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  1. slake

    NSYNC Appreciation Thread

    Top? What like Top of the Pops!? Never really liked that show.
  2. slake

    NSYNC Appreciation Thread

    Stick to your guns man! You never know you may come across my character singing it one day
  3. *Shaun's eyes widen with excitement after hearing other people alive* "Wow, I'm happy to hear that. If I knew what my current location is I would venture to the places some of you suggested." "But... I don't and I don't understand the road signs." *Shaun would have a British accent* "I have came across two helicopter crash sites, unfortunately nobody from the crash site was there. If they're alive I can only hope they are safe." *Shaun would lay the radio beside him, turning the volume down slightly in hope to get some rest*
  4. *Shaun hears a reply on the radio and takes it out to reply* "Hello, sir... Bill is it? I thought I was the only one alive so gathered I wouldn't need to be careful about openly asking for help. But if you say there are people I need to be wary of, then I'll take your advice." *Shaun pokes the fireplace with a stick, then begins to watch the embers flick in the darkness of the room before laying the radio on a nearby end table*
  5. *Shaun sits down on a tree stump, looking over the fields filled with barrels of hay. He looks down upon his radio, takes a deep breath whilst holding in the button and begins to talk into the radio* "Hello... is anyone else alive that can hear me?" *There's a moments pause and Shaun begins speaking into the radio again* "Why am I even contemplating that anyone else is alive in this hell hole... IF by any chance there are people alive, please get in contact." "I'm a lone survivor, so very alone at the minute." *Shaun shudders slightly as the wind picks up* "I'm currently seeking refuge... If anyone knows of a safe place to stay, please... PLEASE respond to this message." *Shaun would let go of the radio, and pop it back into his backpack. Then head inside an abandoned house*
  6. slake

    Injured Poses - Broken Arm - WIP

    Looks awesome.
  7. Googled for DayZ Roleplay, this server and a couple of others came up.
  8. slake

    NSYNC Appreciation Thread

    Childhood memories. But... Backstreet Boys > NSync
  9. slake

    My PC specs and what to upgrade?

    Sell the laptop and buy a PC.
  10. Day and Night cycle. For some reason a lot of these zombie mods don't include a day/night cycle which is a shame as it adds a lot to the game. Realistic cars, I don't really wanna see people driving around in exotic cars. Base building of some sort, although I'm not sure how restricted that will be.
  11. slake

    A Very Canadian Thread, eh?

    I think it would just be nice to see the lakes and mountains, not too fussed about clubs etc. I'll have to ask the other 3 people going.
  12. slake

    Things you want and don't want in Exile

    To be honest, horde's of zombies are what I'm looking forward too. Haven't came across one in DayZ, so I think it'll add a lot to my gameplay if every so often I'd come across a horde.
  13. slake

    Post pictures of your pet

    Our three. Zeus the Brindle Boxer cross (mine), Milo the Lab (middle, also mine) and Phoebe the Lab (my mums).
  14. A bit of a big statement, but this has the potential to be the next Lord of the Rings I think. I'm looking forward to it.
  15. *Sneaks in* Even though I was bashing Fallout 4, I bought it for recording purposes (if my PC can handle it) and to build up my YT channel. Gotta join the hype train. I see it as investing £40 into my channel. *Sneaks out*