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  1. Goodbye :)

    I always tried to avoid reading the farewell threads because when I see people taking breaks to prioritise real life, I always feel a tinge of guilt at just how much time I spend here. But now it’s time for me to do the same. I don’t know when or if I will be back, but I want to say thank you to everyone for making my time here truly amazing. You are wonderful and I will miss you loads! Take care guys. I wish you all the best.
  2. My POV I ran into Parker a few times today and he was very nice to Amber. When I heard him talking to Frankie at the pump in Stary, I hid behind a nearby house to listen. Hearing my movements, Parker came around and saw me. He asked why I was spying. I told him to keep quiet as I didn’t want Frankie to hear me. Frankie then came over and started saying that I robbed him. Now, considering that Parker said he was hunting bad guys, I wasn’t exactly going to admit this, so I made up a story of how Frankie robbed me. I told Parker that Frankie was lying, and that he shouldn’t believe him. After a while, my IC brother, Nathan, came along, and confirmed the story to Parker. Parker then said that he would take care of it and we left. We bumped into Matt on our way out of Stary, and we all headed back into town to see what happened. We saw Parker talking to Frankie, and then Frankie approached me again and started yelling things about me being a bad person. I then heard a shot, and he dropped dead in front of me. Unfortunately, I hadn’t seen any initiation occur. I was really enjoying the RP up to this point, and I am so sorry that you were shot like that, Frankie. I was just trying to bluff my way out of a tough situation. I was not in contact with Parker, and I had no idea that he would do that. I will stay on TS for the night if you want to chat about it. Again, I am sorry! P.S. I don't have a recording of the situation.
  3. (Open Freq) Session Two

    *Kim shakes with both fear and anger as she hears the hauntingly familiar voice over the radio. She grips the radio hard, taking a deep breath before holding down the PTT button. She speaks in a mocking tone.* “Doctor Volt... I do regret the unsatisfactory conclusion of our last meeting. You see, I still have a problem that requires solving... something that needs to be... eliminated, if you catch my drift. No need to find me Doctor... we will find you. You fucking piece of shit.” *She slams the radio down and begins to pace.*
  4. Describe your latest RP with a GIF

    Loving Jakob’s big juicy... apples. Aleksei, you just can’t compete with me.
  5. To kimberly

    *Hearing her name on the radio, Kimberly slips out of bed, careful not to wake Jakob.* *She presses down the PTT button.* "JJ, its Kim. Thank you for helping me escape last night. While I do appreciate it, I am sure that you can understand why I ran. It’s hard to know who to trust these days. Good luck out there... I think you are going to need it." *Sighing, she releases the PTT button.*
  6. Running Scared?

    Every time I encounter people, I am faced with this dilemma... My character wants to run... she has been hunted, hurt, and it would make the most sense to flee without a word if it were real life. But it’s a game and in my opinion, you don't have to run just because your character should. I don't want to miss out on RP, hostile or otherwise, because of this. I am not saying abandon all caution and act in a way unbefitting of your character, I just think that you can RP out your fear or distrust in so many more interesting ways than by running. You don't have to approach people, just give them a chance to approach you. Once they make contact, then you have a reason to stay. If you just don't want hostile RP, then by all means, run if you want to (as long as it’s within the rules). From what I have seen though, a lot of people get initiated on because they run, so this might not be the best strategy lol. Try being friendly and maybe people will be friendly back. That’s just my opinion... I like the interactions, but each to their own.
  7. Omg, I loved our terrifying encounter with Cerna Liska last night. You are all amazing RPers and it was an absolute pleasure to be your hostage. Thank you!
  8. Aaaaahhh, I hate you!!!! I thought this was going to be our little secret! How could you do this to me? *hides face in embarrassment*
  9. Layla Wynters: No Escape

    Thanks for reading her story! I can’t promise a happy ending, but there definitely is a silver lining. Thank you!! I have so much that I would still like to write, so more coming soon hopefully...
  10. My name is George Jeans, and I am concerned...

    As always, it is a pleasure to read your stories. I can't wait for more. Meeting you was great! Chloe really enjoyed getting to know you and would never blame you for what happened that day. But you are right to be concerned George... keeping the wrong company is bound to have its consequences. I thought you might like to know what happened to Chloe in the end... If you like happily ever afters... don't click here!
  11. What's your most embarrassing moment?

    Omg, I tend to embarrass myself a lot but these two come to mind... one ig, one irl. My mom phoned while I was RPing with some strangers. I asked her to hold on and I thought I had pressed mute, but I hadn’t. I quickly made my exc,uses to leave in game. Now bearing in mind my mom had no idea I role play, or even what that is, having to explain why I was thanking someone for a facemask and a gun then telling them I was going to go to sleep was pretty awkward indeed. I hope she bought it lol! And then the other day with the servers messing around, I logged in to find that I had not a single item on me. I relogged a couple of times, and nothing, everything was gone. I panicked, running around completely naked trying to cover myself before someone saw me. Luckily I managed to find a tiny dress before I was spotted, and then a lovely girl and her friends gave me a M65 jacket (Thanks Jamie ), and scrounged up some medic pants and pair of damaged boots while I hid upstairs in a house. Most embarrassing and awkward RP I have experienced lol. *facepalm*
  12. Friends? [Open Frequency]

    *Curled up on a chair facing the door, her 1911 resting in her hand, Kimberly is startled by the sound of the man’s voice. Realising that it was only her radio, she sighs deeply, holding down the PTT button. Her voice is weary and resigned.* “Lucifer, I can't trust a word you say, and I don't believe for a second that this isn’t some kind of trick. Friends? *she chuckles faintly* I never want to see you again. If you are truly sorry, then please just leave me alone.” *She releases the PTT button, closing her eyes. She was so tired of being afraid.*
  13. Layla Wynters: No Escape

    Aw, that's so sweet of you. Thanks so much!
  14. Layla Wynters: No Escape

    Part 3 added.
  15. Friends? [Open Frequency]

    *Kimberly stares at her radio, her eyes wild with disbelief. She clenches her fists in anger, breathing rapidly as she listens to the evil man’s message.* *She snatches the radio up, slamming down the PTT button.* “No hard feelings? Are you fucking insane? Oh wait... yes you are! *She laughs sarcastically* You fucking sick bastard. Tell me Lucifer, was I a bitch before or after you and your pussy friends put your guns to my head, huh? You think I deserved to have my toenails ripped from my body, to be beaten like a fucking dog, forced to eat... I can't even bring myself to say half of the shit you did to me out loud. The only lesson I learned is that you, Clay Diamond in his stupid girl clothes, and the rest of you clowns are a depraved bunch of fucking losers. Your enemies will catch up to you one day, and then it will be you who learns a lesson. Karma is a bitch, friend." *Shaking, Kimberly releases the PTT button and throws her radio hard against the ground, wincing as she hears it crack. She hoped that she would never come face to face with those repulsive masks again.*