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  1. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are not here for our amusement... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When I was a child, this was not a situation, I ever imagined myself being in. None of us would have. 'Cause this horror is not one a child could ever assume real. But when we are adults, and have reached this status of living, we are at the point in life, where every human must ask themselves; should I have taken another road? All of us here, left in the chaos, will doubt the choices in our life, that led us here. On that front I am no different. My name is Melody Shaw. I am a survivor, and this is my story. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Such a simple childhood? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Growing up I was just a simple girl of rich parents. From the day of my birth, I was set to follow my parents plan for me. They loved the only child ever given to them, and for that reason I got the best a child could want. Yet I was bound by their plans, and though options were always mine to choose from, they were limited. Meaning I stood free to choose from the options displayed by my parents. Such was my childhood. - An illusion of having a right and self-awareness of choice. It wasn’t a bad childhood. I was cared for and loved. I never stood alone. And thou friends was also chosen for me, I had some fun times. From the outside it looked like a prison. But I never felt like it being so. It created a safe zone, where I had not to worry about the outside world. At the time, I saw nothing wrong with this. Not knowing what was out there… In general I was the good little girl, wanting to make her parents proud. And thus I chose to do good in school, get good grades, have a good reputation and so forth. In every way, I was the “Princess”. - Looks, like the perfect doll, with the mind of a ruler. - Well, that was how I was described back then. Today that saying probably wouldn’t fit me. Growing up, becoming older, turning into a “lady”, I simply followed my parents plan for me. And even thou I had every chance to become whatever I wanted to be, the plan was still to simply marry me off to the right man... But if that had been the plan, how come I ended up here? In this chaos? How could the “princess” from this story, have ended up in the dirt? Simple….. I met the perfect person. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Being set free! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As I started collage, I expected nothing to change. Even thou I was no longer under my parents supervising eyes, I had no intention to stray from their plan. Until I met Her. Nataliya was unlike any girl I had ever met before. She was wild and outgoing, always hyped to try something new, not scared of anything. At first I thought of her as crazy. Wrong – In a way. A fact that she only found funny, and at several occasions later on, pointed out to people while laughing. A laugh I grew to love so much… We were nothing but friends doing the first years of college. Logically I found my own fascination towards Nataliya weird, and of the same reasons, I was sure she would do to. Even thou we were in every way different from each other, and her mindset was far freer of rulesets and opinions. I still remember those years… The years where I learned to be free, and to let go… Not binding myself by my parents will or others look on me. For once in my life, I felt genuine happiness. Even with this secret close to heart.... Well... In a way, I don’t believe I was meant to keep it close... The secret. Not that I believe in faith and destiny… There was just so few roads my life could had gone at this time. Which makes it even harder to wonder if I took the wrong one. To not be here, I would have had to say no to love… What human can do that? Simply said, it all escalated when Nataliya saved me from some boys. Nothing extreme, just harassment, yet Nataliya acted as if she was the hero saving the princess from the dragon. A phrase I used almost right after towards her. Another memory, she later laughed at with that lovely laugh. It was that phrase that lifted the vail. Causing her to admit that she didn’t mind being my hero. …Causing me to respond that I didn’t mind being her princess. At that point, one thing just lead to another. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The roads that leads to nowhere... And everywhere... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nataliya gave me light, life, happiness and even love. I was no longer able to turn back… …I could no longer follow my parents plan. As collage was at it end, I stood to face my parents. Here, the woman I loved, carried me through it. And within only hours, I had broken from my childhood. I and Nataliya turned to her home country, and her mother. Here there was not judgment. Rather her mother was nothing but pleased that Nataliya had found – quoted – True love. And even thou I was in a strange country, with unfamiliar people, I was happy… Reality is, that if I had not chosen Nataliya and this happiness and love, then I would never have moved to Chernarus. And I would never have had to lose her… When the sickness arose and cause chaos, Nataliya was convinced that leaving the city was the answer. It was a good plan, if not everyone else had had it. On the road, it was panic. Everyone was scared for their life, and the life of their loved ones. We were no different. The part about not knowing what was going to happen, and what was happening, caused the feeling of insecurity in everyone. I still remember Nataliyas drive to get me and her mother out of the city and out of the country. She was afraid. Which was not a good sign. Nataliya was supposed to be the brave one. I myself remember only a kind of slowness. The unrealistic scenes around me. Yelling and panic. Nataliya was the one that kept me moving. She made me feel safe in the chaos. The day I lost her, is still so unrealistic to me. Of course we never managed to leave the country. Hardly anyone did. The ones that didn’t die to the infected, found means to survive. Survival had turned from running away to scavenging for food and weapons. Instead of running, we were hiding. Without Nataliya I would without a doubt have lost my mind. Almost did anyway. At one point, we lost her mother. Bitten by an infected, the group we was in, forced her to leave us. It took its toll on Nataliya, that merely stayed strong for me. After this we just lost one after another of the group. Survival was no longer limited to avoid the infected. Rather survivors was going for each other as well. For the loot and gear. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Curiosity killed the cat? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I clearly remember Nataliya slapping the gun out of my hand, as I had it pointed to my head. Her hugging me, whispering promises of everything going to be ok… And once more her strength latched on to me. Thou the world had change around us, we were no different. We were still two opposites, perfect together. She reminded me of that. Her words, warmth and love, is what still keeps me going. And the fact that without her I wouldn’t even be here, still alive. Losing her was scarring to my inner. I felt like my heart split into pieces. And it was even my fault. With a smaller group we became tighter. A little family. Yet the facts had not changed. As we arrived to yet another little abandoned city, we strived to find food. Curious to a sound, I decided to investigate. Not letting Nataliya know at the time, is with out a doubt my biggest mistake in all of this. It could have saved her. For what had made the sound, and for what that surprised me, was not an animal or another human… The dead eyes, plain look, and torn clothes on the dirtied remaining body, all of it made me sick to my stomach. As a sound had awoken my curiosity, so did the infected become aware of me because of sound. I remember myself screaming as the creature came towards me… Taking steps back before running… I knew… If it got close enough I would be done for… I would become just as empty… The world I had, even this bad world that was good when Nataliya was with me, would disappear. I screamed her name. Even through fear, I was sure she would save me. And she did. As I stumbled and fell, and all hope left my body… She came to my rescue. From the corner of my eye, I saw the monster dive towards me. I felt myself taking one last breath as I in horror was sure it was over. Closing my eyes, last thing I saw was a flash of red. I was sure it was blood. But then I opened my eyes, realizing it was Natalia’s red shirt. The love of my life, had with sturdy steps, walked between me and the monster. And not long after I realized this, I also notices how the monsters teeth bore into her arm. Actually it all happened so fast. Another member from our group was right behind her, and within seconds I heard the gunshot, that forced the monster – now really dead – to the ground. I wanted Nataliya to help me up from the ground, instead she backed away… Letting someone else help me… I could see it in her eyes, as well as in everyone else’s... At first I pleaded to go with her. For her not to leave me alone. One thing was leaving the group… But leaving me? Today I still think going with her would have been a better option, even if it meant my death. Dying with her would have been ten times better, than being here alone. I still feel like this. But she left me so I could live. I know that. And so I moved on… Continued Living… Fighting for myself… For Others… For Nataliya... ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is the full background that I wrote for my character; Melody Shaw. I didn't bother with setting it up more nicely, but it should be readable Please ignore miss-spellings
  2. Both of you, thanks so much for that warm welcome And I will! If any questions come up, Ill pop them messages PS: Nights goal is passing 25 hours
  3. Hellow everyone Thought I should give a hi, and leave a quick impression of me. To be frank, I must admit that I do not have that many hours on DayZ... YET! But I am completely taken by the game, and can hardly stop playing I've been rp'ing before, mainly text based thou. And of that same reason, I'm really looking forward to play the characters I create in a completely different way, vocally. Joining DayZRP, I really hope to become better at RP, and just simply have a great time, enjoying a great community.