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  1. Craig



    1. StagsviewRB


      that video was so good

    2. DerrickStorm


      Oh man... 🙂 Thanks for that. My personal favourite during making it was @StagsviewRB fighting and @Roman walking away scene, due to ongoing internal RP.

      ps. Love you guys.

      Not sure if you're familiar with my old shit like Dayz Lore and Stories Trailer and Episode one. Trailer is short (and made on old potatoe PC) and in Episode One I would recommend checking out short intro and outro. Always had problem with content but loved making short intros. Links:

      Lore and Stories trailer (Potatoe PC)

      Lore and Stories Episode 1 (proud of Intro and Outro, rewind if necessary, not sure if the link starts video from beginning. Intro starts at 0, outro at 31:55)

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