting in Sinistok - 01/02/2016 04:45 [Server Time]

    Yes I did kill them for stealing. I did not because one of the members of the group said that he already did I was not in his voip range at that moment because I was running a different direction to catch up with them. Whether they could hear it and chose to ignore it or they didn't hear it I trusted the word of my friend as anyone would. I didn't get to say much seeing they knew I was with the group and didn't care much to talk and were more worried about leaving. I just asked them where they were heading and not much more than that. They told me where they were going and said they were in a hurry and ran which is why all I got to say was "Well..." as pointed out earlier.
  4. isaacp

    RP2: KoS, Combat Logging, & Ghosting in Sinistok - 01/02/2016 04:45 [Server Time]

    Like Brent said Sharpie was no where around when I killed them he didn't even shoot anyone. Personally myself I don't care about anything that was lost I don't care about any of the other accusations in this post I have no hard feelings personally myself towards these guys the dispute between you and my friend is between you I just want it to be made clear to me about if someone takes something out of our tents if it is counted as robbery or not. And if it is not I apologize for my actions I just acted as I would in a situation of post robbery as I said before.
  5. isaacp

    RP2: KoS, Combat Logging, & Ghosting in Sinistok - 01/02/2016 04:45 [Server Time]

    Jackson Ford Pov: I had just left before the server went down to go do something, and when I had returned like most I was having trouble getting back in immediately. When I did finally get in I saw the two at our tents for a brief moment before they had took off from our camp and I watched them leave. Very shortly after I get information from one of my group members that they had taken things out of our tents so I quickly grab a weapon and pursued them and that is the reason why I shot them. Seeing as there is no clear rule about camps and the taking of items from camps by unauthorized parties I treated it as a direct robbery towards us.
  6. isaacp

    RP2: KoS, Combat Logging, & Ghosting in Sinistok - 01/02/2016 04:45 [Server Time]

    I would like to add that they did take items out of our tents which in my eyes seeing as it is our property would be robbery against us as a whole. While I had just loaded in before they had left "Carl Edwards" was there and was not initiated on for the items stolen out of our tents. So that is why I acted as I did in finding and killing them because I saw that as a robbery which would open up my rights to act hostile towards the two involved. That is the way I looked at the situation.
  7. isaacp

    RP2: KoS, Combat Logging, & Ghosting in Sinistok - 01/02/2016 04:45 [Server Time]

    Sharpie did not kill anyone as shown in the logs. I was the one that killed Joey or whatever and the only reason I killed the guy was because I was told that you stole from us simple as that. I wouldn't let anyone steal from me in real life why would I let someone steal from me in a video game. Lol
  8. Tobias Krenshaw here, don't really know what more to say they kind of covered everything that happened. Myself personally due to me being under geared was acting as a lookout and did not care to much to expose myself in case of conflict seeing as I would be practically useless. So what happened was we came to the helicopter crash site when we saw Leon approaching so I went and hid in the Red Barn in case there were more than just himself. All I needed was ammunition and we just happened to luck out and find someone who had some on his person and to my knowledge we left him with practically everything he came with aside from the ammunition I needed.
  9. That is pretty cool. But I don't see the appeal with gas masks to be honest.