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    In an alternative universe far far away, the newly elected President Kozlov and his fascist regime has introduced new policies to cramp down on crime! Those who have fell victem to these new policies are members/voters of the opposition party, protesters and illegal immigrants. All have been transfered to Storozh, commonly referred to as the Prison Island, indefinitely. As this makes international headlines with 'Human Rights Abuse In Chernarus' a rebel force has been setup to try and rescue these innocent people from the hell they will now be living in.
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    A Vanilla Guide To DayZ: Livonia

    Nice thread! Now that theres more info released I can start doing Lore Stories similar to what Major did about Livonia and the playable region.
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    The Prison Event thread will be updated with new information from now unitl tomorrow evening. Please keep an eye on it!


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    In an alternative universe far far away, the newly elected President Kozlov and his fascist regime has introduced new policies to cramp down on crime! Those who have fell victem to these new policies are members/voters of the opposition party, protesters and illegal immigrants. All have been transfered to Storozh, commonly referred to as the Prison Island, indefinitely. As this makes international headlines with 'Human Rights Abuse In Chernarus' a rebel force has been setup to try and rescue these innocent people from the hell they will now be living in. Participants @Craig @StagsviewRB @Phoenyxx-chan @Turk-chan @RiZ-kun @JackZRP @JasonBR @ItsChocolateMan @Trijim @AndreyQ @Bobby-kun @Blake @Burak Please state clearly below if you're attending THIS SATURDAY 8PM SERVER TIME! I will have the event server up and things prepared for everyone arrivng, we will meet on Discord around 8PM server time and then start once everyone is informed of their roles and some basic rules. EDIT: If anyone is worried about missing out, this can be done again in the future.
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    Livonia Lore (Temporary thread)

    A State of Emergency is called by the Livonia President after the infection started to spread internationally and the Livonian Defense Force (LDF) is quickly deployed around the country. The northern and eastern borders were easily secured due to the river it shares with Lithuania and Belarus with the main bulk of the army deployed to the southern and western borders. Local police forces alongside other emergency services supported the inner towns and cities with the help of small battalions of the LDF, gasmasks were handed out to every civilian to help protect them against the infection. Airports were closed off and any planes that landed were quickly apprehended and placed under quarantine until authorities were satisfied that there was no infection on board. Many other Balkan states refused entry and held thousands of civilians in airports and opted to contain the outbreaks there. As the outbreak grew worse throughout Europe, old rivalries and the opportunity to seize resources became apparent. Russia decided to invade the Baltic States once again in the means to stop the infection coming into the country from its west and take control of all the country's farmlands. This would prove to be the killer blow to Livonia and its people. As Russia came to invade, the Livonia President in cooperation with Army Generals reassigned the battalions on the west and southern borders to the east, along with many other forces that made up NATO. War ensued and the battle for the Balkans began, the NATO forces struggled to keep back the massive land army of Russia and in a desperate attempt to stop them, 3 small-scale nuclear bombs dropped from French aircraft in Lithuania took out the vanguard of the Russian advance and decimated the remainders of Russia's ground force, killing 35,000 troops and 50,000 local civilians. Despite such an act, Russia refuses to retaliate accordingly and cites that it is only seeking to defend itself in the midst of airstrikes and the deployment of nuclear weapons against another nuclear power for the first time in the history of the world. LDF troops massed at the border move into Lithuania and with allies begin to drive Russian forces back. As the fighting escalates in the Baltics the outbreaks in and around airports in western Europe spread to the surrounding area, and one by one the fighting begins to peter off as France and Germany are forced by dire internal circumstances to combat the outbreak rather than attack retreating Russian troops. Mayhem ensues as the strong border protections of eastern European nations are undone by the fighting, allowing the Outbreak to spread into previously safe areas. Russia is the only nation that maintains territorial integrity as its troops retreat inside its borders. As the LDF successfully defended its borders, the infection managed to leak into its country. With the retreat of other NATO forces to their respective countries, the damaged and undermanned LDF alongside the emergency services were left to deal with the aftermath. Livonia President decided to evacuate the north and north-east regions of the country. He feared that if the populace living near the border of Lithuania weren't evacuated quickly then radiation sickness would be another problem for them to solve. Stokowsko seen the worse effects of the infection and the war due to it being the largest city north of the Capital Andrzejow, the government didn't have enough LDF troops and emergency services to help everyone living there and in the rest of the country, so the city and the surrounding areas were also evacuated down south to Andrzejow and the surrounding areas such as the Nadbor region. Here the government and the army could use the countries uniques landscape to not only help feed them but use it to protect them. Andrzejow was built up and turned into a fortress and the Nadbor region was used to farm and feed the rest of the surviving populace. Remaining LDF troops quickly took up new positions in and around the Nadvor region to the north, back onto the western border near Andrzejow. The large lakes to the east and to the southeast were used to help keep the country watered and also used on the farms. With this, the new border secured by the LDF and the remaining emergency services helping and protecting the remaining population within it, things were starting to look up. A small task force was set up to go out on missions out with the newly secured borders to help find any survivors left behind from the main evacuation. To there surprise, they found evidence of the Russian military still operating in the area near Stokowsko. It was unclear what it is they were doing but after the events that already transpired, it was decided that any Russian military was to met by force. The task force was then called 'Terra Mariana', an old name dating back to the 1200's that was the official name of old Livonia that was formed after the Livonian Crusade. They were tasked with attacking and stopping any and all Russian military setting up in the city or surrounding areas of Stokowsko. This, unfortunately, took up a lot of resources and it angered people that the government was adamant about spending it on fighting instead of them, there was also a lot of people supporting this action as well which then caused some inner conflict. As resources started to dwindle, both food shortages and emergency services resources started to run out, people started to riot. Crime started to rise within the borders and the LDF battalions situated in Andrzejow struggled to control the riots and were eventually overrun. The President was evacuated from the city and went into hiding elsewhere, LDF battalions on the borders struggled to hold back the infection due to the resource shortages and began to fall back to the rioting city of Andrzejow, some of them abandoned their duties altogether going back to their homes. Soon the city of Andrzejow was home to the infection, with the LDF no longer on the western border hoards of the infected from the already fallen Europe were free to wander into the city and surrounding regions. Task Force 'Terra Mariana' went quiet and only rumors exist of them now. Small LDF squads remain active throughout the Nadbor region and some moved away into other parts of the country. Large groups of the remaining populace left the Nadbor region and went back to their homes, only a couple of hundred decided to stay. It is now been over two years since the outbreak and this country belongs to the dead. Sometimes the only sound you hear is the dying breath of someone you didn't know, a cry for help echoing from somewhere you don't want to be. Small groups of survivors stay banded together for safety, and those brave and stupid enough to enter the forests don't often come back. The wild is no place for man anymore, something else has claimed that territory. Each passing lonely traveler has a story to tell, some tell stories of survivors taking in people, families still surviving given what has happened, and some others tell stories of those who have lost their last piece of humanity. Some tell stories of LDF and Russian military being spotted nearby, no matter who you bump into these days, they have a story to share. What will your story be? Here are some Livonia In-Game Facts: The playable region is called Nadbór The official language in Livonia is Polish Estimated population is 7 million (Pre-Outbreak) The River in the northern half of the map is called the Biela River - nicknamed by locals as the "Valley of Blossoms" Livonia regained its independence in 1991 after the collapse of the Soviet Union Livonia is an official member of the NATO alliance More information will be added when its released by Bohemia.
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    Interview With A Community Member: neom

    Cerna Liska days were awesome, very fond memories. Can't believe you got your name after a 80 squid candle mate, had a right good giggle!
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    Vultures Media Thread

    I fucking love you Andrey.
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    Group implemented settlements

    Loremasters have no say when it comes to prefab basses.
  11. Craig

    Jackfish's Cinematic Video's

    With enough time I'm sure you will be able to grasp it and become very efficiant with using it. If you ever need someone to help you out with story or another body to use then feel free to ask me!
  12. Craig

    Jackfish's Cinematic Video's

    This was a good first attempt, there was definitely some good things about it. You should stick at it, maybe fusing offline and online stuff together.
  13. Craig

    It's that time of year again

    @AndreyQ said it best, the scenery/landscape of the map doesn't suit a time jump and the fact that everyone runs around like its a victoria fashion show wouldn't help either, at most I think you could get away with 7 -10 years in the futrure. Having said that I wouldn't mind a lore wipe/jump, but we would need to have a great idea/lore otherwise it would be just a rinse and repeat imo. We would need to really think outside the box and have something different from the what we have had before.
  14. Craig

    Weapon spawning mechanics change

    Can we limit the hoarding of weapons some how as well?
  15. Craig

    The Mob

    I like the meme at the bottom of the thread.
  16. Klement's parents immigrated to Chernarus in the 80s, picking up any work they could which was difficult as they weren't exactly welcomed with open arms. Childhood was very difficult, how does one explain Racism to a child, most of Klements friends were other immigrants. In 2009 Klement signed up for the CDF to help defend the country he loved, this is where he met Danek Musumbu. Daneks parents also immigrated to Chernarus from Africa. After the civil war, both Klement and Danek decided to make there own Organisation called 'Přistěhovalci Spojeni Pro Černarus'. The Organisation was built around helping and supporting families who were minorites and anyone who immigrated to Chernarus.
  17. Craig

    Should offline base raiding be allowed?

    Yes, not only should offline base raiding be allowed, but hoarding should be banned if not limited. This is an RP server, not a gear whore server.
  18. Craig

    This is your Story!

    Introduction Hello fellow community members, master of the lore and fellow community member Craig here. I've been doing some thinking recently about what we and myself as a Loremaster should be doing for you the community, and what is the best way to go about it. Now sure we can do fun events for you, as my fellow master of the Lore @StagsviewRB has been doing, along side some of our fellow staff members. @Major has been doing fantastic work for what seems like forever now, posting stories about whats been happening around the world on top of other things that he has contributed. With that being said, this idea that I have come up with was inspired by the work Major has done. I want to help you tell your story! Your characters story and/or your groups story. The Idea So what do I mean by this, well I'll tell you. You are the community, and your Roleplay matters. The lore is written for you and so it becomes yours, and what you do in game adds onto that. The storylines you create in game by all means are fun, but also important. It means something to all of you but its not documented. Fantastic stories that slowly fade away after they are done, becoming nothing but an old memory. A fun but often sad nostalgic conversation you have with a friend. I have them and you have them, and I think its about time that we build upon the lore that we have by including the stories that you have created in game, not just the stories that we the Loremasters try to bring to you or the factions or whats happening in this part of the world but your stories, your characters or groups lore, because for me your stories matter. So how do we go about doing this, I'll tell you that as well. First step would be to reach out to a Loremaster via PM's with the story it is you want to add to the lore. We (meaning any Loremaster) get together and talk about your story and essentially just start writing it, maybe we write it together, or you write it and a Loremaster adds there touch to it if your not that good at writing stories, or the Loremaster writes it with all the important information about the story and attempting to capture what made that story important/memorable to you! Maybe multiple people get together, not just from the one group but two or three groups that were involved in the same story, and we work by threading this story together! And then we post it on here for others to read, and it gets implemented in to the Lore. Future Potential This is just a very basic idea right now, but what I hope to achieve with this is that in the future this grows into stories that are happening now! But not just documenting them, but creating events around them. Now this won't be forced upon you in any means, you are free to not participate in this in anyway. But if you want, we can work together to create events that are specific to you and your characters/groups story. Now even though this could lead to a lot of work, but I say that it is worth it for any community member and loremaster that wants to get together to do this. So this will be the official thread for this, also for your feedback on this idea in general and for any ideas that you have that could improve on this. Ill update this thread as the idea grows and hopefully update it with the stories that you bring and in the future hopefully about the events that will be happening for your stories. I also work more on the thread its self adding official steps and the process, adding artwork and it will be a place for you all to share and voice your opinions. This is your story, your lore and your events.
  19. Craig

    Ignoring the Communities Wishes

    I'm highlighting a future problem in a sarcastic manner.
  20. Craig


    Ahhh shit, here we go again!



    1. DerrickStorm


      Oh man, I still remember when that series of videos was posted. 10/10

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      I thought Kuba turned into a softie? 😄


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      Propaganda Ron, I'm surprised you believed it.

  21. Craig

    Ignoring the Communities Wishes

    Getting gear will be so much easier now, just camp outside the safe/trader zone or follow people out of it, initiate, take gear, rinse and repeat for the endless gear, camp fast travel areas and rob people at them as well. Cause we all know thats gonna happen.
  22. Craig

    How is the RP at this current state?

    If you want hardcore RP then its up to you to bring it, no one is gonna bring it for you. Using Mr. Moons video for an example, there is RP happening on the server right now like that, and there has been in the past. But you also got to remember, Mr. Moons video was recorded over many weeks, and even though it may have been unscripted for the most part, he still had a story in mind for his video, and edited the footage to tell that story. Every great Story or movie or book has your Protagonist over coming adversity and overcoming the Antagonist, in some storys the Antagonist wins. The Antagonist doesn't always have to be human. In Jaws its a shark just for one quick example. On the server your adversity and your Antagonist is always gonna be people, and I think most people forget that if you want to be part of a great story then you no doubtedly will have to get involved with hostile rp, and someone has to lose. If you go into every encounter and story with the attitude of telling a great a story, you will come out with just that, a great story. The problem with most people is that they go into every encounter and story with wanting to win, and thats when you start getting problems. Storys go on for far to long, people get mad and upset which leads to OOC hate and people not wanting to RP with other people, you just have to got to the solved report section to know what I am talking about. RP with the attitude of trying to tell the best story possible and not trying to win and come out on top, and you'll have a great time.
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    A better tomorrow - DayZRP Movie

    I enjoyed this, very cool.
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    Stop beaning my posts you young annoying weeb!!!




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    Interview With A Community Member: DrMax

    I didn't know you were so young, young people annoy me.
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