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  1. I guess I was mostly surprised because when I went to go check the rules.... it's not there. And the closest thing I could find regarding it is bullet #3 from the staff agreement. I was going to humbly suggest that staff needs to go through and make an actual Code of Conduct type thing with some of the "unwritten" rules like that and merge it into the Staff Agreement thread. But the issue with that is that the admins end up having to jump through hoops to do their jobs... At the very least though, the "no adjudicating reports you're connected to" rule NEEDS to be actually spelled out somewhere in black and white white on blackish grey?
  2. Random noob wandering in to say: I thought if a staff member was involved in a report as an accused or accuser, that they weren't allowed to exercise staff powers in it? Y'know, conflict of interest and all that.
  3. Bumped into a pair of gentlemen in one of the Cherno satellite towns and almost freaked out. Turned out they were traders picking up some stuff for trade.
  4. SomeWeirdAssGuy (not making it up, that's his username) just commented on the issue over on the announcements with more detail on that. To answer you more directly, no, it's not. Ya some people had a really poor idea of what a "dynamic" entails, but removing the concept entirely has just taken a massive, steaming shit on role play itself in the server. As others noticed almost immediately, this means that if a group walks up and shoves a gun in my face, my friend right nearby can't do a damn thing without re-initiating. Which sounds all fine and dandy on paper, except that it just makes the numbers issue even worse than it was before. If you wanted to initiate before Tuesday, your group had to be careful. They had to pick a target who looked alone, confirm that they WERE alone, then go in. If they didn't, they ran a huge risk that the target might have buddies in the area. Meanwhile, I'm walking through town with two friends. I get help up, and both of them open fire from concealment. Now? If they want to help me, they have to run up to the enemy group (losing all advantage from stealth or ambush) and announce that they're going to resist. There was already a problem with large groups just shitting all over anyone who wasn't ALSO in a large group. Mass bandit zergs were ALREADY killing off lone wolves' enthusiasm to play on the server. Now Rolle just made the problem worse by sacrificing actual RP and balance at the altar of Official Groups, for no readily explicable reason other than some weird misguided opinion that forcing everyone to join a group makes the server better.
  5. Nice to see you can stay civilized when someone disagrees with you./s No, I didn't notice Tuesday's announcement. Perusing through it, though, it looks like the entire point of this thread was already addressed with regards to timeframes. Though IMO the removal of dynamic groups is going to MASSIVELY screw over everyone not in a group.
  6. Why? No seriously, why? What would this accomplish? Say I got a couple of buddies, and we like to roll around, rob some peeps, trade with some other peeps, maybe hold up a few other peeps and rough em up a bit for the giggles if they look like pansies. Basic zombie apocalypse gang in a nutshell. Well, I decide I'd like our group to be all official n shit, so I create a group on the forums, throw together some vague goals that meet the criteria, and me and my homies go back to robbing, trading, and roughin' up. Well in comes the LM team, saying "Hey BRO, you didn't meet these RP requirements for your goals, we hereby disband your group". Guess what the result of that is? We don't stop being the group, because we'll just roll as a dynamic and still refer to ourselves as the <Insert Edgy Name>. Won't stop me and my buddies from playing together, because again, dynamic. The ONLY thing we lose is a TS channel (pointless when we can just make our own Discord server in about twenty seconds) and a little group title on our forum posts. All this focus on "make group requirements strict and have time frames etc." is IMO the wrong way to go about it, because being an official group on the forums doesn't actually matter.
  7. 1: I wouldn't recommend it. X-Mas boxes will disappear sooner or later and you won't have access to Santa beards. 2: Yep. People do it all the time. Just make sure that you're not getting trolly with how the accents are done. Also, quick tip, many weapons have the slide locked back when they're unloaded, even with a mag in. Anyone who's played DayZ long enough will notice. I'd suggest sticking to weapons where it's harder to tell. As far as infiltrating other groups... I wouldn't suggest that. Getting deep enough into a group that you get to see their stash, then stealing it and running off, will likely be not just an IC betrayal but an OOC one as well. If you can convince them to take you to their camp purely IC, more power to you, but don't join groups just to offline raid them.
  8. The same kind of asshole that sees his favorite spot taken and parks there anyway. Had to find where that was saved locally, my Steam library shows it as a broken image. But yeah, that kinda shenanigan was happening for a while, something to do with broken spawn locations or something.
  9. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=705431694 Bet you never saw someone park on a bunk bed before.
  10. Born into a large family in the American West, Samuel choice to forgo ranch work in exchange for military sesrvice came as a surprise to his family and friends. Truth be told, it was a surprise to Samuel too, whose drunken recollection of the night before didn't include a stop at the recruiting station. Nevertheless, true to his word as a Rollins he showed up for the flight, and spent the next 5 years of his life on the front lines in desert countries both similar to and drastically different from the places he called home. -WIP-
  11. Counterargument: People need to STOP initiating on people and attacking fledgling settlements just because they're bored and START actually doing some kind of build-up or something. The argument's been made a hundred times; if there is a greater than 50% chance that I'm going to get jumped in a certain area, and there's no survival benefit to going to that area... then I'm not going to go. Bandits are welcome to RP as bandits, but I'm under no obligation to spend the majority of my RP time on the server as someone's punching bag just because I chose to play a diplomatic/peaceful character. It often has nothing to do with "putting RP above gear".
  12. Don't forget the ever versatile "Verify Integrity of Game Cache". Also: https://www.reddit.com/r/dayz/comments/7b21kn/tip_for_those_getting_bad_module_info_crash_in/ Apparently this is a fix for the "bad module info" error. I have said error infrequently enough that I haven't tried it yet, but another poster said this reduced the frequency of the issue drastically.
  13. First off, I logged in to see a reply notification for my post, a reply consisting of "User Was Warned For This Post". So I have no idea what you initially said; I can only assume it was aggressive enough that some completely different person considered it offensive. Don't be so quick to assume you know who reported what. It's not always one of the parties directly involved. Personally I don't care if someone gets a tad, ah, enthusiastic in their replies. Nice to see the best reply I got consisted of "my high school's polisci club sucked so all high school polysci clubs must suck MEME TIME". This is a RP environment. As in, IMAGINARY. No, it's not particularly likely that any student organization would be visiting Chernarus of all places. But OP has decided he (or "she" don't know them personally) is interested in pursuing the idea of a student club taking an excursion to somewhere in the vicinity of South Zagoria, and given some of the more bizarre groups that have not only been created but applauded by the community as "creative" or "fresh", it's not unreasonable. Besides, assuming that OP agrees with your hasty assessment that all PoliSci clubs are identical to your own experience, that in and of itself gives the potential for some great personal story arcs. What happens to an opinionated, immature jackass when he/she gets dropped into a survivalistic, dog-eat-dog world? Will they stick to their old selves and end up dead? Or will they grow and adapt to their new environment? I for one would love to see that kind of personal story development happen.
  14. Shoutout to @Jean for the nice conversation that I wasn't expecting to have at the NWAF; thanks for putting up with my hungover ass!
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