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  1. Hi Shark Sometime tomorrow afternoon. Would that be OK? Also is there someone we will need to speak to in particular? Cheers
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Multiple accounts Why the verdict is not fair: The 2 accounts belong to 2 different users. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I got whitelisted and started playing about a month ago. Then I wanted to get my bro into DayzRP and he eventually decided to make an account as well. His account was instantly suspended as he was using the same IP address (I didn't even think that'd be a problem in the beginning). I read that to solve this both of us had to go to TS and resolve it there but it was postponed as we are also playing other games. 2 days latter I come to find my account has been banned too... What would you like to achieve with this appeal: At least reactivate my account. My brother doesn't even seem that interested to play but I definitely am. What could you have done better?: INSERT_TEXT_HERE **What could you have done better?: Got into TS with my brother immediately and resolve this.
  3. *The tourist had been running in the rain for nearly 30 minutes when he entered the wooden deserted house. He sat down on the floor, rubbing his hands and unsure of what to do. The man is shaking as he is soaked through and his clothes are drenched. His attention is drawn by the static noise made by the radio on the kitchen table. Without loosing any more precious time he grabs it and presses the button. The static noise stops...* [align=left]"I d-d-don't know if you can hear th-th-this but I th-th-think I'm about to go to s-s-s-some place else." *The man grins.* [align=left]"It's a f-f-funny feeling really, to know th-th-that your time is runnnnning out. After a whole y-year in this sh-sh-shithole I am yet to f-f-find my brother. I hope he managed to escape ch-ch-chernarus before I came. I was robbed and t-t-tortured. And for wh-wh-what reason...? What does it m-m-mater anymore. *Sigh*. This w-w-world is even more f-f-FUCKED than I th-thought. [align=left]The p-p-person I was with... Isss d-d-dead because of me... Friend, If you're still out th-th-there.......... I'm Sorry..." *Pauses as he takes a look at his left hand.* "Actually it's not so cold anymore..." *The man said as he released the button. The static noise can be heard again in the house. The shaking has stops and the man collapses on the floor.*