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  1. Craig


    By far the funniest shit that happened on @Roland stream yesterday.


  2. Craig

    Zombie Horde Discussion.

    Can we just remove zombies instead?
  3. Craig

    Life is Feudal?

    We had our own server for it and I#m pretty sure I was helping out with the Lore, it died very quickly. I doubt it would take off as pretty much every other side project does. I personally wouldn't play but hopefully you find enough that want to.
  4. Craig

    Rate the Above Song

  5. Craig


    People like to look at there perfect outfits in the apocalypse instead of RP.
  6. Craig

    Failed Robberies Thread

    Oh my days...
  7. Craig

    Bring Them Back?

    I would love to see content like that IG, and with some simple settlement rules they would bring a lot to the server. The con of it being constantly attacked can be fixed within settlements rules, a group can only attack a settlement once every 3 days, as an example.
  8. Introducing a max death count would be more favourable, like if your character is killed say 5 times, it's a pk. I'm willing to get behind that.
  • Craig

    S1: RDM Vybor 20/05/2019

    Not once did you ask me to stop, or warn me of what might happen if I didn't, all you said was "what did you call me" "call me that again" and my replies were "retard", "fucking retard", as you were spinning around like some table top. So we will say that you're mistaken instead of lying.
  • Craig

    Dead Batteries [Selective Recruitment]

    Until next time.
  • Craig

    S1: RDM Vybor 20/05/2019

    Server and location: S1, Vybor. Inbetween tin shed and small pond. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Between 17:55 and 18:10 server time. Your in game name: Brutus North Names of allies involved: @Charlie @Mouse (Mouse isn't an official allie but was present) Name of suspect/s: Log will show. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): I have none Detailed description of the events: Charlie tells me his location and I travel there, he is with @Mouse and they approach two others. We talk for about 7 seconds before the dude who killed me just starts spinning around on the spot for some reason while we are talking, judge that how you want. The rest of us are RPing and this dude is just standing there spinning like some beyblade, I ask his friend why his other friend his acting like a 'fucking retard'. He then stops and says 'what did you call me?' 'A fucking retard' I say, I think he asks once more and I say 'A fucking retard' and then he says 'Call me a fucking retard once more' and I do 'You're a fucking retard'. He then just sprays me down, my allie @Charlie guns him down and his allie. Spinning around like a twat while others are RPing for me is BadRP, but I'm not pushing for that, but staff can if they like.
  • Craig

    Report Structure

    Report threads should only allow one post per person, would stop the back and fourth, important stuff only, stop people getting points through arguments and make the staff teams job easier.
  • Craig

    Dead Batteries Media Thread

    What the fuck is that noise coming from your mouth at 0:51 to 0:55
  • Craig

    Brayces - COMIC/ART

    If your not making your own awesome comic strip, your wasting your time. Brayces DayzRP comics, MAKE IT HAPPEN.
  • Craig

    Let us wear ruined gear again!

    As someone who only wears ruined clothes, I approve of this idea. +1
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