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  1. Interview with BostonDonut

    Very good.
  2. Interview with Ellie

    I like these interviews, I find them very entertaining to read and learn about other people. Since i'm new I haven't really met anyone yet, but I have spoke with Ellie once to get some help with the whitelist and she seems like a really nice person. Keep these interviews going, I want to read more.
  3. Hallo.

    Quick update, I have just gotten accepted in the Whitelist, so i'll see you guys in game soon!
  4. Hallo.

    Good man.
  5. Hallo.

    Thanks guys for welcoming me into this new community. It means a ton. I'll see all you guys in-game soon. As soon as I take care of some business.. and by business i failed the whitelist test leave me alone
  6. Hallo.

    That's a relief. Thanks for the warm welcome m8
  7. Hallo.

    So, hello. I am new here and I used to play a ton of the DayZ Mod. But as for Standalone I couldn't really find any specific servers that meet my standards. Either too buggy, shitty admins or a ton of screaming children. Looking for a good community and I think I just found it.