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  1. I love the desolation server, and all it offers. I just noticed the last few days the server has been completely dead. Has something happened to run everyone off, or did I miss something?
  2. CUP unit update

    I can not get on to the server since the steam update to CUP units this afternoon, anyone else have this problem? Thanks
  3. Exile Namalsk is out

    Bornholm is a beautiful map! It is large, but if there is enough people playing, it would be awesome.
  4. Exile Namalsk is out

    I love this map, it would be interesting to see if the weather could effect anything
  5. Nothing to see here, just fish crossing the road. [attachment=2909]
  6. I believe SoS is client side isnt it? So if anyone wanted to use it, that would be up to them correct?
  7. Exile Teaser

    Ah very nice, sound like you have done your homework!! Thanks you all the work you guys are doing on this, I cant wait!!
  8. Exile Teaser

    Moss, are you planning on making a mod Repository for Arma 3 sync?
  9. Global Chat

    Awesome thanks!!
  10. Global Chat

    I see someone is using global chat as a open frequency, it says admin Wendsill, is this something that's new and supposed to be happening?
  11. I chased that stag into hell :^) Yes you did buddy, but you got him!!!
  12. I had a great time with, with my buddy Frank Cooper, when we ran into Katie Murdoch and Illaya (I probably spelled that wrong)we had quite the time getting parts for a bus only, to shoot the shit the hell out of it! Ending the day with a great deer hunt was icing on the cake!
  13. LiF performance

    Has anyone found good setting to increase performance of this game? I have a pretty good PC and sometime depending on where I am on the map I can only take about 3 steps before I freeze up for a second. I am sure it is something I have set wrong, it is even doing on low setting.
  14. When the servers come back.

    I worry that by the time I finally get my gear back and make my way to the farm up north, we will switch server providers and have another wipe!
  15. Where is Everyone From?

    I am from Montana in the U.S.A.