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  1. *Eli Hears replies coming from his radio and fumbles around to try to talk, he ends up dropping his radio, after picking it up he slowly pushes down the button* *Radio Crackles on* "Who are you calling miss? I know that I'm scared and all, but I don't sound like a woman do I?" *Eli lets out a nervous chuckle* "I'm trying to stay calm... the best description I can give is an airfield inland from the coast.. I've been finding some equipment here but I am running out of food" "If you have a group and are willing to let me in, I am not afraid to pull my weight, I promise I won't be a burden" *Eli, Wondering if he was just hearing things let's out a sigh, and clicks off his radio* *The transmission goes silent*
  2. *Eli Lets out a long tired breath and fiddles with his radio* *radio crackles on* ----bzzzzzttttttttttt----- thi -CRRRRR- Snirmov -bzzzzzzztttttt- "I repeat This is Eli Snirmov..." "The frequency I am using is 156.14, I am looking for survivors of the infection, I am alone, I am cold and I am hungry" *A soft Sob can be heard* "My.... My family is dead, if anyone can hear this, if ANYONE is out there, Please respond" *The voice becomes quiet* "anyone....." *radio crackles to silence*
  3. I have never even found a bayonet in this game. Does anyone have an idea where they can be found?