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  1. Ooohhh, it's a steam side issue. Well that is a bit of a load off my mind, i'm sure it will get resolved relatively soon... i hope, anyway. If you have any suggestions on what i might be able to do on my end to improve the situation i'd love to hear them. (ie. if it seems like making sure i'm logged out everywhere else or anything like that would help.) Thanks for the info, at least now i know what's going on.
  2. It's definitely public, i havent changed any setting since my first whitelist app attempt yesterday and yesterday it processed with no issues, i just then messed up on one of my rule-set questions because i was being overly cautious about something that wasnt explicitly stated as being allowed... and now my cooldown is over and im trying again, and this is happening...
  3. Not sure if this is the right place to be posting this, but i couldnt find a thread specifically for issues regarding the site. I'm trying to go through the whitelist application now but every time i try to login with steam to verify my account i'm getting a long error string back and can't progress. The following warnings occurred: Warning [2] file_get_contents(http://api.steampowered.com/ISteamUser/GetPlayerSummaries/v0002/?key=FEED6D3917D5582B272B0464E1D36BD0&steamids=76561198102109945): failed to open stream: Connection timed out - Line: 350 - File: whitelist.php PHP 5.6.13-0+deb8u1 (Linux) File Line Function [/size] [size=x-small] [/size] [size=x-small]errorHandler->error[/size] [size=x-small]/whitelist.php[/size] [size=x-small]350[/size] [size=x-small]file_get_contents[/size] [size=x-small]/whitelist.php(601) : eval()'d code(4) : eval()'d code[/size] [size=x-small]2[/size] [size=x-small]steamLogin[/size] [size=x-small]/whitelist.php(601) : eval()'d code[/size] [size=x-small]4[/size] [size=x-small]eval[/size] [size=x-small]/whitelist.php[/size] [size=x-small]601[/size] [size=x-small]eval[/size] [b]Warning[/b] [2] Invalid argument supplied for foreach() - Line: 351 - File: whitelist.php PHP 5.6.13-0+deb8u1 (Linux) [size=x-small]File[/size] [size=x-small]Line[/size] [size=x-small]Function[/size][size=x-small]/whitelist.php[/size] [size=x-small]351[/size] [size=x-small]errorHandler->error[/size] [size=x-small]/whitelist.php(601) : eval()'d code(4) : eval()'d code[/size] [size=x-small]2[/size] [size=x-small]steamLogin[/size] [size=x-small]/whitelist.php(601) : eval()'d code[/size] [size=x-small]4[/size] [size=x-small]eval[/size] [size=x-small]/whitelist.php[/size] [size=x-small]601[/size] [size=x-small]eval[/size] [align=left] Can anyone help? This is my second attempt to apply but im not in any kind of cooldown period now.
  4. Well hey there, Roach. You can take credit for being the reason I finally decided to join this community, btw. Thanks for showing it off in such glorious detail. And thank you for the warm welcome.
  5. Ok, thanks for that intel. I was definitely planning on posting into some of the lore/stories sections of the forum regarding my character(s)and "group". ^^
  6. Thanks everyone! already showing your colors as a great and supportive community. I couldn't ask for more.
  7. Hello everyone. Very much looking forward to participating in these servers assuming i get whitelisted. The "standard" gameplay for DayZ is fine and all, but I've definitely been looking for a more interesting emergent story experience and less every-encounter-is-a-gunfight. I'd considered looking into this before but, well to be honest the spotlighting of media made by certain users on these servers definitely allowed me to see just how much this was what i was looking for. Hope to see some of you in the wilds, and be safe out there.