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  1. Born in Queens, New York. Raised by a stay at home mother, and a mobster father. His mothers name was Josephine, and his fathers name was Joseph. Joey's Father was murdered by the local Russian mob. Joey's Mother had a fatal heart attack shortly after. Many years have passed and now Joey wonders the world looking for friends, enemy's, and the person who killed his Father, of which he only knows from a picture that was given to him by his fathers friend. He has tried to hunt him down, but he has mainly forgotten about him. He must do what ever it takes to survive as it is what is Father(Joseph) and his Mother(Josephine)
  2. modernkilla82

    Prisoners of Austellus

    Had a great time with this event! This was my first event on the server! And what a great first event it was! Its to bad that i couldn't stay for the whole event duration as i have a cruise tm...anyway it was fun and thanks for the awesome rp!
  3. modernkilla82

    Prisoners of Austellus

    This is going to be great! Can't Wait!
  4. It takes .308, same as the winchester and blaze. Thank you for the reply, glad to know that!
  5. I like that they are adding a new semi-auto gun! What ammo does this gun take? Will it have to be new ammo or does it exist in game?
  6. modernkilla82

    Boulder Backpack and G-19, New Cars battery and plugs, FAL Magazine

    So excited for a new pistol!