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  1. IGN: Dorin Rogers Age: 23 Country: United States English skills: First Language DayZ Mod Experience: Very Little DayZ Standalone Experience: Very Experienced Roleplaying Experience: 8yrs What kind of In Game role best describes you: The non-pushover kind of good guy. Will not steal or cheat, but will knock your teeth out if you mess with me or my friends. Have you been in any clan/group previously: No Additional notes: New to DayZrp, just wanting to join a group. Best way to contact you: Email- [email protected] Backstory: Dorin Rogers was vacationing in Novigrad, when he had fallen in love with a young woman by the name of AHNna Yermolayev, which he met at a bar one day. He continuously visited her in secret, as her father, a Commander in the CDF would not approve of a foreigner dating his daughter . Dorin was found one night in his daughters room, she called rape and he was beat and thrown into the brig. He was later moved down to Prison Island just south of Kamenka. After some time had passed and Dorin had become thrown do the dogs a few times, he toughened up. Willing to fight his way out of anything, he plotted his escape, but unfortunately his plans were expedited when the outbreak began. Riots broke out throughout the prison so he made a break for it, grabbing an old boat on the coast, he made for land. A storm hit and quickly turned for the worst, the overwhelming waves flipped him out and into the sea, where he clung onto the boat for as long as he could before passing out... Dorin thought he had been through hell, until he realizes he just stepped into it....