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  1. Hello fellow survivors, I have recently got myself a few new games, including left for dead 2. I have always had this game on my xbox 360 and i have never stopped loving it! Now ofcourse xbox 360 has been getting kinda dead so figured i should just buy it on steam. So my name on TS is Marnix de Beer - Dutchie. Once you see me in the left for dead 2 channel and you also like left for dead 2 as much as i do, please come join me for some hardcore zombie killing Up for anything.....normal campaigns, versus, or we could have some practice and focus ourselves on the Realism challenge. Hope to see you soon. P.S. - Melee weapons and knockbacks are the key to survival.
  2. Hello lads! A few days ago i have posted 1 of my favourite videos. I will try to post a video once a day or once per 2 days. So i hope you guys will look out to the next videos. This was last week's favourite video Now once i have heard about a video which shows how animals eat their food. Ofcourse these guys would think it is very funny to imitate that in real life. In my opinion i think this belongs to 1 of the funnyest videos ever made (if you think not, we will still remain good friends) I have laughed, i have cried, i have cried of laughing, i showed friends and cried of laughing with them, i showed my family and we have cried of laughing. These are the videos which make the world a better place. Hereby my 2nd post of Dutchie's favourite videos. Hope you guys enjoy and i hope to see you tomorrow or the day after, back again on the Dutchie's favourite videos post.
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    I already almost look the same like Kenny. I think i will be the new kenny
  4. Hello lads! I hereby open, Dutchie's favourite videos. I am planning to post videos from time to time. Ofcourse as you probably all do alot i just scroll through facebook and other video sites to kill the time. And you will always stumble across those videos which are just so awesome you can keep watching them over and over again. For today that video has been this video i am linking here. You will be seeing more videos in the future and i hope i also waste some of your bored-and-nothing-to-do-time Your welcome in advance. Have a good day and hope to see you in game, friendly or hostile.
  5. My point of view is rather unimportant but yeah i was there as Crawford Wallace's friend (1 of the hostages)...'Marnix de Beer' growing pumpkin plots and giving pumpkins to them while checking out what's going on. The 1st thing i think of is.....a group of like 12 people....maybe 2 or 3 people talk and the rest is silently walking around. How can you actually have good RP in this situation? After only playing here for a few days i already start to notice that people are tending to get back to their old habits quickly holding people up, and robbing them from their gear or executing them and the RP gets really bad and boring. This is simply just my opinion in this case.
  6. The biggest difference is also the no KOS rule. Because of that people stay inland. On regular servers as you might have played there...people who are fully geared up like to have target practice with friends on new spawns. So all they do is go to Berezino/Cherno/Elektro and have pvp there. Here there is a no KOS rule so people don't bother going back to the coast once they are around the North-West.
  7. Well basically the coast is more for getting the basic survival stuff after you died. Just head to the North-West area and you will find enough people.
  8. Hello good people from the world I have only recently just been on the DayZRP servers after doing my whitelist app 4 times....i know i know it was terrible having to wait because i was so uber super duper excited to go play on the servers and have a great time. Now i have been playing the last 2 days and i am always just looking for people and the adventures they have because i really like watching people roleplay and get inspired by how they do it because i want to think of a good character play myself. But enough blah blah... Mainly my question here is about the areas in DayZ. If you wanna look for good roleplay....where do you go. If you want to trade where do you go. If you want to find bandits, where do you go. So long story short... Tell me your stories of the places you have been for these kind of things i just named above and i will be happy to read them Hoping to be active on the forum in the future and meet alot of fun people in game and have a great time. When online you can always find me in ts....always up for a nice chat (Marnix de Beer - Dutchie)
  9. I hope some people can comfort me and tell me how much times they failed their whitelist application....i have just failed it for the 3rd time and i got a same question answered wrong 2 times. It makes me feel like im a failure at this stuff lol. Ah well i will just try again tomorrow....18 hours cooldown is done just as i come home from full day work.
  10. Ja werd me net verteld dat het hele Admin bestaan hier wordt overgenomen door NLers
  11. Hellooooooooooooo, i am from Holland, isn't that weird? I am totally new to the community. At the moment i am fooling about cos i have to wait for 6 hours cooldown for answering wrong questions on the whitelist application >.< My name is Marnix, i am 24 years old and i live in a small town called Gouderak, nearby Gouda....the city of Dutch cheese. Atm i am currently so bored of the regular servers, looting up for multiple days, and then dying within 5 minutes at pvp. I wish i have found out about these RP servers the 1st day i played DayZ.....alltho my pc was so shitty back then i could not play it properly cos of the lag issues. Here i am now, trying to get on the RP server. I have just spoke to some ppl on the TS about what i have to do and think about and i am really, really excited to play on the RP server and get to know the fine art of role playing. Tot ziens a.k.a See you all soon