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  1. AlwaysGamer

    How do you autowalk/passtimes while walking?

    I usually hold down W key with my left hand and I scroll on Reddit or watch vids on my phone with my other hand XD
  2. AlwaysGamer

    Official Mentor Program [Accepting Mentee's]

    Hello Keione! Your app as been shared with the other mentors. Keep an eye on your PM box! One of us will message you when we will be free
  3. AlwaysGamer


    Fuck this jean in particular.
  4. AlwaysGamer

    The Outpost Rangers [OCC and Active Recruitment]

    Well it's not a question if either YOU like it or not, it's for the admins. If you take time to create Graphics, it will show that want this group to stay, it will show that you want this group idea to be real. Right now, it feels like you don't really care about making Graphics, which gives me the impression you don't care about the group. Maybe it's just me but keep that in mind
  5. AlwaysGamer

    I'm done trying DayZRP, Bye :(

    Dude... If you are serious about that, you are dreaming. Pub servers gives you nothing RP wise. N-O-T-H-I-N-G! Period! Good luck finding that "RP" over there. Also, you say that every time you go talk on the forum about something, it's a shit show, I bet you never though that, if it always happen to you, maybe YOU are the reason for the shitshows. Maybe you get reported because YOU are the one not RPing properly or breaking rules but, it's never your fault right? So it may be a good thing you go away. There are toxic players here, yeah, and there will always be some unfortunately. I guess with you gone, it's one less to worry about? To me, you sound like a kid who can't stand the fact that he got caught breaking a rule, getting some tiny consequences, shit talking about it so he get a bigger consequence but, instead of accepting his mistakes, decides to say "Fuck it, you are not worth it anyway. I know I'm right, screw you" and walk away, thinking he is the good guy. Maybe, during your Off time, you should think about that because, no server will want you with that attitude. That attitude will get you blacklisted form pretty much every RP servers in any game. So, good luck finding what you need. Oh and by the way, you can still do an Appeal and maybe get your ban lifted. You only have a 5 day ban dude, it's not that bad... Also, the Mentors from the Mentoring Program can help you with your RP if you feel you are doing something wrong. You just gotta open your eyes and realise that you May have been doing something wrong and from there, you can work on it and become better. That way, you wont be "Afraid" of getting into reports. I am, personally, not afraid of being reported because I know my RP is good and I know the rules so I don't break them! If I ever have some doubt about something, I go ask an admin or a fellow Mentor just to be sure so I don't make a stupid mistake. It can be the same for you. If you don't feel like doing it tho, good luck with whatever server you wanna run. Maybe you'll realise one day that you fucked up and you will "redeem" yourself.
  6. AlwaysGamer

    Is DayZRP dying? :(

    As everyone else said, the 0.63 is out so people go play that and since you have to "Change" your DayZ's version, you can't really do back and forth between the two version unless you are like me with a really good internet and can do the 5.5 GB download in less than 10 min. Also, for those in school, it's the Exams weeks so they gotta study and do the exams. And with Summer beginning, people go on trips and stuff.
  7. AlwaysGamer

    Where is player activity?

    Last time I went in Lopatino a few days ago, people told me Green Mountain is apparently the new hot spot but I cant confirm
  8. AlwaysGamer

    AlwaysGamer's Media Thread

  9. AlwaysGamer

    AlwaysGamer's Adventures

  10. AlwaysGamer

    AlwaysGamer's Media Thread

    I love the lightning in the following pictures : Enjoying a peaceful campfire in the middle of the wood while trying to not look into the darkness. This is my favourite picture in all of my screenshots. I was walking towards Stary when I met these guys and I just sat there and we talked. I never knew who these guys was but the CampireRP we had was awesome! A lone survivor walking in a field with his trusty Medieval helmet. Silhouette in the sun I heard some wolfs shout behind me. I turned around and saw this. It was also my first time seeing a pack of wolf. Scared the crap out of me too XD Fuck this pair of jeans. Why? Cause why not? Me, @TehZombyBeard, @Werewolf and I believe it was @Reckless too? Stay tuned for more!!
  11. AlwaysGamer

    The Pack (IC Recruitment)

    It looks awesome! Cant wait to see you guys in game!
  12. AlwaysGamer

    Fallout 76 Thread

    Oh man! At first I wasn't happy about it being multi-player. Thinking of all the looting and grinding just to be killed by a 12 year old with a fucking power armor. But when I learned that you won't loose your progress when you die! Fuck yeah! I already cannot wait for private servers! I wanna do some RP on this bitch!!!
  13. AlwaysGamer

    Official Escape From Tarkov Thread

    Alright sounds good! Send me a PM when you'll be back and free to play! Until then, I'll try to get better xD
  14. AlwaysGamer

    Official Escape From Tarkov Thread

    Whats up people! I recently bought the game so I'm looking for people to play with and who can help me get better at the game so add me up in BattleState. My username is AlwaysGamerQc. My avatar is the same as in here!
  15. AlwaysGamer

    Real life picture Thread

    Me and my GF during a hike last week!