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  1. Are you a dipper or a topper?

    Im a dopper, I both dip and top.
  2. New Lore with Beta

    Actually sounds lit.
  3. Greetings

    Greetings and Salutations.
  4. Tortugan Farming Company. [Open Recruitment]

    I can't be the only one thats struggling to read the blue text, I'd change it personally. And for some banter you could change 'Roster' to 'Rooster'.
  5. DayZRP Hearts of Iron 4 Game

    I'd love to play but I have to do a small shift in work tomorrow, so to late for me. Though Ill be up for games in the future for sure.
  6. I'm Out

    Should we change to the MOD now seeing he's gone?
  7. Group Idea:Class of 2018

    Thats a cool idea. They could be on some sort of 'History Trip' maybe Chernarus was their last destination or just another one along the way. Like a WW2 trip or just war in general. You could have someone roleplay as the Teacher or Teachers of the class. Could be fun for all involved.
  8. United Nations (And then they were gone...)

    @Razareth You're safe anywhere with me bae.
  9. United Nations (And then they were gone...)

    @Razareth YOU LEAVE THAT POOR WOMANS LEGS ALONE! I hope one day we can come back. We had some great fun during our run.
  10. Who can come up with the coolest idea for an infection?

    Damn I thought I had an original Idea. What about something real ridiculous like the rain carrying an infection and if you're caught in it then you end up turning, that would take farming out the senario. You would have to do some underground type farming which would then require fuel and generators. Now that would be an interesting story to watch, and a brutal way to try and survive.
  11. Who can come up with the coolest idea for an infection?

    OMG. Written by Mr King himself, how did I miss this. I will be watching this real soon. Thanks
  12. Who can come up with the coolest idea for an infection?

    Ive never seen it. Is it the same?
  13. Who can come up with the coolest idea for an infection?

    Not my idea, but its from the film Pontypool, and it spreads through the English language. But if I had to make my own I would try to do it so it spreads through technology. So theres alot of Sci/fi that needs to into it. Maybe like a certain fequency and pitch through your computer or mobile phone/tablet triggers something in the brain that turns people loco and start killing each other.
  14. What's a good first car?

    I bought myself a BMW a few months ago, first car also. Low Mileage, no problems with it either for 7K. I'd recommend BMW's to anyone. Strong realiable cars, though if something goes wrong with it, it can be pricey to fix. But hey, its pricey to fix any cars tbh, just a little more so for BMW's. Mines is a saloon, few years old also. I'd recommend going to second hand dealerships than going private. Hope you find something that suits you soon, also, don't rush into the first good car you find or dealership you go to, I spent about 2/half weeks to 3 weeks before purchasing a car.
  15. Cpt MacMillan

    @Spartan The greatest strikes again.

    1. Unknown Entity

      Unknown Entity

      19000 kills. Nice.

      also: "You faggot" - "WHAT?". I loled

    2. Crim


      I nearly choked listening to his winning reaction lol that was so funny :D

    3. Spartan


      -"SHOOT HIM!"
      -"That's not a player!"
      -"Oh it is!"