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  1. The Shoo Ping Yao Death Thread

    Just surprised it still seems to run so smoothly, no lag or anything in the video
  2. The Shoo Ping Yao Death Thread

    What's with the FPS in your upper left corner? You record/play below 30 fps??
  3. Real life picture Thread

    SPOOKY SCARY SKELETON halloween party
  4. Forum drama, "radio" abuse & salt

    Teamspeak has always been the worst part of any community imo. You can't live with it and you can't live without it. Go onto any group channel under a different alias and I'll think you see what Deniecu means.
  5. --

    Been roleplaying on various other communities for 3-4 years now, but just recently tried out DayzRP and loving it. Hopefully my stay won't end abruptly...
  6. A Joffrey Story: Episode 2 teaser now up!

    Trying to fap to this, but every time I touch the keyboard it gets softer looking forward to the full thing!
  7. Meeting random strangers along the coast and forming a simple group, then one falls unconscious while another runs to the nearest town to get medicine. The length some people will go through for others...
  8. When's the info for "Story of the month" out?
  9. DayZ vs Exile

    In that case: hype.
  10. DayZ vs Exile

    Exile alone is rather boring imo. Unless it's the kind of Exile/Dayz that Frankie' plays, I honestly don't think I'll play it.
  11. I like the quick and small paragraphs, more "digestible" compared to a wall of text
  12. Great tool! Helped my framerate and made the game look less fugly
  13. PC Specs?

    i5-3570K 3.40GHz GeForce GTX 970 16gb DDR3 ram 126gb SSD 2 TB HDD