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  1. https://puu.sh/xcIQ8/56296c62fd.mp3

    Nice little audio file of our wonderfull Siege time together with @Razareth & @Lemons.

  2. Black Water [Open Frequency]

    *Nodding, he pushes his PTT* OK, so your using the name Black Water and not Academi? *His radio transmits static for a few seconds as hes stuck in thought finally before releasing the PTT*
  3. Black Water [Open Frequency]

    *After hearing the name Blackwater, Delacroix pushes his PTT* Is this the same Black Water that was involved in Nisour Square, Baghdad? *He patiently awaits a reply, releasing his PTT*
  4. @Razareth


    I think someone might be on to me. 


    1. Dr Willsky

      Dr Willsky

      So you're into little boys?

    2. Lankin
  5. What's on your Bucketlist?

    Visit Alaska. China Japan Italy Russia Canada France Spain Bulgaria Norway Sweden Finland Costa Rica Write a play. Avoid Marriage. (Check...for now)
  6. Those logs will look fun right now. Thanks for the fight lads.

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    2. Lankin


      Aye. Was really fun. My first kills/firefight on DayZRP.


    3. Razareth


      Oh yeah.

      My heart is pumping right now.

      Was so intense.

      Glad to be your spotter ;).

    4. Lankin


      Spotter turned rambo spraying them down.

  7. WHO Hostage Rescued from VDV camp

    *He pushes his PTT* You don't care about these political and military agendas. Thats good to hear, that makes two of us. We were making great progress, unitl... until we were betrayed. We have not killed anyone. We could have stormed that camp as we heard there was a VDV official inside it, and taken him out. But we didn't. Because that's not what we do, we are still peacekeepers, intelligence officers, doctors and researchers. We are not here to spill blood. Unitl we are given new orders, we will continue to research the infection. Trust me when I say this, we all want to go home just as bad as you do. *He pauses* And yes, Faith told us everything. About how she went with them, and you don't need to know why. And just for you, we have more doctors and researchers than just Faith, and one of them is a 'proper' hemotologist. We still have enough W.H.O personnel to figure this out. So please do not lecture me about what I do and do not know. If you want to prove your innocence, stop hanging around unknown VDV camps and helping them out. If not then stop wasting my time here. To everyone else, this will be the last you hear from me in a while, there is much to be done. Hope remains, Delecroix out. *He releases his PTT*
  8. Red's Twitch Thread!

    Your voice is excellent for you character, it has a real authentic and professional tone to it. Ever since we were wrongfully evicted from our camp, its actually been amazing. I agree. It has opened up so many avenues to RP. And it will only get better and better as we try to resolve this clusterfuck. Band of Brothers is the best way to describe our situation.
  9. WHO Hostage Rescued from VDV camp

    *He pushes his PTT* That is indeed unfortunate. I didn't want to release this information, but to protect others I think I must. Our researcher also informed us that there was a woman in the camp, her name is Taryn. Unfortunately we don't have a second name. This woman is a VDV spy and cannot be trusted. Maybe the reason the camp was attacked was because of her. Makes sense, a refugee camp allowed in the Quarantine Zone for their personnel, military or civilian. Though I urge all others to not go on some sort of man-hunt for this Taryn woman. Maybe she was just trying to do what was best for her, and no one can blame someone for that in these circumstances. Though I do not blame them if they do, people are angry. Please take care and avoid all VDV, CDF and NATO forces for now. The rabbit hole just gets deeper and deeper. Delecroix, out. *He releases his PTT, sighing. "God help her"*
  10. *Delecroix pushes his PTT* People of Chernarus. This is Sergeant Delecroix of the United Nations. Earlier a decision was made to try and rescue one of our W.H.O researchers, and I can proudly say that it was a success. The VDV unbeknown to us all, had a refugee camp set up in the quarentine zone. Even though they said no one is allowed in the QZ zone, and there were civilians living there. This was also the place where they kept our lead researcher and our best hope of finding a cure. After one of these civilians let slip that our researcher had been there recently, we decided to take up position near the camp and send in one of our men undercover. It wasn't long before our researcher was back there. And we very carefully without hurting anyone, VDV or civilian, were able to sneak her out of the camp back into the safety of the UN. This may look like small victory to some. But to us... to us its huge. Now we can continue our work searching for a vaccine. Hope remains. But this *He pauses* this isn't all we recovered. Our researcher has given us some intelligence, and none of it sits well with us. And I'm sure it won't sit well with you. The VDV have tried to get our researcher to break her oath. They told our researcher that she must kill a living person to prove her worth and to gain protection from them. That's right, kill a living person, someone with family, friends. That person could have been you, but she would'nt break her oath. She also told us that they also blew up a five year old child with a grenade. So now you know that the VDV truely don't care about you civilians, and its a damn shame the CDF and NATO have decided to side with them, and trust them rather than us. *Radio goes silent, should I tell them about... you're right, that might kill all hope* We still have more information, but as of right now, that's all you need to know. I do hear of an uprising, but we urge all parties to avoid violence and to focus on survivng this illness. I beg you all to be careful. With our new found information, it seems like the CDF and NATO may have been manipulated, decieved by the VDV. If you don't trust in the UN, please put your trust in me, Sergeant Delecroix. Speak to the civilians that know me, the ones I have tiredlessly helped over these past weeks. Give me a chance, I won't let you down. As for us, we await orders. But no matter what, we will not abandon our research, and we will not abandon you. From myself and the rest of the team here with me now... the fight has just started. Delecroix, out. *Radio goes silent*
  11. We might not be visible. But we are around.
  12. VDV Contact Frequency (73.7)

    *Delacroix pushes his PTT* We have been tired ever since we came here. Constant insults and threats from other military groups daily, all we were doing was our best, for everyone. The only thing you, VDV and CDF have done now is push back even further the chances of us finding the answer to the infection. If you never received word about the spread, then you must have been living under a rock. And yes our WHO team told you they don't need your cooperation, that was regarding the infection, we have been making great strides in that, and bringing others into this could have inpacted the progress negatively, that doesn't mean we don't need cooperation in other areas. Our doctors haven't been to ground zero because they don't have to, they are doctors. They are here to help injured civilians and any other UN, NATO, VDV or CDF personnel, but I guess that won't be the case, at least for now. Some of the research team have been up there already, I escorted them along with several others. If my own commander told you that, I'm sure he had good reasons keeping the truth from you, or perhaps it slipped his mind, which is not his fault, as he is under allot of pressure since we arrived. As for what we're doing next, we are awaiting orders from our command, not taking them from you or anyone else. I hope you have informed your own high command of your actions as I'm sure they will be very displeased that you have single handedly sabotaged a several decade alliance in a couple of days. And at least we can agree on one thing, that meeting was a farce. So please stop wasting our time with these lies your spreading across the airwaves. As you said yourself, you haven't confirmed any of these accusations and you have no direct proof of us willfully infecting civilians. Oh and its Sir, not ma'am. I think you need to fix your radio. Delecroix out. *He releases his PTT*
  13. VDV Contact Frequency (73.7)

    *Delecroix pushes his PTT* Lies, all lies. Onces again is it fact or is it may have. You cannot confirm but you decide to betray us anyway. Even after us telling you, and may I add we have been telling all civilians that the infection only spreads through bites. Maybe you would know this if you and your men were around our camps more. And this accusation that we had human flesh simply just laying around is just pure nonsense, all samples are locked inside our biohazard containers. So either the medic is lying or you are, and the medic has planted or opened up the container himself. And these claims of us not having cooperation is also complete nonsense, how can we cooperate with you or your men when we have hardly seen you around our camps, only in the last few days have you been here. And after our now very pointless meeting at balota, promises made on all sides of working together more, and then you decide to take the actions you have taken. It is you that has not been cooperative. I have been very active in our camps, helping civilians, even saving some of their lives getting doctors to help them, not once have Nato been there. It has been a little over one day since the meeting at balota, with the promise of more cooperation and now you have shot yourself in the foot. Not even one day ago some of your men were in our camp asking if they could go up to ground zero with our researchers, I myself spoke to some of your men about this and was told they do not need our assitance. Sounds like great cooperation, you have your own experts but you still wish to use ours, even after being accused of infecting civilians. And I'm sorry to break it to you. We have already visited ground zero, and all you will find is potential war crimes that are still being investigated, and a potential cover up by some Government. You are several steps behind us, and to us that know the truth here in the UN, you are making yourself and NATO sound like complete idiots. I only hope our high command can forgive you for these idiotic accusations and actions, and I'm sure in the future when the truth comes to light, you will have allot of apologizing to do. Lets just hope you have not written off any chance of us working together once agan. And for any civilians that can hear me, I'm sure you recognize my voice. Many of you will know first hand that I have tried my absolute best to make sure you are safe and welcomed in our camps, and I have spoken to many of you and know that you will not be easily fooled by whats being said about us. Our actions and mine still have your best interests at heart. We will find a cure, or vaccine. Regardless of these setbacks. This is Delecroix, out. *Radio goes silent*
  14. This status update is sponsored by Crim.

    1. Razareth


      I'm a certified South African and I approve this Status Update :D

  15. Too early for bandit groups?

    That's exactly what would happen.