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  1. Thanks both of you I'm currently re-making my whitelist application.
  2. I have already posted in another forum as well. I'm not going to make the same mistake again ^^ Thank you for the heads-up though! And my next attempt will be fine. This time I'll do it when I'm actually awake -.-
  3. i7 4690K 4.4GHz DDR3 2400MHz RAM GeForce 970 - 1478MHz(GPU Clock) | 4000 (Mem Clock) 250GB Samsung SSD After some optimizing, the game runs decently while looking good
  4. Yea Jamie, you noob! I've got 300 hours, and i thought that was decent You're a machine!
  5. I'm already quite impressed with how active the community is! Most of the time I'll be playing, a friend of mine will most likely be sitting next to me playing as well, but havn't planned on any skyping/TS. It kinda ruins the immersive experience as you're saying And as of the Lore, I've read it all. Twice! But have also read quite a few other DayZ lores, so it gets quite hard not to mix them at times And thank you for the warm welcome! Sadly my whitelist application has gone on cooldown. Managed to leave out the last of my story when copying it from notepad Was whitelisted around a month ago, but i didn't have the time to play just yet. But now i do! Can't wait to get started
  6. Hey! I'd just like to say hello, and tell you all how much I'm looking forward to meeting some of you. I've been wanting to join this community for a while, and i finally got the time to join. I've heard so much good of this community, so i can't wait to interact with some new like-minded people! Do you have any suggestions for a new member? So excited! \\Dooz