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  1. Born is a small town in Alaska, Wally grew up hunting & being taught how to survive in the most perilous conditions. When he was 18, he joined the marines & the next year fought in Operation Desert storm. There, he quickly became acclimated to the high heat & after getting out took up a job as a mercenary and advisor, mainly fighting communists in Africa & the middle east (and developed a particular hatred for the ideology), eventually the UN picked him up to go to Chenarus, mostly due to his notable skill in wilderness survival & tracking knowledge.
  2. Grew up on his family farm in a small village in Pennsylvania. Worked hard, kept his wits sharp and his hits hard. He never particularly enjoyed anything until he started broadcasting a local radio station, playing music and discussing news, giving his own, simple take on the world. He ended up going to college pursuing a major in Journalism, stood out in his class for his hard work and quiet, yet witty nature. After graduation, he got a job as a feild reporter, being sent all over. He eventually landed up in chenarus, investigating rumors of some sort of virus tearing the small country up. Unfortunately, his timing was less than great and he ended up stuck in the now anarchic wasteland.
  3. Hey, I'm glad that CoralGames reported me, I do feel bad about this kill. I hadn't seen anyone in a while, and I had sort of gotten out of an RP mindset. He came around the corner of the hanger and told me to put my hands up, and I just reacted without thinking. The reason I logged out soon after was actually to re-read the rules to make sure that I at least can't be punished for the kill. I do feel bad for killing him so quickly and without saying anything, and I recognize that the how the whole situation played out really took away from everyone's RP experience. I'm truly sorry.
  4. *The doctor's voice breaks the white noise form the radio* "Alright, you can come along to black lake anytime in the next few days. Ill just be here, working on my crops." *The radio fades back into the familiar white noise*
  5. *Llewyn smiles to himself for a moment, and then presses down on the PTT button* "That'd be swell, but I would like to know how much you charge for your services. Depending on that, I'd be happy to have you protecting my little sanctuary" *He puts down the radio and stands up, feeling giddy for the first time in weeks*
  6. *Llewyn takes a deep breath and sits down at his desk, flipping on the receiver and picking up the small mic* "God I hope this thing is working- If anyone is listening to this and needs any help or shelter, come black lake, just east of that airfield, we can give you food, shelter, and protection. My name is Llewyn Oliver, and I am a doctor, so I can do my best to help out with any medical problems you're having. Oh, and traders are very welcome... Now, let's hope someone heard that" He lets go of the PTT button and stands back to return to his work
  7. NotKermitTheFrog


  8. *Llewyn flips a switch and some lights on the machine next to him start blinking, he sighs relief, then turns and nods at the armed guard standing in the doorway, cuing him to leave. Llewyn leans forward towards the microphone and begins to speak* Hey there, all you cats out there in good old zombified Chenarus. This is Llewyn Oliver, broadcasting from a fine little location that shall remain hidden, giving my sweet voice and some good tunes to all you lucky enough to stumble across this nice little station. Our nice little province has been mostly uneventful this week, just a few turf wars amognst some mean little prides who disagree in the black forest region. Other than that, a few robberies have been reported in the green mountain and Zelenogorsk area, so if any of you nice survivors are heading that way, arm yourselves and watch out for some punks trying to threaten the good people of Chenarus. As it were, I do have some special thanks to give out to some helpful little cats. They have requested to remain anonymous, but you know who you are. These fine individuals have been instrumental in helping me get this station on air. I would also like to give a slightly less special thanks to all the nice cats of Chenarus, and a screw you to the rude ones. Until the next update I get, which are far and few apart, let the Jerry Garcia Band keep you company with Cats Down Under The Stars. *The song begins to play, but is quickly taken over by static*
  9. NotKermitTheFrog

    Character's Weapon of choice?

    1. Mosin 2. It was the first gun he found after the outbreak, he has gotten out of many dangerous situations with it. 3. He did not have much experience pre-outbreak, but has used it a lot after the infection hit.
  10. NotKermitTheFrog

    What does your RP character look like?

    Joel Norris
  11. Well, 0.59 experimental just came out and with it a new gas mask! What do you guys think of it?
  12. I just recently got white listed and thought I should introduce myself to the community!
  13. Being able to put up hoods on rain jackets and hoodies would be nice