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  1. Honestly I haven't enjoyed dayz for a long time now, the game isn't as good or fun as some others. The only reason I continued to playing it is I enjoy RP and RPing with the friends I made here. DayZ is a good setting for RP also, the post apocalyptic setting that is. Theres nothing on this server that makes me want to play here, not even the map even though I like it, its not enough. I am enjoying playing other games right now and I honestly don't see myself playing here again anytime soon. Knowing that no changes are coming at all or at least months away is like the final nail in the coffin
  2. Character Name: Anot Slav (Dog Breath) Character Age: Unknown Does your character have any physical shortcomings? Hes ripped but weak. Can't lift heavy stuff Does your character have a mental disability? Hes dumb, no education at all. Does your character have a specific disease? No. Does your character have any phobia? No. Does your character have a love interest? No. Does your character have any addictions? Addicted to war and taking slaves. Eating peoples thighs. Does your character do any drugs? Comfort Is your character overweight? No, hes skinn
  3. I would just open this up to players also, get those bountys out on them. More consequences to hostile players.
  4. Plikt is supposed to be: A heroic/good guy group. How should PLIKT be in game: Heroes. Protecting and helping people. There is always enough bad guys without the only Lore group being bad.
  5. Dude people are listening, and I am sure base raiding rules aren't a problem to write and test out, the reaction to base raiding rules wasn't the inclusion of the rules, it was the initial idea the person had. I can't remember the forum name however the person wanted the ability to shoot someone who was knocking down his door without initiating. People had a problem with that due to the abuse that could come out of it, sure some people are against base raiding rules all together and some are for it if done correctly/fairly like myself. But straight up shooting someone with no interaction goes
  6. Day Two of being the hottest new gang out there.

    Syrup Gang out here tasting goooood.

  7. It recently came to my attention that, we the scrap rats, weren't the only ones raiding. Even though raiding fits our group and is one of the main themes that come with a group like this. I did not realise how bad it got for people. We didn't really have any allies, just people we weren't raiding or bothering for one reason or another. However over time that would have changed with RP, it was never my personal intention to be friends/allies with anyone on the server but group IC hierarchy lead to these things. For the RP, if someone is trolling then report them. As for forcing RP, every i
  8. I've not stopped playing. However changes are needed. We need at least 2 Lore Factions with conflicting goals, for example one faction building and running city life and the other faction trying to destroy it or take it over for themselves again just an example. I do believe base raiding rules should be introduced however the idea I have for those rules not everyone will have them unless they meet certain requirements as the rules offer protection and that needs to be earned and not granted to every individual. Staff team, roles and duties need a slight overhaul, including the dev team. W
  9. This isn't a bad shout, if there was more than one lore faction with an agenda, and they had a distinctive appearance to them that was driving a sub plot to lore that brought others into that story and also impacted other groups/solo players stories, it would be great. These factions should be for everyone though, the LM team should ask someone to lead them if they didn't want to lead them themselves and allow people to apply to them. For example Plikt could have a rival, based out side the city at one of the scrap shack cities.
  10. Who are the allies based on OOC friendships? Who are the people who don't care about their characters and are not creative with the same friend group? Whos the one specific vocal group of people who won't log in and unless their demands are met and holding the server hostage?
  11. Depends on what they were banned for, if it was a minor thing yeah sure. But something serious then no, plus with things looking bleak right now I doubt anyone would actually want to come back.


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  13. Theres two things I've noticed that don't make sense. People still talk and act as if it was 2021, using phrases and pop culture terms. Another one is the hatred for Plikt, Plikt may be an authoritarian group on paper however, not many people would actually view them as an authoritarian group. If I wasn't playing an chaotic evil character Plikt would genuinely be the light in the darkness. A group who run a city, doesn't have to many restrictive rules, the rules they do have are in place to keep the majority safe within the walls. They give out food and water and medical attention. I honestly
  14. I'm not trying to, but you made a very good suggestion about negotiating with other groups. You don't need these mods to do that, though having mods like that would be fun. I am simply stating that you made a suggestion that you yourself haven't done, and would actually be good thing for you to do. And if more people did then same (RPing out there problems) then we wouldn't have had those threads filled with salt. However I don't have a problem with you, and I also don't want to derail the thread topic so I'm just gonna end stop replying about this and get back to the topic of discussion.
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