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  1. Craig


    @Aron73is a DayZRP national treasure and should be protected at all costs. We must make sure that no-one in the future tries to come after him. 

    I propose that a rule be added that Aron73 cannot be banned from IG actions. 

    This will stop any future oppressive rules from targeting him, salty snakes trying to bite him and filthy Communists trying to redistribute his awesomeness. 

    1. Aron73


      LOL no plz dont! You have no idea what you will relese if you relese me without rules 😄

      Both the infection and the toxic cloud will pale in comparison to me 😄

    2. AndreyQ


      Great idea. I will bring this up internally for a discussion in due time.

    3. Stagsview


      The appeal has been approved by the loremaster team. Aron is now canonly dayzrps godking

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