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  1. He said we could come in, how is that hiding behind the rules and No Value for Life? That's what I meant, I did not hear him say it, I was in another room and people outside speaking. As I said, it's a weird situation. If I had heard him say it I would never shot anyone. Do you feel me? It was unclear, because I did not hear anything and than someone just walks in. Do you understand where I'm comming from?
  2. So he told you to kill anyone that walked through the door. This is something that we did not hear . Regardless of that even if he told you that there was no initiation on us. As you know there was a hostage situation going on. I was confused with all the ooc, what was going to happend? You might think there was no initation, logially, why would someone just walk into a closed house where you know there is a hostile situation? When I hear someone say "I'm going in", I thought he wanted to help the hostage. Just the RP from this side was from my point of view not realistic. You can't just hide behind the rules, if someone enters a closed house where he or she knows there is a hostile situation going in, you just don't say "I'm going in". =No value for life. Although, this is a special situation with ooc, where one thinks the hostile is over and another (me) think it's not. And there were so many people there, I actually belive Carl said in the beginning to the people outside not to come in or they will be shot, and than changed his mind, which I did not hear. I hope this makes you guys understand things from my POV.
  3. Hey, Alex here. This is how I saw the situation. So we had taken a person hostage, and he for serveral reasons could not RP, you see the ooc. From the besinning Carl told me that "If anyone comes through that door you shot them". But as you can see there were discussions OOC. I try to catch up, Carl here who was in another room apperently said it's fina if the people outside could come in. Which I did not hear, then the person who made the report says in the video "im going in". That's Why I shot, thought he was going to try and kill me.
  4. Same, your own voice seems kind of weird actually... But i supose that is how it is when you here your own voice huh?
  5. Sylito

    0.60 Experimental - Megathread

    Can't wait for the new patch! But is it sure that it will be realsed on or before the last of febuary?
  6. Hahah, i feel the same man, always tuff finding those bullets
  7. It's true that Dayz devolpment is slow, but lately, the game itself has actually been really fun and enjoyable to play!
  8. It's nice with server 0.59, but there is still many buggs with keshtan scope etc. Cant even use it.
  9. Thanks m8! Will feel a bit strange tho to play like you have never before
  10. That's whats fun with rp. It feels real!
  11. M4's can be found from time to time. You might think it's rare, but you will realise that the weapon is more common than you think!
  12. I just typed in google "dayz rp", and then the first best answer showed up!