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  1. The only games that matter.


    Ghostwire Tokyo, looked pretty neat too but, gotta wait for some gameplay.
    Borderlands 3, gonna buy that through GMG, i'll be damned if epic gets my money.

    1. Larry


      Almost forgot about Dying Light 2, looking forward to that too

  2. Oh, so it's already dead


    Not to mention Mordhau exists as well.....

  3. Don't like it, to put it plainly. games buggy and unreliable, This just makes things more complicated without adding anything. Good RPers already do this, I've ran into plenty people doing this before the poll was even put up. It really doesnt change anything except adding more reports to the forums, and i guarentee 80% will be false or unable to be proven. My character doesnt talk much when he's with the group because he's mostly there for muscle, He occasionaly chimes in but the others give the spiel on what where doing. So am I gonna be reported for bad RP because my character's not a big talker? Not even to mention how much of a nightmare this seems for text RPers Also this adds another reason for DayZ to be Happy, Peaceful, Funtime where nobody is any danger ever because they'll just start booking it because your basically saying "Hey lets rob this guy" out loud because of the new rule. TLDR - This isnt necessary, good RPers do this anyway, Pointless/False reports central
  4. spooky man is watching you


    1. Lyca


      You are scary 😛 

  5. I think people should have the right to kill other breaking in from a distance but not outright as @Roland said about abandoned buildings being a thing. But also people should probably be able to put two and two together if a place is abandoned or not based on RP encounters or if the place is new or being maintained. I think warning shots should be allowed if someone is incapable of approaching or wishes not to be hit with NVFL because a group of guys are breaking in and they're supposed to be overwatch. I think something needs to change because it should favor the defenders. they spent the time to establish this place and possible RP hotspot so they should be able to maintain it. I dont know if this is a technical rule break because of how initiations work (but i guess its not an initiation so *shrug*) Maybe people could use radios and have them placed inside the building (dont know if that still works) and if they are on said overwatch they could speak into there radio and transmit the message saying "this place is occupied stop trying to break in, this is a warning", and if they dont listen... well... they know they're breaking in to an occupied place and deserve to be shot.
  6. slight necro(?) I came across the alien ballistic mask which has the eyes covered and it looks really good. why dont all of them have it covered, they look really weird without them imo.
  7. is it possible to add attatchment slots to items? becuase i can think of a compromise if that's possible? Maybe add an attatchment slot to balaclavas that the mask could fit in? or would that also not work because of items being only able to go in one slot?
  8. The Title It doesnt make sense since every other item similar to it goes into the face mask slot. Also it can have some really weird clipping with other face mask items since its in the glasses slot. and people like hiding eye holes with glasses
  9. Larry

    BeanZ WAR

    bruh...is that even legal 116
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