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  1. yellow02486

    The Damned (Active Recruitment)

    yeah its gonna be fun!
  2. Robert was once a normal kind of guy, had a loving wife with a bun in the oven, the white picket fence everything a man could ask for in life. It was only a few months into the pregnancy when things went from heavenly to hell on earth, when his lovely wife Destini started bleeding. After rushing her to the local Emergency Room the doctors could find nothing wrong and decided to medivac her to the nearest city, where they hoped specialists might have better luck. Unfortunately they died in route his wife and unborn child. Wanting answers he spared no expense and had an autopsy performed, much to his horror they figured out what had happened, the house he had moved his beautiful wife into and promised that was where they would start their life had once been a dumping grounds for local mining operations who wanted to avoid the costly and time consuming disposal regulations. Upon learning that it was he who had caused the deaths of his wife and unborn child(A young boy he had learned after the autopsy), he lost it. He quickly found the nearest most radical group of protesters he could and joined their ranks, quickly moving up the ladder. Afraid to do nothing to get his revenge he volunteered himself when the idea of bombing a mine came up, he was happy to finally pay the mining companies back for everything they had done. Had he known that their was a team of safety inspectors inside the mine he never would have blown the charge, but hindsight is twenty twenty after all....... In order to escape a lengthy prison sentence he had made his way to Russia by cargo ship and quickly disappeared into the countryside surrounding Chernarus. Taking work where he could and more often than not laying his head on hay in some old barn, life was rough and hard and he was all alone left to his own thoughts and paranoia's he had quickly circled the drain, one hundred percent convinced that this damn virus was the corporations trying to get back at him for what he had done, which is why he never eats what he hasn't foraged, grown, or killed with his own two hands. And he never drinks water without first adding his own concoction, to make it "safe"
  3. yellow02486

    Anarchy And Their Total Domination

    here you say automatics in the radio thread it says anything but a pistol. Which one is the real terms if i may ask?
  4. yellow02486

    The Socialist State of Zagoria Frequency [Open Frequency]

    *Holds down his ptt* When you stand in a city and defend yourself from a horde of infected without dieing, using only your pistol, I will gladly hand over my rifle.... *Releases the ptt, shaking his head he prepares for the now inevitable shitshow*
  5. yellow02486

    The Damned (Active Recruitment)

    LOL, it's ok ill forgive you this time.
  6. yellow02486

    Computer giveaway

    Seconded her MB fried a while back and we lost an amazing RPer that day and anyone who has had the chance to meet her ICly knows what i'm saying!!!!
  7. Dan was an older gentleman tired of all the kids in the states that were more interested in a phone than what was going on around them. So he moved his sideshow across the pond making the circuit around Europe, finally landing in South Zagoria. He had been there for a while trying to make a name for himself again, he was on his way to a meeting with some big wig producers to see about getting a show going when the military started rolling in and he got trapped in the thick of it all only just making it out with his life. Lucky for him his home was his old van, grabbing his trusty old hiking pack, that contained all of his earthly belongings, and the old double barrel laying next to it before trying to make his way to the Embassy. Only to arrive finding it empty and abandoned, now he was wandering the country side trying to find anything or anyone that could give him information about what in the fuck was going on......
  8. yellow02486

    The Departed

    Well i reckon it begins!!!!!
  9. "When you think you're cracking open a cold one with the boys, but you're really just a bad roleplayer"



    1. Jim Lahey

      Jim Lahey

      Because apparently making references to things that originated after the outbreak is a-okay as long as it's a meme.

    2. Ghost Of Pado

      Ghost Of Pado


    3. yellow02486


      that is an awesome cat its RP is on point with a walk like that :D

    4. Ghost Of Pado

      Ghost Of Pado


    5. yellow02486


      I"m telling you  i thought it was a human with that walk 10/10 RP kitty kitty 10/10

    6. Ghost Of Pado

      Ghost Of Pado


    7. yellow02486


      See and now im noticing that head bob im thinking this cat needs to be on the runway

    8. Ghost Of Pado

      Ghost Of Pado


    9. Jim Lahey

      Jim Lahey

      Nice spam, very mature. That cat is pretty good at roleplaying a human, though.

    10. yellow02486


      damn that is a talented cat


    11. Hellspawn
  10. lol had a blast man hope we see you again sometime
  11. yellow02486

    Timeline now null and void?

    It means everyone has an opinion just like a butt hole or lips or ears,,,,,,its really not that uncommon of a saying. And no i'm not overthinking it I just thought that yes this is an online community but its supposed to be an adult online community, or at least a mature one. So I just have a hard time understanding why this has become such a thing, its not just one person saying this shit or one group it has become everyone and its just getting out of hand.
  12. yellow02486

    Timeline now null and void?

    The way i see it is a bunch of children, who want to be a cool kid found a meme everyone is onto and now they are all using it with the hope of being said "cool" kid. We all know its a fucking meme and we all know its poor RP. But as long as they keep it internal let them play all the games they want. Just dont think it should be something people are suing in normal RP situations, but as we all know like the butt hole opinions are had by all, and this is just mine
  13. Dont have to trust a man to ask for his name. Could just be looking for someone.
  14. @MeenMuginLovin Its ok we still love you even if you are a cold blooded vehicular killer
  15. Had a blast and cant believe that they just kept coming tonight