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    Where are the groups at ?

    THIS!!! This is something people need to realise. You don't need to hold up someone and threaten to kill them to make Hostile RP! You can play with their feelings and this is where you can see the real RPers come up and make them self stands out for their RP
  2. AlwaysGamer

    Where are the groups at ?

    The cloths/gear you have is obviously an important part in getting robbed. Like you said, if you look like a loot-bag, very military geared or have rare weapons/gear on you, you WILL get robbed for sure! My character is a Hunter so he is wearing Hiking/Hunting gear and a Bolt action sniper (Winchester or CZ-527) and either a pistol or an SMG (The SMG is usually in my backpack too) So, your attitude and how you look affects the RP you get from others. I've found out that, if you look civilian, don't wear anything too fancy or rare and have a good attitude, you will mostly get good and calm RP. P.S. This is what I liked about the Mentoring program. We were able to show people how to get the type of RP they want depending on their character. So many players don't think about how they look and how it affects their RP. They only think about the Use for all the gear they have. When you get detach from that "Loot Whore" mentality, and start dressing and gearing according to your character's story, the RP you get becomes 10x better.
  3. AlwaysGamer

    Where are the groups at ?

    I think there is something missing here. Most of my time in the server is just my character wondering around towns and RPing. I'm usually alone, so an easy target for groups to rob or kidnap, but, I rarely get initiated on. Why? Well because I know how to hold back and I don't act like a cunt towards everyone I meet! I am careful, I don't trust everyone right from the start, but I am not aggressive either. People need to understand that most players will react according to what the other players will give. Be a cunt towards a stranger, they will be a cunt towards you in response. Be friendly and open to talk, trades, walk around, etc, and you'll have the same response 99% of the time! The only time I get some hostile RP even if my character is friendly is when I pass next to some Anarchy bois and I have 2 main weapons and they take it. BUT! I stay friendly, I don't talk back or try to play the Smartass and I get some fun RP from them! Just the other day 3 of them got my gun but walked with me to their checkpoint to get the "License" and I got RP from that and some fun also. Some RP development too. You said that it's normal for people to avoid the Hostile RP situations. Yes and No. It depends how their character reacts to it. Of course if you have a hot headed character that will react to Hostility with Hostility, you will get into fight. But if you have a character that is more talkative and calm, then go for that RP!
  4. AlwaysGamer

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    It was nice to run into you and run around doing shit and breaking into a base with you @OldSchool Hopefully our character will meet again!
  5. AlwaysGamer

    The Russo Syndicate [Selective Recruitment]

    Thank you Thank you This is why I like just running around XD
  6. AlwaysGamer

    What do you listen to ?

    Disturbed recently came to Montreal for their Evolution Tour so I play their album a lot! I've been a fan of them since the The Lost Children album (2010). This is my favourite song of them There is also this song that I like a lot and makes me thinks of my first character, Marco Cappadona (It was my first character back in 2015 and I just reused the name for my current character)
  7. AlwaysGamer

    The Frenchy is coming back!

    Sup yall! I'm coming back after a long break! Most of you probably don't know who I am so I'll do a little introduction. French-Canadian in my twenties, visual art student, soon to be 3D Animation student in University. I've been in this community for about 3 and a half years (Joined in October 2015). During that time, I had a lot of ups and downs (Those who were there back them probably remember my public freak outs lol) I was perma ban once for some stupid mistake I did one night. I was lucky enough to be given a second chance after 6 months of the ban. Soon after I came back, The Mentor Program became a thing and I joined it around December 2016 or January 2017 to help player not do the same mistakes I did. I was in it until about 7-8 months ago (August or September 2018) when I took some time off the server because the RP and the situation with the admins were not good IMO back then. One night, after the Amnesty thingy was introduced, I went out of bounds and lashed out on the admins and almost got banned for it which made me decide to go away for some times. I've changed since then and now I want more RP! I've been in so many awesome groups, in so many awesome RP situations and I keep a lot of good memories from this community. I even wrote a hole freaking book about one of my character, Micheal Jobin, which was THE best character I even made. I'm currently trying to get it made into a book to publish it! The rest about me is something you'll have to learn by talking and playing with me So yeah, that's about it! Feel free to contact me if you want some advice on RP or anything! Even if the Mentor Program isn't active anymore, I can still help anyone
  8. AlwaysGamer

    Zombies are too hard?

    This! This is why I LOVE the new zombies. They lead to so much random and awesome RP! This exact thing is what brought me back to DayZ after about 6-7 months of not playing it. I saw some vids about the new game mechanics and the new zombies and I tried it back and fell in love again!
  9. AlwaysGamer

    Zombies are too hard?

    They are not to hard. Not. At. All! Here"s why : In a real life situation where infected manage to overtake the Russian Military, causing a nation wide (and more) pandemic and Outbreak, they are not your simple defenseless zombie... Survival means challenges, it means life is hard. Right now, the zombies are perfect IMO. If you are careful, have a decent weapon or you just need to be sneaky and careful not to alert any. When you go looting a military base with a friend and you get overrun by infected, who gets your friend knocked down and you have to fight for your life and his life. You then patch him up and bring him back up, that leads to some amazing RP!
  10. AlwaysGamer

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    6/10 Heard of you a few times
  11. AlwaysGamer

    S.o.S. [Recruitment: Open]

    Looks very interesting! Always Good to see a group that wants Peace and not war lol Hopefully I'll meet you in game soon :)
  12. AlwaysGamer

    In need of assistance

    *A French-Canadian Voice comes up* "To the French guy asking for help earlier, do you still need assistance? Me and a buddy are here looking for you right now" *THe radio goes back silent*
  13. AlwaysGamer

    Lore Wipe SoonTM

    I'll be down for a wipe. Ive been inactive for a very long time because, every time i logged in, the RP I got was poor, boring, bordeline rule breaking. I didnt enjoy my time. BUT, I do remember that, everytime I played just after a Lore Wipe, I had a blast!
  14. AlwaysGamer

    Real life picture Thread

    Ha je savais pas qu'il y avait un autre québécois ici? Ou tu as juste reconnu la stade de même?
  15. AlwaysGamer

    Rules Regarding Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, etc.

    Here is my opinion about it. As a long time member here and a long time RPer in different servers and games, I strongly believe Racist, Sexist and Homophobic RP should NOT be banned. Why? It's simple, like others said, Roleplay allows you to be someone other than who you are in real life. I am not racist nor sexist nor homophobic in RL. Far from that, I actually defend them every chance I get! When I RP, I play as someone completely different from me (Most of the time). Either it is a Military, a Doctor, a Scientist, a Cannibal, Psychopath, etc. If I play a Racist, Sexist or Homophobic character, it's because I'm am PLAYING A CHARACTER!!! IT'S FAKE! Also, people may not see it (Or maybe it's me who isn't seeing that correctly) but there has been some kind of racism in game for a looonnnggg time with the Russian groups hating the foreigners and fighting them. It has never been a problem before, hell, it even created a lot of amazing RP for me and my friends back then. BUT, if someone is an extremely racist, sexist or homophobic character like "Oh Fuck you N***er hands up or die" "Oh your a women? Come here so I can rape you" "Oh you are gay? Pff faggot I should kill you now" Now, those type of "RP" should be banned, because it is BadRP or FailRP IMO. BUT, if your character has a reason to be racist in his background that is believable like someone you love was attacked and killed by black people (I know it's basic but it's just a quick example) then it gives your character a reason to START AN HOSTILE INTERACTION! What I mean by that is that, with this kind of character background, you can approach, let's say a black person, and start being hostile towards him. So you RP with him, you question him about his intention and you could turn that into a fight. You RP with him while playing a Racist. If someone has a problem with that, they need to look back at themself because THIS IS ROLEPLAY!! It's meant to make you go out of your confort zone and be someone else! The Racist, Sexist or Homophobic act isn't directed towards the real you, it is towards the Fake character you created for the RP. If you are someone who is easily offended by stuff someone said IN A ROLEPLAYING GAME either stop playing RP or make a character that is basic without anything that could be used to offend you! It's just like if someone comes here and say "Oh you tried to kill or rob me?! I feel offended by that! I want that banned from here!" Everyone would turn him around. Why? cause it would make the game boring if there isn't any Hostile interaction. If you remove RP options from us, it will just make it even more boring and people will quit. So -1 for banning Racist, Sexist and Homophobic RP AS LONG AS IT'S BASED ON SOME CHARACTER BACKGROUND AND NOT FREE HATE AND AS LONG AS IT STAYS IN GAME! Racism and others shouldn't be allowed OOC for obvious reasons that I shouldn't have to explain.
  16. AlwaysGamer

    Real life picture Thread

    My fiancee and I last month on our First year anniversary ? I really love that picture of us!
  17. AlwaysGamer

    Lost all of my Beans after 1-2 day ban

    Oh I wasnt worried about it, I was just wondering if it was normal or if it was a bug. It make sense that they removes them after a Perman ban even if they made you come back. Thanks for the multiple answers, I guess I'll have to start farming again XD Im not mad about it, I don't really care that much about the Beans anyway, I was just wondering if it was normal haha
  18. AlwaysGamer

    Lost all of my Beans after 1-2 day ban

    Well, I was ban for not even 48 hours... So why would I lose it all?
  19. AlwaysGamer

    Lost all of my Beans after 1-2 day ban

    As the title says, with my toxic posts, I was banned for a day or two before coming back. Now, my beans are gone back to 0. Is that normal? Or is it a bug? Can it be brought back?
  20. AlwaysGamer

    My apologies to the community

    No I didn't pass through the amnesty. Rolle decided that the perma ban that one admin gave me (I won't say his name out of respect) was maybe a bit too much and decided to give me a 2 backstrike (so 20 out of the 30 warning points before getting banned). I was planning on doing a Ban Appeal in a couple of weeks but Rolle decided other wise. At least, that's what I think happened. Maybe @Rolandhimself can clarify if need.
  21. AlwaysGamer

    My apologies to the community

    Alright... Yeah ? So for those of you who didn't see my post a couple of days ago, I went full out cunt mode on the community about the whole Amnesty thing and I went waaayyyyy out of tracks and began being toxic towards the community, and towards Rolle in particular. (Don't look for the posts as they were deleted) I want to do a public apologie to everyone I might have insulted during my night of rampage. I was angry, pissed off. I didn't thought about the whole situation and just said whatever was passing through my mind at the time. I should have chosen other words for what I was thinking. Also @Roland I want to personally apologize to you about what I said about you. I have no idea how hard it can be to deal and run a whole community. I am sorry for my childish ans retarded actions. I shouldn't have judged you this harshly. I'm sorry. Also, thank you for letting me back in. I do understand banning me was necessary, tho a perma ban was maybe a bit excessive... But whatever, it's part of the past now. I am also correcting my Leaving thread to a "Moment of break". With school and RL stuff I don't have time for RP. I also stepped down as a Mentor for now since I can't play and since the Mentoring Program has been temporarily disabled. I'll maybe play here and there whenever I get time. Also, I'm still available to answer RP questions from anyone even if I am not a mentor anymore. Sorry again for my actions.
  22. AlwaysGamer

    Farewell <3

    ? Goodbye Lyca, you will be missed. But I understand why you are leaving, just like the others
  23. AlwaysGamer

    0.63 Known issues and fixes

    Problem : Some key bind seems to not be working. Example : In the previous versions of the game, I used X to crouch and 2x X to Stand Up and Z to prone. Now, I have to do 2x X to crouch AND Stand Up and I can't prone. I search on Google for a fix but there wasn't one apparently. Solution :
  24. AlwaysGamer

    How do you autowalk/passtimes while walking?

    I usually hold down W key with my left hand and I scroll on Reddit or watch vids on my phone with my other hand XD
  25. AlwaysGamer

    Official Mentor Program - [CLOSED]

    Hello Keione! Your app as been shared with the other mentors. Keep an eye on your PM box! One of us will message you when we will be free ?
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