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  1. My vote goes to idea 1. Edit: Didn't even see the poll up top lol. Sorry.
  2. I waited for a bit, but then I started freezing my nuts off and I was forced to seek shelter and warm up by a fireplace. I too want to find out who took a pot shot at us lol.
  3. I am in favor of anything that gets people to think twice about what they are about to do. I don't care if it's bandits, heroes or neutral survivor types. There needs to be a consequence to the decisions you make. If you're a bandit, why are you a bandit? Why are you robbing people? In real life, I doubt it would be just for fun unless you're a total psycho. It would probably be out of necessity, because you think it's the best way to survive. But even then, every time you go rob someone, it would be a hazardous thing to do, because you might end up dead. Just like soldiers in a war who breach a compound. Every door could be the last door you go through. We need an element in game that makes us constantly weigh the pros and cons of our actions. If you rob someone, is it worth the risk? Every bandit should have to ask themselves that question. Is whatever supplies you can get from that person worth the risk of possibly losing your life, or losing men? For hero types, is stepping into a situation to stop a simple robbery worth risking your life or the lives of your men? Right now no one cares. The worst thing that can happen is you lose your gear and you get sent to the beach. Then you just run to your barrel or tent and re-gear. Where is the tention? Where is the fear? Then there are group conflicts and long time grudges. You've been beefing with another group and you encounter them somewhere and there's a firefight and people die. Yet the next day you walk into Kabanino and the same characters are hanging out doing the same thing. Immersion breaker and it makes absolutely no sense. Or you take their leader captive and you execute them, and then the next day he's on the radio chatter talking shit to you about how much of a bad ass he is and you better not mess with his people. It's stupid. We need consequences. If you're going to be a bad ass character who talks big on the radios you should have the skills to back it up. If not, then you should be dead in a ditch somewhere. I'm in the minority here I'm sure (and by minority I mean I'm probably the only one), but I would go so far as to make every death a perma-death. If you're careless and you fall off a roof you're dead. If you pick the wrong clothes and it rains and you die of hypothermia, dead. If you talk shit on the radio and when the chips are down you don't have the PVP skills to back up your mouth, dead. Bled out from zombies or wolves? Dead. We need people to care about their lives, and the only reason we do that is because of the things we don't want to lose. If you don't want to die, then act accordingly. Behave like you actually care and value your life. Be a human being. To the people who say that people who don't care about their characters will just die and make a new character and go rob some more people: So what? It doesn't change the fact that the desired result for your character has been reached. And the result I'm talking about is this: Your character has just lived through and survived a conflict. That's character development. The character you were in conflict with is dead. He or she will never be seen again. You've won, they've lost. Whatever new throwaway character that person creates to continue his PVP giggles has no affect on your character because you don't know of their existence. Their new character won't know of yours. If you eventually end up meeting that new character again, it will be a brand new person with a different name and you will begin a new story together. Instead of now, when it's the same name with the same story who you've killed 8 times before, yet somehow miraculously is resurrected each time continuing the same old beef that never ends. To the people who say that they want to be in control of when their character dies: You still are. You're still in control of your own destiny. But instead of dying repeatedly and deciding you're above the laws of physics, you're now controlling your destiny through your very actions in game. Like I said, if you don't want to die, then act like it.
  4. About people running around in full military gear. It just makes sense. I mean even if you're not a soldier. Let's say you're a librarian. You're in the apocalypse, you don't know anything about guns or even self defense. Still, if you in your travels came across a tactical vest or a set of really durable clothing that obviously gives you 10 times more protection from the elements than your hoodie or flanel shirt and jeans, wouldn't you take that stuff? It's useful to anyone in this kind of situation. I never go out of my way to look for military gear. But if I'm wearing a hoodie or a hiking jacket and I happen to come across a Gorka jacket, it'd be foolish of me not to grab it. It gives more protection from weather, it has more carrying capacity. It makes RP sense to grab it and use it no matter what the background of your character is.
  5. Had a great time randomly meeting @EuphoricDoom on the road and RPing with him. I'm not sure what happened at the gas station next to Novaya. I had a massive lag spike out of the blue that lasted for maybe 30 seconds and when it cleared you were gone. I thought you might have disconnected or something. Anyway, I hope I run into you again, it was fun.
  6. I'm the first guy to complain about the overly politically correct state the world is in, but it's Rolle's call, and if he doesn't want some words to be used on his site, then we should all respect his rules and not use them. There's always the option of going somewhere else where rules are more lax. If you were used to smoking in your home, went to a friend's house and lit up a cigarette but your friend asked you to put it out because he doesn't want the smell in his house, would you sit there complaining about how you're used to doing whatever you want at your place and how much of a girly man he is for telling you not to smoke in his house? It's really no different to any other website. Go to the forums of any MMO, iRacing, whatever and they will have the same rules. Fact is freedom of speech only extends as far as any owner of any website allows it to extend. Their house, their rules.
  7. I agree with the OP and Austin. People should be more afraid of others and they should not be willing to give out their ammo, food and other essential supplies so readily. Yesterday I started playing again after a while and started a new character and the first guy I meet gives me an mp-5 and stacks of ammo as soon as we had exchanged names. In these kinds of times ammo, weapons, food and water should be worth more than gold to people. These items literally mean survival, the difference between life and death for you and the people you care about. It kills immersion, when you have people just showering strangers with food and weapons. I would argue that it's even a worse case of badRP than a "drop weaps 10 secs" robbery is, because at least in a real situation robberies would happen. No one sane would freely give out ammo and food.
  8. Holy crap, racing cars around the track would be amazing. I'm liking this game more and more every time I play it. Just looking at the soggy dirt road as I'm biking along is super cool. They've done a really nice job with the level of detail and the atmosphere. Went to explore one of the mines and "ooo blue water" and before I know it my rad level is increasing at an alarming rate. I booked it on out of there as fast as I possibly could, and then it was quest to find a cure.
  9. The first thing I'd like them to do is redo all the animations for player characters. The walking, jogging and running looks ridiculous. I'd also like to see us get wet when caught out in the rain or swimming, and then get sick if not able to warm up.
  10. I've been positively surprised by this game. It's fun. One thing annoyed me, though. They have that same stupid system for gathering rocks as DayZ. The forest is littered with rocks and stones all over the ground, yet you can't pick them up, instead you have to find a pickaxe and hack away at a boulder. It doesn't make any sense. Had to spend a night holed up in an apartment in a town because of a thunderstorm. It was really cool and atmospheric. In the morning I left town and got attacked by a pack of wolves. I put two .45ACP rounds in each of them and they didn't seem to react at all. I ran out of rounds and had to kill them with my axe. I did get their meat, though, and managed to cook it. Now I don't have to look for cans of food for a while. The campfire sound effects are awesome, as well. The atmosphere in this game is really good no matter the situation. Ammo is pretty scarce it seems. But weapons can be found. In my first play session on the server, I found a .357 revolver, 3 rifles, a shotgun, a .45ACP pistol and a MK18 assault rifle. What are the knives used for other than as weapons? Also, does the flashlight ever run out of battery? If not, then I don't really see a need to ever craft a torch.
  11. I decided to give it a go. Downloading now.
  12. I was doing some light research on the map size and found a post from a Miscreated dev that the stable limit for map size, in the version of CryEngine they are using, is 64 square kilometers. It doesn't seem likely that the map will get any bigger. But from what I have seen the map seems to have a really good atmosphere and the attention to detail is also very good. Game isn't expensive either so I might still give it a go.
  13. I'm hesitant to get it because the map size seems pitifully small. I love DayZ's map because it's so vast. You can really disappear into the woods and get a really cool wilderness survival experience far away from anyone if you want. With a small map you won't have that and you'll be tripping over people constantly. At least that's what I'm worried about. What does the map feel like?
  14. I like the normal one because you can actually see which way it's pointing just by looking at the hotbar. No need to actually equip it and look in first person.
  15. The crossbow holosight still doesn't need a battery to operate it. Or has it always been like this?
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