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  1. Yes basically, doesn't look to be taking off very well though.
  2. Thanks for the welcome everyone. @djhato. Thanks for the advice!
  3. I wasn't complaining about the test, or even asking for help on it. Simply trying to spark yet another conversation on the topic. But with that said, thank you guys for pointing out the avenues for support. I'm sure someone else will find use in it. For the record, I made it past the quiz and now just waiting for the app to be reviewed. Shortly after that comes back there will be a new Character roaming Chernarus. Looking forward to that.
  4. I'm sure most of you by reading the title are automatically thinking, 1) 'Oh great another moron that didn't read the rules' ; or 2) 'this should be in the questions section'; When in fact neither are true..... No I haven't passed the damn quiz yet, but its not because I failed to read the rules. In fact I read them multiple times before attempting the quiz the first time (btw I laugh at people that have a hard time finding the 'pass-phrase'. Come one people read!!! Its right there). But after attempting the test the second time I had two thoughts, the first being, 'damn I'm dumb.' (which I'm pretty sure is not the case as I'm a fairly successful software engineer IRL), followed by 'This is a really good test of the rules'. So I wanted to do two things with this post, congratulate the admins for not making the test something you (or me at least) couldn't just fly through and hear some stories about other experiences with the quiz. And please laugh it up on my account for failing the damn thing twice if you breezed right through the first time. Here is the tricky little bugger that caught me this last time. What does the term "aggravation" mean in regards to the community rules? (Purposely didn't show the answer as fear someone may attempt to leverage my failed response to gain advantage on their own quiz)
  5. Like the title says, Hello Everyone! I'm a newbie here and to actual RP as whole for that matter. I've been playing DayZ for a while now, roughly 450 hours over the last year, but never really got involved in any community. Figured now is a good a time as any get involved and why not try something a little different from the typical RDM style game play, which I'm really much of a fan of any how. Any who, I'm off to get a backstory figured out. Look forward to meeting some of you guys and gals in game.