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  1. Craig

    To Josef Masenik and Vania

    *Kuba presses his PTT* If one of Jasons friends could contact me personally, I'm sure one of you will have my frequency or maybe he left a copy of it laying around somewhere. *Kuba releases his PTT*
  2. Craig

    My new character

    Another half-breed to be unhappy at, perfect.
  3. Craig

    New mods suggestions (September 2019)

    I was actually gone post some of these on the suggestion thread, but glad you're already on it. Bring on the mods!
  4. Craig

    Would like to see a Character Mod be created

    More custom player creations would be awesome.
  5. Craig

    HMMWV (humvee) Mod Suggestion

    Give this man the developer tag already!
  6. Craig

    Interview With A Community Member: AndreyQ

    I expected nothing less than greatness from this interview, and I got exactly what was expected. A living legend, a hero, a star, an inspiration... a Queer. Just incase anyone was wondering what this legend looks like, wonder no more.
  7. Craig

    DayZRP Get Back In Game!

    I honestly need to know who these people are so I can avoid them ooc and ic, these people need to be removed from the community. If the staff team know about this I am very dissapointed that nothing got done about them, really really dissapointed, talk about ooc hate. If this was my community they would have been removed and reported to their local authorities.
  8. Craig

    DayZRP Get Back In Game!

    Here I think you need one of these. Also Chernarus isn't an Island.
  9. Craig

    Should writing on notes be modded back in?

    I remember both of these also, and the Chernarus Post was one of the first groups I RP'ed with when I first joined. Being able to make notes would bring back a good/interestng dynamic way of RP'ing. I hope the devs could make this happen if the community want it back, and I'm sure a lot will.
  10. Craig

    What are you tired of seeing most?

    These threads where people don't @ the people they're talking about in the hopes that they might resolve the situation and improve the RP on the server. Sick of the sickness already and the lack of generally decent loot in houses.
  11. Craig

    RP language

    It was something along those lines, for a moment I thought you were gonna type about that time in Kab when I said a certain word.
  12. Craig

    Domorodci (Recruitment Open)

    Thanks for the feedback, if you would like to conitnue this dialogue don't hesitate to PM me.
  13. Craig

    Domorodci (Recruitment Open)

    We welcome @Cuchulainn @Challenger and @Ryan Shepherd We also welcome back @Voodoo. Already having some good fun with you guys and looking forward to cleansing the country with you all!
  14. Craig

    Should automatic weapons be harder to find?

    Double the spawns of them, lets get this party started.
  15. Craig


    I definitely think a proper discussion has to be had about what we can do to make things more interesting around here, mainly this discussion should be within the staff team after asking for thoughts and ideas from the community, people simply dismissing anything and everything because they don't like the idea (and not suggesting any of there own) or it doesn't suit them won't get us anywhere. What we have right now can be what we have until whenever all of this comes to an end or we can try to change it for the better.
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