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  1. Craig

    A song of whitenames and roleplay.

    The crazy thing is, the whitelist is so easy but people still fail it and post for help on here. Thats the level of RP we're getting here. We're letting in the wrong people, we should adopt Donald Trump's method and build a wall, meaning, make the whitelist very difficult. But I know two good reasons why its easy. More players = Potentially more money for Jim and Rolle, which is fair enough. Second is time and lack of staff. My suggestion, there is probably at least a dozen people who would volunteer to look over applications, look for volunteer's and create a new staff position or make them additional support, then make the whitelist harder. Less players coming in sure, but quality over quantity is what the majority wants here. Lets make DayZRP great again.
  2. Craig

    G19's Even Shittier Edits

    I really appreciate this video You guys gave an epilepsy warning, you didnt have to but you did, and it was noted.
  3. Craig

    Roleplay and you

    For a second here I thought this was a varient of the 'Shit Was So Cash' meme from 4chan, but upon further inspection this is no troll, but definitely meme worthy.
  4. Craig

    The Asylum

    That artwork is fucking dope.
  5. Aiko

    • Aiko
    • Craig

    Nice rping with you! Hope you enjoyed ❤️


  6. Craig

    The Cavaliers [Recruitment Open]

    @InnKinn I love you Mr. Nichols.
  7. Craig

    Černaruští Zdejší [Selective Recruitment]

    I so wish I was playing my Chernarussian characters.
  8. Craig

    Ban Rape RP

    Kids play on these severs. BAN IT. Imagine the shit storm that could come if some kid told their parent that they got raped in a video game and then lead to them looking into this community.
  9. Pre-Dead Batteries Character Lore. After escaping Russia and losing his group, Brutus found himself in Novigrad. Not wanting to be alone, he allied himself with a group led by Bogdan Bulavard and his men. Slowly integrating himself into the group, this was a change for him. Being 'The Man' to being just another man in a group of men. But Brutus being Brutus, he will take his time time, he has not forgotten about his true self, his vision. His Red Room.
  10. Craig

    James Brothers Gang {Recruitment Closed}

    I do miss you, and the others. Dobri Den, Bratr. NOW GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY!!!
  11. Craig

    Generation Zero (Open Recruitment)

    Sounds like Liska, which makes me happy that other people are so invested as we were with roleplay over anything including comms. Think Ill get active again and hope to bump into you lot for the dank RP.
  12. Craig

    James Brothers Gang {Recruitment Closed}

    This isn't a Chernarussian group? Calling in @neom for his POV.
  13. Craig

    Generation Zero (Open Recruitment)

    Ive not been on here in ages, I hop back to see whats happening, and see this absolute beast of a group idea. Well done to all involved in making this, truely awesome.
  14. Craig


    I'm still alive.

    1. Unknown Entity

      Unknown Entity


    2. Craig


      Yeah, when?

    3. Unknown Entity

      Unknown Entity


    4. Craig


      This would have been easier if we just WhatsApped each other.

  15. Craig


    This is how a Scottish person reacts to PUBG, looking back I should have seen some of these guys sooner.






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