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  1. Remove and also lower the hp of regular infected and wolves, its silly and makes zero sense for them to sponge bullets like they do.
  2. Kuba was born in '79 to Katerine and Milan, growing up in poor family Kuba didn't have many luxuries. His father and mother were both staunch Nationalists and got their beliefs from his grand father Radoslav. His grand father left Cernarus to go fight in WW2 with Germany with some other Chernarussians in the hopes that if Germany won Chernarus could become an idependent nation. Upon the end of the war Radoslav spent some time as a POW and the returned to Chernarus. In '88 Kuba became an older brother to Ladislav, Kuba took great pride in being a brother. Kuba and his father were inseparable and in his first few years of life Ladislav always wanted to tag along with them. In 1991, Radoslav seen his dream come to life, a free and independent Cernarus for his children and grand children to live in. A chance for them to carve out their own destiny. Dubky got together in celebration and partied in the streets all day and night, on the other side of town though a lot of ethnic Russians and some other immigrants were furious with the celebrations going on. At some point in the night, as people were hugging and laughing, Milan Kovac was killed. He was found on the hill with a knife sticking out his neck with a Russian flag wrapped around him. A week later a funeral was held and his killer was never found. After the death of Milan, Radoslav took over fatherly duties of Ladislav, with the help of Kuba. Katerine worked down in one of the local pubs called the 'Quacking Duck'. In the mornings she would look after Ladislav and worked at nights. While she worked Kuba and Radoslav would talk to Ladislav about the country and Radoslav would tell him stories about the war. Kuba would work at the Chernogorsk docks as a forklift driver and help load and unload the shipping containers, a few years later Kuba enlisted as a reserve in the CDF. Kuba and Ladislav didn't have the normal brotherly relationship, they didn't hate each other instead they were very close. Kuba would attend illegal underground fight clubs and watch his little brother Ladislav fight. The best nights were when Ladislav fought and won agaisnt Russians and other immigrants, legal or illegal. They would go to the 'Quacking Duck' where their mother worked. The pub was for ethnic Chernarussian Nationalists only, even though Russians and immigrants were allowed, none of them would go in knowing they would get into fights or worse. Just before the civil war started in '09 Radoslav died of old age. He would die believing Cernarus was forever free, Ladislav also signed up and joined the CDF joining Kuba and both of them fought in the civil war and South Zagoria turned into a battlefield. After the war was lost Kuba returned home. The country started going through a lot of changes, Kozlov was executed along with Barta and Gregorz. Kuba protested along with many other Chernarussians, and as more changes started to happen Kuba was there to protest, the renaming of towns and the biggest change was the renaming of the Capital to Lopotevgrad. Years later Kuba was back at the docks working, his mother passed away with lung cancer and his country was stolen away from him and Dubky became a very depressed place to live, even though many ethnic Chenrarussians left the country to other parts of Europe, Kuba stayed. He would not leave and vowed to live there forever in the hopes he would see Cernarus become free again. In 2013, the year of 'Terrors', the 'Quacking Duck' shut down and reopened and became a melting pot of different ethnicities, Kuba and other nationalists including Ladislav had to hide their political views and often held and attended underground political meetings. They planned riots and attacks on pro-russian businesses throughout Chernogorsk and other parts of the country. On 18th January 2016, Lopotev was assassinated. Kuba and many other true loyal Chernarussians celebrated in the basements of the Dubky apartments, getting drunk and hosting their own little fight clubs and of course Ladislav was there doing his thing. Soon later a new man was in charge, and there was no change. Many hoped the death of Lopotev would spark a new war or resurgence in Chernarussian Nationalism, but it didn't come. With the mass influx of Russians and other immigrants Kuba lost his job down in the docks to cheap labour along with many other Chernarussians. Kuba watched, along with his brother Ladislav, their country get integrated into the Russian Federation and all hope for a free Cernarus was almost gone. With the CLF out there, Kuba knew he had to do something. He knew that there was still a lot of true loyal Chernarussians out there, Chernarussians loyal to Kozlov. Kuba would then go on to co-create the political group Cernarus Prvni (Chernarus First). A group dedicated to Chernarus becoming a free country, a group that wanted a government to kick out Russians and other enthicities, a group that wanted Chernarussians to be put first before anyone else. To create a country where all those who left could then return home.

    1. Craig


      Shout out to @edgy Daemon for being top class camera man.

    2. edgy Daemon

      edgy Daemon

      Raw unedited footage here of the new kapitan!

  4. Great roleplayer and great content creator. De real MVP.
  5. Because most bases you find are just 1 or 2 people, 5 at most, that make them to store endless gear in them that ruin the server and they just hideaway somewhere not RPing with people. Also a lot of bases that get made get abandoned and then they are truely useless and ruin the server even more. This is a Roleplay server, not a build a base and store massive amounts of gear you will never need and hideaway from the RP server.
  6. Yeah, bases should be granted to long standing groups that generate a lot of RP or have goals that will generate an RP Hub. IMO.
  7. Symptoms help you see the problem, if you fix the problem but still have the symptom then you didn't fix the problem. Weapon hoarding will still be a problem after bases are gone. imo anyway, could be wrong.
  8. I'm glad someone brought this up. Over several months I've always mentioned that Weapon Spawns should be increased, and with the ability to not store them would actually improve the fun had on the server. People steal shit from other people cause they have a hard time finding it, mostly weapons, and most people who get robbed don't even need them as they play very passive characters and they don't actually affect the server or RP in anyway. They sit away doing nothing and take up a spot on the server. With automatic gun spawns increased people will be less likely to rob people for gear and actually RP with them, and less people will steal from bases knowing that there is no weapons inside it meaning horrible bases won't need to be created to protect gear. And those that do get robbed for RP reasons will be able to quickly arm themselves again and fight back and not get shat on everytime they come across hostile groups, just my opinion. This isn't directed at you, Misty. Just my thoughts in general.
  9. Yup. It's been happening for a while now, and TBH there is a really simple fix to it. Make it so you can't put weapons in storage (barrels, tents, cars, cabinets etc). Also, only give groups the ability to make bases, that way their base provides RP as well as a home for them. Their is a really simple reason to why people steal from others bases. People can't find weapons in the loot table because people are hoarding them, so they go to the bases to get them because people can't find them in the loot table because people are hoarding them, so they go to the bases to get them because people can't find them in the loot table because people are hoarding them, so they go to the bases to get them because people can't find them in the loot table because people are hoarding them, so they go to the bases to get them... It's a circle you see.
  10. People need to realise that a percentage of this community doesn't care about RP, they're here to do shit like this. Hoard gear and just run around by themselves and get protected by rules that don't exist on the servers they used to play on. Everything is about loot and gear to them, the kind of people with 10 AK's in their base and get into 0 fire fights but moan about being robbed. Simply remove base building for server performance cause ours servers are shit and gear hoarding problems.
  11. Craig

    DayZRP 20.7.1

    Whitename making moves, he's the real MVP.
  12. This is my favorite video. @FireDude and @Watchman guys are legends.
  13. If I was banned from joining groups I would probably just leave the community, I think many others would too.
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