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  1. Woohooo Failed again This is becoming pointless very soon.. i cant even get past part 3.
  2. Jeez this test just to play on a server is hard! 2nd time failed..... also some questions were not even inside the rules. like the one about a truck approching? where does it state you HAVE to use in game voice & text? Also one that is "Not tolerated" When two of the other questions were not specified at all.. I think there needs to be more details in that.. because its not stated in ur rules yet you ask those type of questions.
  3. You guys are awesome Yeah i failed the sexual content one.. i was a bit mislead by the rules but I forgot that it was only if its with the roleplay
  4. Hello, im currently trying to whitelist myself so i can play with the community. I just recently failed the whitelist.. due to one question sadly............... but soon! i'll be able to play with you guys! see ya in the servers! [ Was brought here by Mr.Moon ] I liked his "movies"