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  1. wcyd

    [S1] Gorka ~ BadRP

    My character was exctremly hungry and thirsty ,i didnt have any food or drinks on me.The people that i ask before refuse to help me by giving me food so i decide to robb this person in order to survive.As you can see on the video i dont want any gear and i gave him back his weapon.I have read and understood the new life rule, and I am not trying to look for excuses, but I am a new player and in my opinion, I didn't do something that terrible. People make mistakes, sometimes you say something without meaning to. My character is depressed and sometimes he doesnt care if he dies or get hurt.Not everybody is scared when u have a gun point on them.
  2. wcyd

    [S1] Gorka ~ BadRP

    hey yea man its my first day on the server...and ofc i am gonna do some basic faults like how i move fast when they handcuffs me or something like that..cuz i was not used on situations like that..u didnt report cuz i say how i move faster or stuffs like that..but cuz i killed..and i just tell u let me go and leave me alone but u want to make fun with me..but i guess u didnt find the right person ... R.I.P