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  1. *Katie presses her PTT* Isaiah, an appeal to locate your missing friend has been broadcasted. I hope that this will be of assistance. We shall be in touch should we receive any relevant information. Good luck and stay safe. *She releases the PTT*
  2. *Katie presses her PTT* Information is sought on the whereabouts of a man named Tyrone. He is described as an African American male in his mid 40’s, average build, average height, with a scar above his left eye. A cameraman by trade, Tyrone wears casual clothing and may be in possession of a digital camera. He was last seen scavenging for supplies in Chernogorsk a few months ago before being overwhelmed by a horde of infected. He was separated from his colleague and friend, Isaiah, who is looking to contact him. Tyrone, if you hear this broadcast, Isaiah asks that you meet him at Novaya Petrovka. To anyone able to assist, he is offering a reward for information leading to his successful location. *She releases the PTT*
  3. *Katie presses her PTT* We are The Press, a group of reporters looking to bring you the latest news from around South Zagoria. If you have a story to tell, we want to hear from you. We welcome any information relating to groups, individuals and current affairs. Anonymity of our sources is guaranteed and discreet meetings can be arranged if appropriate. Payment can be discussed depending on the nature of the information. Contact us on our frequency 99.2 and one of our reporters would be happy to talk to you. *She releases the PTT*
  4. *Katie presses down her PTT* This is Katie Storm bringing you a story about a man named Benedict Falk, unravelling the mystery behind this so called “Twisted Robin Hood.” Labelled the “Wolf of Slaves” by the media in the early 90’s, Benedict talked of his dealings with forced labour in Africa. He claimed to have worked to liberate the slaves despite reports that he was in fact selling them back to their masters. When pressed, he was strangely reluctant to confirm or deny these allegations. He spoke of morals and laws, hoping to create a legacy by building the foundations for a new society, a place for men, woman and children to have somewhere to feel safe. However, questions were raised over the length this man would go to achieve his goals. Talking about doing what is necessary to survive, he appeared fiercely defensive of the safety of his men. He boasted about his nickname of the “Twisted Robin Hood”, stealing from whoever stands in his way to help those in need. A word of warning to the people: behind this guise of noble intent, Benedict Falk has proved himself to be a liar, willing to hand over innocent people to those who mean them harm to satiate his own greed. He is no more than a thief and a gun for hire, creating false tales to justify his actions. He is not to be trusted. *Katie releases the PTT, slamming the radio down in frustration.*
  5. ScarletRose

    Katie [99.2Hz]

    *Katie presses down the PTT and responds, sounding concerned* Harrison, I’m sure if anyone can get themselves out of trouble, it’s you. You’re going to be okay. But I’m always here if you want to talk. Let’s meet tonight. *With a puzzled look on her face, she releases the PTT*
  6. Such a fantastic day of RP yesterday!! Really enjoyed chatting to the Free Medics while they were being held hostage, and hiding out in the house with @Derek Steel (I think I have the right person). RIP @jordan11223 X. The little interview with “Twisted Robin Hood” @Falk and the boys from Tortugan State on the way to the “printing press” was very pleasant. And then 10/10 RP from @MoodyOG and the Saviors who took us hostage. Loved it. Thank you @Jackfish for enduring the torture instead of Katie. And great RP from @Derk. I wonder if you’re regretting signing up for this madness yet… was an eventful first day. And as always, a pleasure RPing with @Cipher, the House, @yuthee and @Onyx even though you were a bit late to the party.
  7. ScarletRose

    How to bind/rebind keys in 0.63 BETA

    Thank you I've found the sprint keybind, just can't figure out what to assign. I've tried WW 2W W2 2xW. I even tried 0.5W but nothing worked.
  8. ScarletRose

    How to bind/rebind keys in 0.63 BETA

    No I didn't, I gave up.
  9. *A brief silence can be heard as the PTT is held down. A confident male voice sounds over the radio.* Alright, Good Afternoon Katie. Who are you interviewing today? *Katie takes a breath and responds* This is Katie Storm broadcasting from an unknown location today. I have with me John Moody himself who has agreed to provide us with an exclusive interview. So the first question I have for you, John Moody, is to answer the rumours about you being a paedophile. Is there any truth in what people are saying? No, no its not, I mean, I don’t know where these people are getting these false accusations from… *** *A male voice with a Dutch accent can be heard shouting* Everyone who can hear this, the Savior’s are forcing us to broadcast this… *Shuffling can be heard in the background followed by the whispers of another male voice* Say a word again and you will die. *** *Moody sounds annoyed* No they are not, continue with the interview. So you have no idea where people are getting this from? Yeah, I don’t know, I mean, we’ve tortured a girl before. I mean, she definitely deserved it. How old was she? Ah well according to David Mack you know, the man that was really in charge of her and her livelihood said she was 15. But you know, for a 15 year old, she was already gouging out peoples eyeballs and being a real shithead if you ask me. She got what’s coming to her. So you thought you would deliver a punishment to her? Yeah. What about rumours that you are being assisted by the Free Medics, that they are hiding you in their camp and protecting you? That is a negative, Free Medics are completely neutral. The only time they have ever helped me is when my brother died and I needed psychiatric help to which I stayed there for three days and then went on my merry fucking way. Free Medics are neutral, they don’t support anyone. What about the rumours that you are not to be trusted... that you change sides and your loyalties waver depending on what suits you. I mean, our only loyalty lies with New Moon. It's always lied with New Moon and if someone for some reason thinks they’re our friends and all of a sudden we’re backstabbing them it’s probably because we don’t have proper documentation. Unless you receive proper documentation that we are you’re ally, then…. sorry about it. Is there anything else you would like to add, anything that you would like to clear up to our listeners? Ah you could ask another question... what are most people… *More shuffling and a muffled groan can be heard* *Katie screams* Leave him alone! *John shouts angrily* Shut the fuck up, this is my God damn interview, get the fuck back in the corner! *The injured man coughs in the background* You know what, fuck this! Falk turn off the fucking camera. *The transmission ends abruptly*
  10. ScarletRose

    The Press

    Beautiful shots as always buddy
  11. ScarletRose

    How to bind/rebind keys in 0.63 BETA

    Thanks for this, so far so good. The only thing I am stuck with is how to set my sprint to double tapping W. Any ideas?
  12. *Katie presses down her PTT and speaks in a somber tone* Obituary: Doctor Bourak of the Kamenici Yesterday, I witnessed the death of Doctor Bourak of the Kamenici and regardless of political views or affiliations, I would like to share his story. Although remarkably fit for a man in his 60’s, his grueling life of running and combat had begun to wear away at him. Unable to keep up with the rest of his men, Bourak was preyed upon by wolves who had savaged his leg. Supported by a crutch, he limped along the streets of Kabanino where he met his rivals for the final time. Alone and outnumbered, he did not flee. Instead, he bravely fought an onslaught of men with his bare fists. Each time he fell, he rose to fight again with the same conviction until he was no longer able to stand. His final requests were granted, allowing him to bid farewell to his comrades over the radio and to die by his own hand. Even as he raised the pistol to his head, he was calm and strong, pressing the trigger without hesitation. Rest in Peace Bourak. I will remember your words to me. Katie Storm reporting. *She sighs, releasing the PTT*
  13. *Katie pressed down her PTT* Obituary: Vasili Ivanovich Koslov of the Free Medics It is with great sadness that I announce the death of Vasili Ivanovich Koslov who fell during the slaughter at Chernogorsk at the hands of Cerna Liska. We spoke to Dr Brandon of the Free Medics, who was unable to attend his funeral held yesterday. He spoke this of his good friend: “I’m not really good at goodbyes, but I hope he is in a happier place.” I invite listeners to express their condolences or share stories in his memory. Rest in Peace Vasili. Katie Storm reporting. *Katie releases her PTT*
  14. *Katie takes a deep breath, trying to remain professional. She presses down the PTT with shaking fingers.* Breaking News: Exposé on the House, New Moon and the Saviours. This is Katie Storm reporting, bringing you an exclusive interview with a source that has chosen to remain anonymous. The views contained within do not reflect my personal opinions and may be offensive to some listeners. "The house are defiled men that pretend they are friends with everyone but yet they kill all their friends. They are not to be trusted. All they do is defile people, make them work for them and then they spit them out like fucking chewing tobacco. New moon are people that are so used to sucking dick that they have probably sucked every single group that lives here… the Saviours… they suck The House off, they suck every civilian off that lives in that stupid fucking town they call home and then they pretend like its supposed to be some neutral zone yet they get people to attack in their neutral zone when it’s respected. They are homosexuals that love to suck each other off and pretend that they are bigger than everyone else when all they do is just get assistance from everyone around them and they don’t even do their own fights. The saviours are not to be trusted just like the house, except that these people seem to be killing The House but sometimes they work with the house so their alliances are really skewed. Trying to work with these people is like trying to work with fucking transsexual homosexual. They are not to be trusted. They have two different genders but they pretend to have one. They only have one, and should be one, not two." *She releases the PTT*
  15. *Katie presses down the PTT* Breaking News: Heroes defeat Kamenici following tense standoff In a remarkable show of force, a brave group of survivors including members of New Moon, The House and the newly formed Butterfly Squad marched upon Vybor Military Compound following yet another unprovoked attack on Grishino at the hands of Kamenici. Kamenici was seen to retreat to a large barracks but refused to surrender. The sound of gunfire echoed in the compound as the doors were breached and the Kamenici fell one by one. Celebrating their victory, The House’s Harrison Foulke addressed the group as follows: “Men you guys have done a fantastic job here. This is the culmination of months of hard work, preparation and planning, and we really showed it. These Chernarussian fucks, they will not infest our lands any longer. We moved decisively, we acted aggressively and we flushed out the enemy with the upmost of resolve and this day will be remembered forever. Slava Chernarus.“ Katie Storm reporting. *She releases the PTT*