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  1. SoupOrSalad

    Interview with Ellie

    I like these interviews, I find them very entertaining to read and learn about other people. Since i'm new I haven't really met anyone yet, but I have spoke with Ellie once to get some help with the whitelist and she seems like a really nice person. Keep these interviews going, I want to read more.
  2. Quick update, I have just gotten accepted in the Whitelist, so i'll see you guys in game soon!
  3. Thanks guys for welcoming me into this new community. It means a ton. I'll see all you guys in-game soon. As soon as I take care of some business.. and by business i failed the whitelist test leave me alone
  4. That's a relief. Thanks for the warm welcome m8
  5. So, hello. I am new here and I used to play a ton of the DayZ Mod. But as for Standalone I couldn't really find any specific servers that meet my standards. Either too buggy, shitty admins or a ton of screaming children. Looking for a good community and I think I just found it.