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  1. I like music and i'm interested in hearing something new sooooo Post a song that describes the person above you or a song you think of when you think of them. Start with me i guess.
  2. LarryLobsterGuy

    [GAME] Would you save the person above you (IC'ly)?

  3. My name is Matthew Tanner and i'm making this journal in hopes of when i die someone will find it and i wont be forgotten. Day 1, I can't stay in this house forever i need to find a way out of this place. rations are running low i have to do something. There's so many of them. do they even have any human left in them? I found an old radio in one of the coastal houses, somebody was actually there i could not believe it! He said there were people north so that's where i'm heading maybe they can help. It's around the afternoon I have been walking for a while getting exhausted. I think i see a military camp maybe someone can help me. They're all dead or infected. they almost got me. I found a gun... I've never used one and i don't want to but I know I'm going to have to... The moon is rising i have to rest. This small barn should do, hopefully i'll find someone.
  4. Around five years ago me and four other friends went on a camping trip that went horribly wrong resulting in two of them dying and one missing. It was traumatizing really but i found a way to cope with the incident, taking pictures. It's relaxing... I decided to take my first ever trip outside of america. Enjoy a new setting and maybe even get some nice pictures while I'm at it. and unfortunately I chose a bad time and now i'm stuck here hiding from those...things...but I cant hide forever i have to try...
  5. As others have said the system seems too complicated and would be hard to manage. Also i think DayZ is nowhere near stable enough for this kind of system. what if my game buggs out and i die and it says i fell 300ft? would my character just be permaed because of a bug in the game? i just dont think the game is ready for this kind of system
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    Safe zone discussion

    my teacher told me that wikipedia isnt a valid source for information and there wouldnt really be a "Buffer State" in a post apocalyptic zombie ridden country. also if people really wanted a place to not worry about being robbed why enforce it through a rule/OOC thing? i thought thats what factions were for so people can hold an area of their own and ICly make a "safe space" for those kinds of people. and i dont think politely telling someone to "fuck off" through the means of telling them to find a new RP server was needed. But i do feel the same concerns a @Sylvester Todd.
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    Google your character name!

    huh, ok. i guess i should have been a professor in Film and media http://www.american.edu/soc/faculty/larry.cfm
  8. Transmission *the message continues on a loop*
  9. CLOSED DOWN So apparently people think i do alright at making art things so i made a thread. I'm not great but I can do things I guess...I don't know. But the point is here is a thread and i'll make stuff. I do mainly cover photos (I call them banners) but i can do Signatures and sometimes group art. All of these are just edits and have a theme around it. They all line up around YOUR profile picture (whether a full HoF picture or a small Donor picture) like titles above it or other "Special" effects surrounding it. Past Works: A Banner i did for Lyca Lyca's old cover photo All of the art for the group "Kindred" A Banner for Heartless_Artles As requested by Boston Zero's "medical Journal" And a Section for things i just did because i felt like it and more to come!...maybe? I don't have a request template (yet?). so i guess just comment down here or PM me. I'm not that good so...the art is free! but I take BeanZ as tips
  10. Almost forgot about this thread...Well i'm gonna try and make some more stuff and get back into it. For now I added an Aragami cover photo to my personal Display section. It's a really cool game, check it out.
  11. As a side note will there be any lore/RP reason that a shit ton of the infected have came back out of nowhere and are more prominent?
  12. Yay for converses and BDU pants! and the new sounds and wolves i guess
  13. Lol that was amazing. I'm glad someone was recording that
  14. Yet another anime Cover Photo added to the thread and more to come...(hopefully not more anime) Any ideas would be great!
  15. Working on more stuff to add to display atm EDIT: added a section where i'll put things i did without request (working on it). Added a banner for Boston
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    Public Relations team update

    Looks great. Nice to see some communication with the community!
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    character page error

    I hope this is fixed soon i have plans for my characters
  18. LarryLobsterGuy

    Character pages released

    Having same issue Getting Error for my main character (Larry Kirkman) but i can access my alt just fine
  19. ( im not all that good at explaining things but i'll try) I was working on a backstory for one of my characters for a few hours last night and when i hit save it didnt save it so i went into panic for 30 minutes but i managed to recover it. But i am still having the issue where when i try to save my character pages after i change them it doesnt show up when i look at them and also when i go back to edit the character page it reverted to its old Backstory or whatever it was before i tried to update it.
  20. no i'm not trying to make a new character page i'm trying to update my old ones I just tested this and yeah you're right i can update Everything else but when i change the background nothing happens