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  1. *Your radio comes to life* What is good bruddas and sistas. It's a me again Mista George Adebowale. I am once again telling you about de car sales ahhhh. Goood prices. Transporters are having a car sale again this Friday and Saturday. Come and get yourself a vehicle. ADA's and OLGA's are selling for 2 thousand roubles, Guntaz 3 thousand roubles, UAZ 4 thousand roubles and de BMW is 7.5 thousand roubles. After the sale ends on Saturday night, for those that stick around there will be a stunt show for entertainment. We the transporters also want to provide entertainment in t
  2. If they're stable and finished I don't see why not.
  3. And this one point IMO beats all others regardless. Sorry if it seems like I am having a go at you, its not my intention. I've been here for 6 years. That's 6 years of complaining and dieing because vehicles and dayz is so shit and now finally we don't have to worry about dieing in them from all the shitty bugs and server issues, it kinda feels like a big win and a huge relief. And like I said before, hell of a lot more fun.
  4. It's brought up because cars surviving a crash isn't an issue and floaties are an issue. Good. Drive less recklessly and less cocky. And this is a good thing. Dayz is a shit unstable game that I would have stopped playing years ago if it wasn't for the friends I made here in this community, and I know that to be true for some others as well. And even though DayZ is a shit game and the vehicles are also very shit, vehicles are also very fun. They're a fun shit feature to this shitty game on our very unstable server at times, and the fact that you don't have to worry abou
  5. Did you even read my post? If you're deliberately ramming into a tree then I ain't gonna question it, you do you or if you're deliberately driving recklessly cause you know you cant die then thats a you problem. When I am out and about on the roads I drive how you would be expected to. However driving down the road at a high speed knowing that if the game/server lags out I won't be dieing, now thats a safety feature with an extra explanation, not everyone here wants ultra realism. So if you can't look past the fact that a vehicle can survive a crash then I don't know what to tell you.
  6. Nah I like the way it is. It's more fun and its a safety feature in my eyes with how unstable the server can be at times.
  7. *A thick African accent comes through your radio* What is good brudda's and sista's. It is me, George Adebowale da Lion Tamer. For all you car lovaz, get ya self to da Transporter Compound. We are holding a Car sale today and tomorrow. Ada, Olga and Sarka's 2,000. Gunta's 2,500 and U.A.Z's 5,000. And introducing our new stock, de BMW for 7,500. This sale is only for today and tomorrow, who knows when de next sale might be. Get ya selfs here, just east of de Novaya Petrovka. Gooooooooooooooooood prices ahhhhh. *Radio clicks off*
  8. Thanks for the reply, looking forward to it!
  9. Now that there is new LM's, is this idea still happening for Season 3, or will the new LM's be scrapping this idea and doing something different? Apologies if this has been answered or stated elsewhere.
  10. I'm glad that us chimps provide laughter and enjoyable Roleplay to those who come across us.
  11. I would like see night time be darker and also last longer, or at the very least just last longer, theres a lot of cool RP that could happen when darkness falls, but with night cycle being so short IG you may as well just make it 24/7 day.
  12. Craig

    Love the back ground music.

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