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  1. Yea Billy, That is the question I also had a hard time with. Not the only one I failed, but missed that one more than once. All in all though I did enjoy the test and enjoyed the fact that you really did need to read the lore and rules to make it through. Like Slash says above (btw I love the name and graphic) " They may sound weird and logic but, there are many people that use their own thoughts on a certain question! All the aswers are in the rules somewhere". It took me a few try's but they were all there. My brain told me to pick answers that seemed right, but after going over the rules and such again it made more sense as to what the correct answer was. Good luck on your whitelist! Hope to see you out there..... or do I? P.S. I am also open to being laughed at by first time passers lol.
  2. I like the idea of healing in tents. Or mabey even a bedroll or sleapingbag you can carry with you.
  3. Hey, thanks guys. I have just achieved my whitelist status today, But haven't been onto the server yet.
  4. Hi everybody, I've been playing Dayz for about a year now and looking for new experiences. I rather enjoy the role play aspect and a friend suggested I check out DayzRP. After looking it over, here I am and it looks like great fun. I look forward to seeing you all out there!