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  1. Good Evening

    Good luck John!
  2. Perfugium Off-Limits?

  3. Hello Recently began playing LiF and finally got around to whitelisting and jumping onto the server. The spawn point was awesome, with the stone dock and light posts, etc. I walked over to Perfugium and received a message labeling my character as an intruder, and the gate (obviously) wouldn't open. Is the town off limits to certain players? Under what criteria? Obviously I'd love to see this player-built town, and perhaps even trade, so any information would be great! Thanks. Kallan Erris in-game
  4. Good morning

    Good morning, welcome, and good luck!
  5. Michael Shaeffer was part of the PMC security detail safeguarding a UN VIP who insisted on visiting aid camps within Chernarus. When it came time to evacuate the principal, the Blackhawk assigned to the team developed engine trouble and was forced to crash-land south of Vybor... What haunts Shaeffer as he struggles to survive within the wasted landscape, is that he was forced to put down the only other member of his team who survived the crash. It was due to the man's injuries, and their lack of medical supplies -- or that's what he tells himself. His fear is, he did it only to avoid "dead weight" and really, just to save his own life.
  6. Highlights: UMP 45 Suppressed with Dot Sight CZ 9mm with Tactical Light Plate Carrier Vest, Complete Black Baseball Cap or Camo Boonie Hat USMC DCU Pants Tactical Shirt or Gorka Jacket Bluerock Military Boots Mountain Backpack with way too much crap, including a dependable meat cleaver.
  7. Just Returning

    I appreciate that, and I'm not worried. I'm looking forward to rejoining the game soon!
  8. Just Returning

    Just finished up, so fingers crossed! Thanks for friendly welcomes
  9. Just Returning

    I was pruned and starting all over again. My fault for not reading thoroughly.
  10. Just Returning

    Thanks very much! I wasn't sure if I had to do it all over again...
  11. Just Returning

    .... I'm a good example of reading everything thoroughly. Re-registering and I guess going for the whitelist again. See you Chernarus!
  12. I'd love to see scarves that don't cover the face.
  13. Favorite weapon?

    I enjoy using the SKS as a good, all-around weapon.