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  1. Chances are that you're going to get killed by some trigger happy bandits that aren't very familiar with the KOS rules. Of course, the place has its cherishable moments, but you can make those anywhere. rather then be a sheep and follow the herd, consider exploring the map a bit more, especially when there're many people online. If you want to have some potential good RP without walking the risk of dying at GM, you gotta put in the effort to look for it.
  2. Wingsy

    Bloody hands after skin a body!

    That is so sick!! About time our lovely cannibals get a bone thrown their way. Or should I say meat? :scared:
  3. Hiya, welcome to DayZRP! You're gonna love it around here.
  4. Wingsy

    So... .59 Is going to be interesting.

    Moving while using gestures? My immersion just shot through the roof
  5. Wingsy

    Random Encounters?

    Well that escalated quickly. This sounds like a great social experiment to pull on players. Hopefully it'll be set in motion soon!
  6. Wingsy

    Share 1 random fact about yourself!

    I lol'd
  7. Wingsy

    New Character Idea If Hawk Dies

    I like the first one alot. With so many phobias of regular things you're bound to lean on some shoulders. He reminds me a bit of a crooked cop. And I love the idea of a hostage negotiator verbally getting himself out of a bad situation.
  8. Hiya! You might wanna take a look at this once you get through the whitelist application. http://www.dayzrp.com/t-A-Newbies-Guide-to-Chernarus-Start-it-off-Right Hope to see you around here man!
  9. Being able to place items in/on objects like tables or shelves, or to lie down on a bed. More interaction with furniture overall. Especially the toilet.
  10. Wingsy


    Yeah thanks, that cleared up alot.
  11. Wingsy


    I've been struggling with a few annoying problems that usually end up distracting me from RP. Whenever I'm standing near a lit improvised fire, everything in my screen goes pitch black, and when I look away it takes atleast 10 seconds for it to fade. Another thing is that my character's hands are constantly shaking, without having either the cold or fever status, or being out of breath. I've tried looking up the problem and tweaked the settings but to no result. Am I just a doof and is this part of the game?