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  1. Craig

    DayZRP Get Back In Game!

    Here I think you need one of these. Also Chernarus isn't an Island.
  2. Craig

    Should writing on notes be modded back in?

    I remember both of these also, and the Chernarus Post was one of the first groups I RP'ed with when I first joined. Being able to make notes would bring back a good/interestng dynamic way of RP'ing. I hope the devs could make this happen if the community want it back, and I'm sure a lot will.
  3. Craig

    What are you tired of seeing most?

    These threads where people don't @ the people they're talking about in the hopes that they might resolve the situation and improve the RP on the server. Sick of the sickness already and the lack of generally decent loot in houses.
  4. Craig

    RP language

    It was something along those lines, for a moment I thought you were gonna type about that time in Kab when I said a certain word.
  5. Craig

    Domorodci (Recruitment Open)

    Thanks for the feedback, if you would like to conitnue this dialogue don't hesitate to PM me.
  6. Craig

    Domorodci (Recruitment Open)

    We welcome @Cuchulainn @Challenger and @Ryan Shepherd We also welcome back @Voodoo. Already having some good fun with you guys and looking forward to cleansing the country with you all!
  7. Craig

    Should automatic weapons be harder to find?

    Double the spawns of them, lets get this party started.
  8. Craig


    I definitely think a proper discussion has to be had about what we can do to make things more interesting around here, mainly this discussion should be within the staff team after asking for thoughts and ideas from the community, people simply dismissing anything and everything because they don't like the idea (and not suggesting any of there own) or it doesn't suit them won't get us anywhere. What we have right now can be what we have until whenever all of this comes to an end or we can try to change it for the better.
  9. Craig


    Thanks, I do believe this could be a step in the right direction. I have thought about bugs, just general IG bugs and of course the infected. Like some rules already, you'd just have to hope that the player is mature enough to tell the truth in certain circumstances, "It wasn't a bug, infected got me!" or "Invisible Zombie killed me" blah blah. I have thought about this in more detail, about how staff could potentially make this work on there side as well. I do believe something needs to change, people keep wanting change but never come up with ideas to change things, like a lore wipe for example. They'll cry out about how it won't change anything but then a week later in another thread they will cry about something needing to change because things are boring or whatever. I think you and the rest of staff should just start implementing stuff, like the idea above for example. As parts of the community do want change in some way or another, but don't seem to want to explore/try things out, and like I said go back to moaning about things being boring and stale. Lets try something new!!!! The whole permadeath against the players will I believe is not a valid point, because there is a choice, an IC choice. We all say to keep IC, IC and keep OOC, OOC. Keep them seperate right? Then if you make an IC choice that leads to your death then thats the choice you made. There is a choice here, no one could contribute to your characters death count unless you give them a reason to. There needs to be consequences for actions IG, players playing friendly characters would be just fine and players playing hostile characters know the consequences of playing them.
  10. Craig


    No, people will exploit it. I would be up for something like the following, Each character gets 5 lives. Once they die 5 times they're dead forever, but only the following can contribute to the permadeath of a character. Starvation/Dehydration Being killed by the infected Falling to your death Bleeding to death Illness Being killed by another player. (This player can only contribute 1 kill to the 5) Being killed by another group. (This group can only contribute to 1 kill to the 5) If the same player keeps killing you (potentially abusing this) it won't actually contribute towards your characters permadeath, same with the group. If the same group but a different person within the group kills you, it will not contribute towards your character permadeath, this is just a very basic idea. You could add a cool down timer as well, for example: If you die and it contributes to 1 of the 5 deaths your character can have, a 1 week cool down timer will begin meaning you can die as many times as you want in that week and won't need to worry about it being abused. That would give you at the very least a 5 week guarantee for each character, you could even raise the number of deaths to 7 or even 10, then guaranteeing more weeks depending on the number. There is always rule/guidelines you can input to stop it being abused. I honestly feel this would make the RP on the server better. Also with some sort of introduction of a rule like this, then you can as well add rules to a character page. That they have to be very detailed, and have a lot of effort involved in the making of them and even have them approved before you can play the character. This again will could and would stop people from making throwaway characters. There is a lot more cons in this for hostile RP'ers than there is for friendly, if you play a friendly character then there wouldn't be much to fear here, if you complied to an initiation then you would be fine, and it would cause hostile RP'ers to be a lot more carefull in there plans and thought process. You could even tweak the kill rights rule a little to help support the more friendly/hero characters, like exetending it to a couple of days or even a week. This would cause Hostile Roleplayers to be even more thoughtful and careful when it comes to robbing and initiating on people. I think with the implementation of all of this and maybe more could really improve the RP in general, especially the hostile RP and also change the dynamics of the server in general when it comes to RP, adding a lot more fear to death IG. Camps that grow food and have clean water would then be very useful and more impactful in the server, just my thoughts.
  11. Craig

    Chapter 2 [Recruitment strict IC only]

    Enjoyed the RP with you dudes, sad to see the group go.
  12. Craig



    1. StagsviewRB


      that video was so good

    2. DerrickStorm


      Oh man... 🙂 Thanks for that. My personal favourite during making it was @StagsviewRB fighting and @Roman walking away scene, due to ongoing internal RP.

      ps. Love you guys.

      Not sure if you're familiar with my old shit like Dayz Lore and Stories Trailer and Episode one. Trailer is short (and made on old potatoe PC) and in Episode One I would recommend checking out short intro and outro. Always had problem with content but loved making short intros. Links:

      Lore and Stories trailer (Potatoe PC)

      Lore and Stories Episode 1 (proud of Intro and Outro, rewind if necessary, not sure if the link starts video from beginning. Intro starts at 0, outro at 31:55)

  13. Craig

    What do you listen to ?

  14. Craig

    Domorodci (Recruitment Open)

    We officially welcome @OxeN to the group, the last few days have been really fun and I'm glad you're with us. To anyone else out there, I know this sort of RP isn't for everyone. But if you're somewhat interested in joining, feel free to apply! You can roll around with us for a few days and see what you think. Our my aim is to always have fun, and make things fun for everyone involved!
  15. Craig

    S1 Invalid Kill Forest near Vishnoye 8-30-19 20:37

    All we did was defend ourselves, he has no evidence either. But saying that you can close the report, this is a game and don't want to see anyone get banned or upset. @Hofer
  16. Craig

    S1 Invalid Kill Forest near Vishnoye 8-30-19 20:37

    You do realize that your own report incriminates you right? You left out the part where we told you to stop multiple times to stop with the back chat and ego, but you didn't. I wasn't the one roleplaying with you but over heard the whole thing. You showed NVFL and our guys simply got tired of it all and decided to kill you. You didn't seem to care about the RP and even avoided the pain RP when someone hit you. My POV is pretty much the same as Choco. Initiated and then I took up a position running around in the dark, others well RP'ing with him and he kept back chatting. He didn't seem interested, and its almost as if we were interrupting his roleplay. Finally one of our guys got tired of him decided to kill him, which is a shame cause we had some fun plans for the situation.
  17. Craig

    Kill rights in PvP situations.

    Hello staff members here's my situation and then my question, Me and my Bratri (Cause I am Chernarussian in this situation) roll up to Location A, and start roleplaying with Group A, who live in Location A, and seeing as Group A are filthy foreigners we initiate on them. Now the complicated part, there is another group, Group B who don't live in Location A but live in Location B and have a clear line of sight to Location A, and Group A have an agreement with Group B that since there base in Location B has a clear line of sight and can be used for a tactful defense of Location A, they are allowed to have a member of Group A live in Group B's location/base to shoot at us from. So to be clear, there is a member of Group A living in Group B's base sniping from Location B to location A to help his group. Now we as the attackers see shots coming from Location B even though we know we haven't initiated on Group B only Group A at Location A, in this example we kill those at Location A leaving the only member alive of Group A at Group B's Location. Now if we shoot at Location B which is Group B's base to kill the only surving member of Group A, then by default we are now attacking Group B's base which brings them into the firefight. So my question is, because there is a member of Group A at Group B's location/base, does that give us the attackers killrights on Group B and anyone else who happens to be inside Location B? Because if we go by the rules, Group B can't do anything unless they initiate or we start shooting at them, which then would make that KOS or RDM on our part, and if we shoot in their direction and/or at their base, that can be seen to be hostile, even if we are trying to shoot the member of Group A whos inside Group B's base. Hopefully you catch my drift with this, as I could have found a loophole in the rules here, that being if Group A keep a man in Location B with Group B and he starts firing at us, and then we fire back, that could bring in Group B by default, which could be used at an advantage, but also abuse of rules, if thats a thing, or maybe thats not the best way to word it. EDIT: thanks for the reply @Zanaan, so yes two official groups, but what would happen if we attacked Group B's base at somepoint during the firefight, but to only try and kill the Group A member, wouldn't that bring in Group B by default, and also can you see my point on how that could be abused?
  18. Craig

    Base Building Limitations

    ohhhhhhhh boy here we go, basebuilding IMO has literally turned these servers from "OH my god, how random was that. Never thought I'd bump into some here" to " OH my god, how boring is this, runnning around seeing no one. Better show up to that spot where everyone goes and then possibly get hit with an harassment ban" There is so many random and useless (AND IMMERSION BREAKING) bases out there that you'd have to visit Chernobyl to grow more fingers and toes to count them on, and I can't even imagine how much stress the server must be on to load them all in. If I could remove them entirely I would, but then that would be unfair to those, who actually build them and use them which benefits more than just a random small amount of people. On to my suggestion, no one should be allowed to build bases. The only way to get a base is to build one on the offline editor and then showing it to the staff team, the base must follow some basic guidelines one example could be 1. Being Realistic. Bases that glitch through walls and walls/gates put in places that doesn't fit IG and clearly woundn't IRL is a no no. Another requirement would be a short detailed paragraph on why you're building a base in the first place, whats the IC reasoning behind it? Does it help you and your group (If you're in one) achieve certain goals, if so which goals? Will this be a private base, meaning you don't want anyone knowing where it is or will it be public, meaning you don't mind people knowing where it is? How does your base impact the server Lore and RP wise? I think you catch my drift here, this would help weed out those who are serious about building useful bases to help achieve goals and/or provide some central hub for RP, and those wanting to build stupid unrealistic bases to store mountains of gear behind. With something like this implemented, staff could determine the seriousness of those wanting the base and the impactfulness of the base, and check out how realistic it is going to be.
  19. Craig

    Domorodci (Recruitment Open)

    We welcome @Hanro
  20. Craig


    Nicely done.
  21. Craig

    Domorodci (Recruitment Open)

    See you later, Bratři.
  22. Craig

    Domorodci (Recruitment Open)

    We welcome @Samii
  23. Craig

    Make the map smaller? Evolve the story?

    Did you just say, L-L-L-L-L-L-Lore Wipe?
  24. Craig

    Domorodci (Recruitment Open)

    We welcome @Voodoo to the group.
  25. Craig


    It would be great if there was no way to store guns, all the campfire/gear roleplayers have literally all the assault rifles for a small army, they store them away and never use them since you can't find them in there little hidey holes on the edge of the map. This is the main reason camps keep getting attacked and raided, cause we all know that the best way to find weapons is to go to where camps are, and then they cry about griefing and harassment rule. Don't hoard shit and then maybe people will come to RP with you rather than raid you. Lets make this DayZRP and not DayZGearRP.
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