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  1. Survivors: Looking For Group

    IGN: William Grey Age: 21 Country:India English skills:Decent DayZ Mod Experience:none DayZ Standalone Experience:2 years Roleplaying Experience:Fresher What kind of In Game role best describes you:Mechanical Engineer Have you been in any clan/group previously:no Additional notes:Mechanical Engineer and have developed weapons before outbreak Best way to contact you:message Backstory: Hello everybody,how are you doing? My name is William Grey.I am from north east part of Ukraine. I am 21 years old and was a student at Ukraine university before the outbreak took place. We spent time collecting and gathering life supplies with family after the outbreak until one day our village was attacked by a horde of infected. We did not have enough or no gun power to protect our self or our loved ones.My father gave his life trying to protect us but I had the worst fate of all. "To watch my family die before my eyes,to those infected" I was left alone,with nothing.There was nothing left in the village.No one. I somehow got hold of myself after crying and depression for days and collected basic cloths,a flashlight,a road-flare and got aboard the ship that was supposed to take us to United States,but little we knew that one day at, at midnight we heard a loud "BANG" and everyone woke up to see what it was. I went on the deck to discover our ship crashed on rocks outside Chernogorsk. And here I am as I write,in this infected city.Waiting for hope,facing something called... "fall of humanity".