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  1. Craig

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    I really enjoyed what happened. Glad it didn't end with my brains on the walls.
  2. Craig


    I played on a FiveM RP server. Game is legit better for RP, but the player base wasn't that great. If this community RP'ed on FiveM it would be lit af.
  3. Craig


    Found a picture of the DayZ Test Team.




  4. Craig

    Kozlovská Rodina [Strict Recruitment]

    mfw there is another Chernarussian group that hate Ruski.
  5. Craig

    Should drugs give you extra HP?

    No, but I think they should give you some negative but fun effect. Maybe some drugs make your screen go all funny, and/or make your character act weird, something along those lines.
  6. Craig

    Development Blog #3 - CHRISTMAS!

    These are looking great, will the lighter work and be able to be combined with fags. Which leads to actually being able to smoke IG?
  7. Craig

    Yo yo Yo

    What Onyx said, hit me up if you need any help on the forums or IG.
  8. Craig

    Quotes we like!

    I performed this last monologue one time at an acting class!
  9. Craig

    Yo yo Yo

    Lanarkshire lad reporting in, theres a few of us here.
  10. Craig

    It starts now. [126.23]

    *Kuba presses his PTT* You could just walk out of country, couple kilometeres ev- every day. Cerna Liska will bring peace, to country and Chernarussians. If you good foreigner, we can become good peoples with each other. Don't think foreigner you can "handle" Cerna Liska, didn't work for other tough guy who had little army, he was terrorist. I want to rebuild country, many bad foreigners and communists in country. Perhaps we will meet in future, ano? And if you do, don't fuck it up. *Releases PTT, goes back to doing Kuba related activities.*
  11. Craig


    Daddy is proud of you.
  12. Craig

    It starts now. [126.23]

    *Kuba sits listening to his music player, hardbass is making his head spin. His little radio comes to life with the voice of the woman, he turns down his music and listens. He nods his head in agreement with the woman, and presses his PTT* Ahoj, I like part when you say "Never take what is not yours" so drop everything you have and walk home *He laughs* Chernarussians will decide what justice is on our lands, no some foreign bitch. Dobri Den. *He releases his PTT, turns up his music player and goes back to doing Kuba things*
  13. Craig

    [CNR] Chernarussian People’s Republic [Open Recruitment]

    More Russians/Ruski-lovers/Russian sympathizers for the slaughter house! In all seriousness I wish you luck and hope you have fun with this idea, I really like the graphics and the Lore is an easy read.
  14. Craig

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

    We have to take into consideration that a lot of new people to the community seem to go down the bandit route first, which we all know is the quickest way to get banned, as they usually do it poorly and break some rules in the process. Another problem is, everyone on the server is on doing there own thing. Maybe they're doing something specific and when hostileRP comes along, it prolongs said thing or completely halts it, then they get mad because everyone sees themselves as the main character and this isn't what they wanted. Another thing I noticed, in an another discussion about 3rd person and 1st person, experienced members talked about how they wanted to keep 3rd person because they liked 'looking at there character' or 'admiring how my character looks', so even though the first advice people give about DayZ is, dont get attached to gear. They don't take it themselves. RP>PVP, GEAR>HostileRP
  15. Craig

    Sometimes Russia looks nice

    Foreigner, don't you know who's country you are in, these are no Russian lands.