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  1. The United Nations From Sierra Romeo [All Frequencies]

    *Marco hears the message and recognise the voice of the lady* "Aahhh finally a clear message! Finally a place where I should be able to be safe! On my way!" *He replace his radio in his vest pouch and start jogging to the location of the camp*
  2. [GAME] Guess the real name of the person above

  3. Survivors: Looking For Group

    IGN: Marco Cappadona Country: Canada English skills: Fluent, Also speak french (Native) DayZ Mod Experience: None DayZ Standalone Experience: I have 391 hours played as of now Roleplaying Experience: About 300 hours of RP in DayZRP and about 1500 hours in different Arma 3 Servers (Both semi serious and serious RP servers) What kind of In Game role best describes you: Hostile RP and Survivor RP. I am a mentor for Hostile RP Have you been in any clan/group previously: The Immortals, The Reapers, The Pagans. Additional notes: I am part of the Mentor Program as an Hostile RP mentor. I can do pretty much any RP but I prefer the Hostile RP and the Camp RP from time to time. Also before deciding if I join the group of not, I want to do a meeting in game and see how it goes with the In game interaction. Best way to contact you: Via Forum PM. I usually answer in under 24 hours. Backstory: Character page. The backstory isn't big like my previous character. I decided to keep it simple for this time. https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-387/
  4. Hahaha you and your god damn booping
  5. Big shoutout to @Mercy and her interesting Drunk RP at the Radio station today! It was.... something Also thanks to @Kvjavs for the help with the drunk Doctor. Sorry I just found your forum name!
  6. Rebirth

    Congrats! Had some RP with members of the group and it was really good! Sure hope to get more!
  7. Thanks for the pretty neat RP @Coreena I believe it is you who Rps as SGT Rodriguez? If not she sounds just like you. Also thanks to everyone else there at Kabanino UN Camp earlier today!
  8. Seconding her comment! It was my first Hostile RP since the Lore-Wipe and since like a month! It was awesome!
  9. Rebirth

    Group Thread is really awesome! Send an App, sure hope I'll get accepted
  10. Marco Cappadona

    Marco Cappadona is born in the city of Quebec, in Quebec, Canada. He was raised by a family who liked the outdoor and hunting. Marco grew up with a lot of outdoors activities and learn some basic things to survive in the wild. Other than that, his childhood was pretty normal. When he turned 18 years old, Marco did his firearm course and training and got his hunting pass to go hunt with his father. He learned some really good skills during the following hunting years like how to hunt animals, where are the weak spots in animals, etc. For his 25th birthday, his parents paid him a week of vacancies in Chernarus where there was apparently a lot of large woods to go hunt in. Marco was living in the Chernarus Hotel that got hit by a Plane during the outbreak. Luckily for Marco, he was already trying to leave the country when his hotel was hit. He had a little bit of his personal belonging with him but not a lot since he didn't bring anything important. He had his Hunting Shotgun he bought in a gun store in a town not too far form Chernogorsk the day after his arrival. While leaving the city he got attacked by some crazy guy who seemed out of his mind and extremely aggressive. Marco tried to get away from the men but he couldn't and the men violently pushed him on the ground before jumping on him. That's when Marco had to kill the men by stabbing him with his hunting knife. Marco still don't know what is going on in Chernarus but he sure knows things are looking bad.
  11. Lore wipe and maintenance time plan

    Thanks! Missed that post!
  12. Lore wipe and maintenance time plan

    Question about the wipe. It may have been asked somewhere else but will the Pre-Wipe character pages still be up? Or will they disappear?
  13. IMPORTANT: Upcoming changes summer 2017

    Ah alright thanks to both of you for the answer!
  14. IMPORTANT: Upcoming changes summer 2017

    How do I did the said Backup? I'm not sure I'm following...
  15. Why does everybody RP Master Chief?

    Oh I understand your opinion I was just giving an example to show that a Military character isn't necessarily a bad thing.