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  1. Cenek Forman

  2. Forced 'truths' in Radio Chatter

    I completely agree, radio chatter without emotes putside of the dialogue would be painfully boring to watch. What I'm hoping for, though, is a clearer way of expressing yourself. Surely the community can be creative enough than to simply state in emptes that the man they're talking to is an idiot(or any variation of one), which happens quite often.
  3. Forced 'truths' in Radio Chatter

    [align=justify]Hey all, [align=justify]Not sure if this thread had already been made before, if it has, I'd be glad to do even as little as bring attention to it. Also, forgive all the errors, I typed this out with my phone. [align=justify]Right from day one on the server I have noticed a rather peculiar trend in the radio chatter forums - people seem to force 'truths' onto others via descriptions. I'll give a couple of examples to show what I mean: [align=justify]Ivan Ivanovich: "Cheeki breeki, communism good, da?!" [align=justify]John Smith: "Sure..." *Gives a hearty laugh to the man's foolish words* [align=justify]Snake: "I am a navy seal, looking to find my brothers in arms. All of you whom are alive, please respond." [align=justify]Chernoruski: "Why don't you go back to your basement, seal." *He scoffed at the idiot's blatant lies and turned off his radio* [align=justify]The underlined parts are what annoy me. Of course, these are pretty tame examples, but not only are they passive agressive out of character, but they imply that what you 'emote' is true. If you had, instead, called the man a fool/liar/whatever through dialogue, then it would have made much more sense. Or you could've incorporated such phrases as 'saw the man as a liar' or 'thought the man to be a complete idiot'. These sort of things are subjective, and you never know when someone could be truthful, saying what their character had perceived or experienced in their backstory. [align=justify]Be as aggressive and insulting as you want, just don't make your hate cross from a fictional universe to real life. At least not in public. [align=justify]Perhaps I'm wrong and no one agrees with me, but I'd love to hear what the rest of you think.
  4. Rule clarifications

    Baiting is acting in such a way so that the other party would initiate on you, therefore you (or your friends) could kill them, in the plainest sence. And yes, you can kos anyone that's initiated on you in a 2 hour period. You can read up more on KoS rules in the Information > Rules section.
  5. Chernarus Currency (before outbreak)

    My country has also been a part of the Soviet Union and we had our own currency. So carefull with this. It is not always a law to have the same currency, as your occupier. Being part of the Soviet Union was a smaller part of my argument, it was mainly the fact that they were in a non-forced union with Russia way back. Though we already know the answer is Chernarussian Kronum, so no real point in discussing further.
  6. The Matchmakers [Open Recruitment]

    Haven't really ran into you guys, but apparently someone wrote a book about y'all.
  7. (This is meant as a joke and is within the off-topic forum) [video=youtube] [spoiler=Transcription]Another year another reich! Twenty-fifteen was a rough year for the glorious state of Chernarus, it appeared that the good life really went “down south” - South Zagoria, of course! We, people at the Zbor radio station wish you a very orthodox Christmas and hope you enjoy our 24 hour long non-stop broadcast of your favourite Christmas tunes like: Stalin, the red-flagged commie! There’s Malenkov and Lenin, and now we have Putin. Khrushchev and Brezhnev Don’t forget Boris Yeltsin. But do you recall… Most “beloved” Russian leader of all... Stalin the Red-flagged commie Didn’t really think things through! Purging his own men was a hobby, He’s no better than a - And who could forget the classic, “ZBOR Christmas”? I'm dreaming of a ZBOR Christmas All Taki gone from our home… But let’s not forget the youth of our nation - come and sing along as your sweat rejuvenates the soil for generations to come! You better work hard You better not cry You better not spread The French bastards’ lies Miroslav’s the führer in town. We can’t forget the foreign souls on our land! On the tenth day of Christmas the Yankees gave to me - Bourgeois propaganda. Bourgeois propaganda. Bourgeois propaganda. Bourgeois propaganda. Bourgeois propaganda. That song loops forever. So... Have a very merry Christmas, and aim for the head!
  8. Chernarus Currency (before outbreak)

    http://www.fuel-prices-europe.info/ According to these the Macedonian denar wouldn't fit whatsoever, it's either the Russian ruble or Czech krone, if we're choosing from these three possibilities.
  9. Chernarus Currency (before outbreak)

    I think this thread was more focused on the currency before the outbreak. My guess would be that most foreigners that came before the economy became nothing exchanged their country's money for CRR or CRD, though if any came after the infection hit, I'm sure you'd still find euros, dollars and things of the sort laying around.
  10. Cerna Liska Media Thread

    15:48 I found Kyle, guys!
  11. Was fun to travel along Annie Thompson today Quite the name you've got, bud.
  12. Chernarus Currency (before outbreak)

    In most cases like Chernarus', people often still used the old currencies for a short period of time even during the transition, as you had pointed out - quite a lot at first, then less and less as time passed. Though simply put, it would've been the most beneficial choice to simply use one as not many people wanted to calculate conversions at a simple convenience store (Speaking from personal experience and memories from people during conversion times here in the Baltics). And since the transition was quite a while ago in Chernarus' case, I believe they'd ruled out the old soviet ruble completely. Though one would still be able to find soviet rubles laying around here and there as it is the case here in the Baltics. As for my opinion on which currency would make the most sense, I'd say the ruble due to the history of Chernarus as opposed to its geographical position. Russia and Chernarus had formed a union of sorts many centuries ago, according to the lore, and it is more than likely that they used the same currency for the sake of convenience throughout the centuries.
  13. Chernarus Currency (before outbreak)

    Yes, but not all countries that were in the bloc went on to use their own currency, more specifically, Belarus (or white Russia) - they introduced their own ruble. The fact that Chernarus was in a non-forced binding with Russia in it's early ages also adds to the high probability of rubles being the local currency, though, possibly due to the large patriotism of the people, they would be of the Chernarussian variant ( CYR ).
  14. Chernarus Currency (before outbreak)

    Seeing as Chernarus was "traditionally bound with Russia" and was also occupied and annexed by the USSR, I think one could presume that rubles, either of the Russian or Chernarussian variety are a large possibility.
  15. Pickup Lines Thread

    Do you believe in love at first sight or do I have to come and initiate on you again?