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  1. Big shoutout to @jangoskull, @trent_rouls, @Roach, @BrickWall, and @TateRinefield for some amazing and funny RP tonight! 10/10, hope we meet up IC again!
  2. An interview with Rolle

    Funny how that works. ^-^ Anyway, nice interview!
  3. Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    I'd just like them to fix the part where I A: hear random reloading sounds from my right, no matter how far away I am from any human life, and B: after respawning get treated to having to hear everything being said near my corpse for a good ten+ minutes.
  4. Was good chatting with you too! Nice to finally have some nice sit-down RP for a bit love me a good campfire. Even if said campfire goes out every two minutes...
  5. Todays Boxing Match Death

    Or alternatively talk to someone from Aegis, figure out if any of them remember pulse checking any of the combatants.
  6. Staff Feedback: Skinner

    Link to the situation: N/A, Teamspeak convo Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A, see above. Feedback: Really prompt service when I popped up to the helpdesk with my connection issue, knew enough to ask a higher-echelon for additional information that he didn't possess (i.e. why the servers were going to shite), easy to talk to. Suggestions for improvement: Have to really downgrade to extreme nit-picking to find fault with this guy! I was a tad confused when you moved us to that other dude's help session until I found out he was there about the server connection too, I guess maybe a bit of warning or something? Keep up the good work brother!
  7. This. Aside from the DDoS attacks, the two servers never seemed to go to shit at the same time.
  8. Tag the person that helped shape your character!

    Post-lorewipe, @Allffo for some great internal RP that helped me define who Anna really is. Pre-lorewipe? @The Marshal, @TheForgotten, and @Rick robinson are just some of the people who gave me a great environment to hone my RP skills.
  9. Safe Zone Trial

    What about the industrial zone at Vybor? *Water pump for general hydration and farming, number of apple trees to keep the RPers alive and well. *Numerous large warehouse/factory buildings that various groups could hold meetings/marketplace-bazaars in. *In the triangle, hopefully drawing RP back to the center of the map. *Proximity to NWAF actually gives RP justification to the locale; "we're waiting for help" or some other stupidly optimistic shit. *Vybor proper has a pub, PD, and clinic for the various RP styles. *Fences make for clearly defined area. *Relatively far away from wolf spawns. Also far away from the irradiated zone.
  10. It's kinda both ways at the moment. I'd say some stuff is way too easy to find (hiking jackets), some isn't (glasses). For example, crossbow ammo is retardedly hard to find outside of the Lop evac site, meaning that if I want to use a crossbow as a primary anti-zombie weapon, I'm stuck hanging out on the west side of the map. I could see turning down the spawn rates of military gear; hell, sounds great to me, stops all the super soldiers. But don't turn down rates for the civilian weapons and ammo.
  11. Newsletter 2017-10-05

    Really helpful for someone who's been out of the game for a bit and needs a fast catch-up; seems like it'd be pretty pointless for anyone else though.
  12. Anna Sobieski

    College student. Russian citizen. Cheerful teenager. Whatever Anna was, a long time ago, that person is gone. She died when sick men turned into rabid dogs, when the sky began to rain death and chaos as the leaders of men tried in a last, desperate move to stop mankind from succumbing to a mere virus. More importantly, she died two months after the end of the world when a Russian gangster and his motley ensemble of twisted, broken souls captured a young, unsuspecting Anna, tortured her for entertainment, then forced her at gunpoint to cut her own throat. Fortunately, they never checked her handiwork, leaving her in the burning remains of the cabin she had been sleeping in to bleed out on the floor. Though a combination of sheer willpower and first aid training, Anna was able to stop the bleeding and escape to an empty hunting camp, where she encountered an American who extended to her a kindness she hadn't seen since the world ended. Over the course of several months, he treated her wounds and nursed her back to health until the day when she could survive on her own again, and he was forced to depart Chernarus in search of his brother. Now that he had gone, for better or for worse... Anna was on her own.
  13. How many times have you been a hostage?

    Only a few times. I'm usually able to talk my way out of shit, 60% success rate with that so far.
  14. Whats allowed in character personality?

    Since no one's brought it up yet, I'ma say it right here: DO THE RESEARCH. It's all well and good to be a crazy religious nut, but do a LOT of reading into the religion you're using. For example (I'm assuming Eastern Orthodox church background, given the location), have a list of bible verses ready that you can quote (misquote?) while ranting. If you're planning on delivering "sermons", write them out beforehand. Figure out what your fanatic would think of commonplace interactions and encounters and be ready to deliver dialogue appropriately and CONSISTENTLY. Find some kind of online reference for whatever religious text you're working out of and be ready to Shift+Tab and google shit if someone decides to stand and debate you on it.
  15. Chernarus the land of multi-ethnicity

    I mean, the language everyone is primarily speaking is English, instead of Chernarussian.... makes about as much sense. It's an OOC thing. At the end of the day, it's a video game set in an Eastern Bloc country being played by primarily westerners. Best and healthiest response is to realize that and adjust your IC interactions/behavior accordingly; getting hung up about it IC would be like following everyone around asking why no one's fat, or why everyone's the same height.