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  1. Mrfloppie11

    The object on your right is now your weapon against zombies, how screwed are you?

    A spoon....well thats a challenge
  2. Mrfloppie11

    Screenshot of the Week Contest ~ Hostage Situations

  3. Mrfloppie11

    Screenshot of the Week Contest ~ Coastlines

  4. Mrfloppie11

    Vote! Screenshot of the Week - Week 10 Nov 2015

    Well at least I made it on the list
  5. Mrfloppie11

    Screenshot of the Week Contest - Dusk/Dawn

  6. Mrfloppie11

    Screenshot of the Week Contest - Close-Ups Edition

  7. Mrfloppie11

    New shotgun in WIP ( Saiga 12 )

    I just want more ammunition types for the Shotguns that already exist
  8. Damn...the wait gets worse the closer the date of release comes.
  9. As mentioned in the title hello all of you who actually read this. I thought while I play the waiting game as to whether or not my whitelist request is going to be accepted, I could introduce myself: I am Mrfloppie pleased to meet all of you and I am (hopfully) soon to be a member of this roleplaying experience. I have over 900 hours of roleplay experience on a german roleplay server which is probably of close to no use here. However I still hope to meet new people make new bonds and experience a whole new world.
  10. Why not this ? With poison needles and stuff, or better yet tranquilizers.