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  1. Oscar Anderson was born in Australia 24 years ago to Matthew Anderson and Ava Shepherd. His father abandoned him at birth. Throughout most of his early life he loved the outdoors and would spend countless hours just exploring. Once he graduated high school he decided to become an Australian Wildlife Manager and took to the outback. One day a few years after moving out on his own he received a letter from a man named Ollie Anderson. Through reading the letter he discovered that Ollie was his half brother from Ireland and that he wanted to meet. After meeting each other they bonded almost instantly. Oscar decided to move to Ireland to be closer with his brother. One day after returning from work Oscar found Ollie in the kitchen packing two suitcases. Upon inspection Oscar found that Ollie had gotten into a shootout with a rival MC and had to flee the country. After some arguing they agreed to leave. After spending a few years in their new home of Chenarus Oscar decided to go on a cruise. That is when the outbreak happened.
  2. Hell yeah! I can tell many new peoples have arrived... Many for Jed to deal with
  3. Its great to be back! I missed yall too much
  4. Just wanted to let teh world know that Jed Dixon is back and ready to fuck shit up!!!
  5. Loftin

    Arma 3 Exile: Namalsk is coming!

    Awww yeaahh!! I love that map with a passion
  6. Loftin

    America... Fuck Ya!

    AHHH i still can't find it!!! OHHH HELLL YEAH I FINDS IT!!!!!!!!!! 10/10
  7. Loftin

    [EPM] El Presidentes Militia

    I want this to happen more than anything.....
  8. Loftin

    The Brotherhood of Thieves Media Thread

    Fucking love this!
  9. Loftin

    How many time did you died in the last month?

    Ive died 0 times since I've made my newest character. Ive come close to death several times now. But I've still alluded death somehow
  10. Loftin

    How many reports have you made in total?

    My count is 1. Not a big fan of reports
  11. Loftin

    [EPM] El Presidentes Militia

    I thought I've seen it all....
  12. Loftin

    The Brotherhood Of Thieves [Recruitment Closed] - WIP

    Yay we're official!!
  13. Loftin

    Svatyne Tulaci

    Love the idea man good luck!