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  1. Michael finally got the upper hand on Han Lee @tz
  2. Big thanks to @tzfor the nice character development with Michael. Finally manage to taze you back after all this time! And the previous 10-15 minutes of screaming match. But now, I'm the fastest in the west
  3. Entry 33 After Runian left, I stayed at the bar for a little bit before going back to my place to sleep. I haven't slept well the last few days... I keep waking up from bad dreams... Either the bar gets overrun by infected or the CLF shows up again and do bad things to me or to Sophia... The CLF is gone, well, we believe so. We get attack by infected once in a while but it's nothing we can't handle. The walls help a lot with that. Anyway, I went back to sleep since it was still pretty early in the morning. I don't remember my dream much. I only remember the last part before waking up
  4. *The French-Canadian voice comes up on the radio.* "You were lucky a week ago, when I gave you a ride from the Novaya Hospital... I didn't know that you did that to Sophia. If I had known, trust me that you would have ended up in the fucking ditch. You run away from the consequences of your mistakes. All the shit you did and you try to get away by claiming to have "Amnesia" but you still go and do the same shit. We gave you a second chance and you blew it." *The radio goes to static*
  5. Entry 32 After talking with Runian, I kept on walking back to the bar. I was still maybe a day of walking away. I found a little cabin in the woods where I stayed for the night. The following day, while I was traveling down a steep hill, I heard Runian's voice on the radio. "This must be it, Michael... I am heading to battle. Goodbye and have a safe life." He said, sounding determine. I switched channels and warned the Bar about a battle preparing. I then switched back to Runian's frequency and pressed the PTT and quickly talked since I was trying to not break my neck going down this hi
  6. Thank you @K2U for the great medical RP earlier tonight! I loved every single bit of it! Now, Michael is stuck with his left arm in a sling for at least a week XD
  7. Entry 31 The rest of the day felt like I was in a dream... Everything left off. I couldn't stop thinking about Runian and what he said about the CLF... At the end of the day, I knew I wouldn't be able to get all of this out of my mind. I had to take a little break. So, I grabbed my hunting gear, kissed Sophia goodbye and left towards the west. My hunting trips recently has been pretty bad... Not much animals around the Chernarus area... And, only a few days ago, I was talking with Ivan and Eliot about the food situation at the bar. I can't always bring a viable amount of food from my hunt
  8. Entry 30 A few days after the shooting competition, I was at the bar, bored out of my mind because there was no patrons at the bar. It was just me and Sophia there. The others were either away to do their business or they were asleep. I was leaned on the bar counter, completely zoned out when the crackling of my radio made me jump. It was Runian. "Kurwa... I think some people apart of my group got their directions lost. Michael, I truly advice you not to be affiliated with a group. If you do, leave that hunting rifle somewhere and hold tight that AKM. Some people betrayed us and spread
  9. Oh I see. I'm sorry, I misunderstood your previous comments... Thank you.
  10. So, if I get that correctly, you want people to initiate on a Roleplay event that took 2 weeks to prepare? You want some random asshole to come by and initiate on what should be a very enjoyable and positive rp situation? Which would totally kill any joy from the situation. Basically stealing the spot light from those who deserves it? If you don't like it, don't go to the event. If you want to have one of your rp event that you took 2 weeks to prepare to be ruined in a second by some random guy, be my guess and make one. I'll be sure to come ruin the fun for you Not everyone wants
  11. Entry 29 The Lost Highway organized a shooting competition to "Determine who was the best shooter in Chernarus!" as they said over the radio. Bryson and Spencer's shop was the rewards provider and took care of setting up the event too. The competition was simple. There would be cages with infected inside at various distances. The Competitors would go one at a time and would have 10 seconds to shoot as many infected they could. The score would be calculated with how many infected we were able to kill. It was setup in the Industrial area of Chernogorsk. We were on top of a building, lo
  12. Entry 28 Our meeting with Dr. Mayfield went well. He asked Sophia some questions about her symptoms, how long she's been having them, how long ago we had sexual relations, etc. Sophia started to have some signs only less than a week ago. It was very recent. Usually, it would take more time before finding out about the pregnancy but she was more worried about it and with the blood test, it kind of sped up everything a bit. Dr. Mayfield gave Sophia a pregnancy test and she went in the bathroom to do it. During that time, the doctor asked me some questions like if I drank alcohol or took dru
  13. Entry 27 A few days ago, we got into a little bit of... trouble with the Transporters... Late in the evening, after most of us went to sleep, Sophia and I were still awake. It had been a busy day at the bar so I rewarded myself with a small bottle of wine... Which then turned into a second bottle... After a while, I was not wasted but pretty tipsy. Johnny from the Bridgewater and Destin, an ex-member of the bar, showed up during the night and we had fun at the bar for a little while. But, eventually, we got bored so we took my little Ada and we drove to the other settlements to look
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