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  1. Whats allowed in character personality?

    Since no one's brought it up yet, I'ma say it right here: DO THE RESEARCH. It's all well and good to be a crazy religious nut, but do a LOT of reading into the religion you're using. For example (I'm assuming Eastern Orthodox church background, given the location), have a list of bible verses ready that you can quote (misquote?) while ranting. If you're planning on delivering "sermons", write them out beforehand. Figure out what your fanatic would think of commonplace interactions and encounters and be ready to deliver dialogue appropriately and CONSISTENTLY. Find some kind of online reference for whatever religious text you're working out of and be ready to Shift+Tab and google shit if someone decides to stand and debate you on it.
  2. Chernarus the land of multi-ethnicity

    I mean, the language everyone is primarily speaking is English, instead of Chernarussian.... makes about as much sense. It's an OOC thing. At the end of the day, it's a video game set in an Eastern Bloc country being played by primarily westerners. Best and healthiest response is to realize that and adjust your IC interactions/behavior accordingly; getting hung up about it IC would be like following everyone around asking why no one's fat, or why everyone's the same height.
  3. Severe FPS issues around Myshkino tents

    Can confirm, bizarre framerate drop in the area, I had issues as far south as the new dam/reservoir. This is on the same laptop that gets 60+ frames in the middle of Chernogorsk.
  4. Shoutout to @Chewy for making me my new profile gif!

    1. Chewy


      I DIDNA DO IT, @Shane did, I just picked it out B)

    2. FiftyFootAnt

      We do not speak his name.

      jk love you Shane bby

    3. Shane
  5. What phase are we currently in?

    Wow, been a long time since I've seen a classification system for this that wasn't the Zombie Survival Guide setup. But yeah. I concur with WIll; we'll likely be on Four until word reaches us about the status of other countries.
  6. DayZRP Lore - Focus Friendly

    Not sure I'm with you on the text color, the dark-on-dark is giving me a major headache.
  7. Hi there! Are you having trouble joining rooms in Teamspeak? Is your server group stuck at "Guest"? Just whitelisted and want to know what else you should do before playing on the server? Recently switched to a new computer or other TS-capable device? Well, today's your lucky day, cause your resident staff member FiftyFootAnt's going to walk you through the process of linking your DayZRP forum account and your Teamspeak account! Note: There's a lot of pictures, so for the sake of your screen I've "spoiler-ized" the images. Click on each spoiler tag to see the appropriate image. Step 1: The Forum Side Open the DayZRP main site and log into your account. Click on your Username in the upper right corner, and from the dropdown menu select "Teamspeak Sync". This is where you will be entering your UUID; I know, acronyms are scary, but it's ok; you don't have to know jack about what that stands for. Step 2: Teamspeak Open Teamspeak and connect to our server. Information about the IP address is on the front page. You should be able to figure out the password; normally in an Idiotproof Guide I don't like to assume such things, but I've NEVER heard of anyone who wasn't able to get into the server, including some truly stupid people, so you, my avid reader, shouldn't have any problems. If you do, PM me and I'll eat my words. Literally. Once you have Teamspeak open, click the drop-down menu titled "Tools" and select the first option, "Identities". You're going to open to a window with either two or four fields on the right hand side. If there's two, open the first image below and click on the marked link "Go Advanced" at the bottom of the window; if four, skip to the second image. Once you have four fields, copy (Ctrl+C) the string of garbled nonsense text in the fourth field, "Unique ID". Be sure not to accidentally copy extra spaces at the beginning or end of the UUID and that the entry "Default" is selected in the left-hand panel "Local Identities", or I WILL laugh at you. I totally did that the first time I did this.... Close the identities window when you're done. For cleanliness' sake. Step 3: Back to the Forums Return to the Forum page you left. It should look like the below image. Click the button titled "+Add UUID". Do not ask me why there's a plus sign in there; I don't know. It'll open up a dialog box in the webpage. In the entry field, paste (Ctrl+V) the string of nonsense you copied from Teamspeak. Again.... no extra spaces anywhere. Click the red "Save" button. That's it! Your server group should have changed in TS the second you did that from "Guest" to "Member", giving you the ability to access any TS channel (assuming you have the required password when applicable). This process WILL need to be repeated for every device you plan on using TS from, as each TS installation will likely have a different UUID. Thanks for reading, and I hope this guide helped you out! Any and all constructive feedback is welcomed; unconstructive feedback can be posted, but we WILL mock and ridicule you for it. @ Support feel free to reference this guide. Credit for the original pre-wipe version of this goes to whoever wrote the last one; I'm about 54% sure it was Jamie. * Disclaimer: Guide tested extensively on multiple general-purpose idiots, who were able to complete the sync process. "Ant's Guides, INC." is not liable for failure to achieve desired results by any persons exceeding the Daily Recommended Allotment of Stupid. Void where prohibited by law.
  8. Impersonations

    Sure you can. Has your character communicated with/met their character before? If yes, you can say "yeah I know that turd" (or deny it if you're feeling like a dick at the time), if not, "Nah fam, don't know him at all". Not your fault and not your responsibility if they get OOC and IC interactions confused.
  9. We All Need To Chill Out

    For a decently long amount of time, the number of hostile/dangerous groups was pretty damn high. Can't blame people for arming accordingly. That said, new times, new setting, ergo new rules. Old paradigm doesn't apply anymore. If you're equipped to kill infected and only infected, then try staying near some faction bases like the VDV/CDF/UN/NATO, where they ARE equipped to help/defend, even if it is with a cost. You know, like if a real apocalypse happened, the majority of people flooding into refuge camps looking for safe haven, not arming like US survivalist nuts and declaring "territories".
  10. I'm liking this! Makes sense some NGOs would arrive in Chernarus for the outbreak; the military bombings especially would have required your expertise. Hope we meet IG! You especially might do well to link up with WHO personnel for details regarding corpse disposal and signs of infection, would be great to swap info and tips.
  11. So...we accidentally killed a guy with zombies...

    "We have candy, get in the van!"
  12. Addition/Change to the Initiation/BadRP rules.

    It depends on the situation. What you described, though, sounds exactly like the kind of situation that the Ruleplay clause is intended for.
  13. Things to do in Dayz when you are bored

    If you get bored in DayZ.... stop playing. I'm serious. Nothing ruins a game faster than forcing yourself to play when you don't want to. That said... * Sneak up behind players and breath heavily into the mic. Increase loudness until they notice. * (once note taking is fixed) Leave shopping lists and dessert recipes inside tents scattered around military areas. Don't put anything else in them, just the notes.
  14. Character Page Music

    It's coming back, it's one of the features that is currently offline while website changes continue.
  15. Samuel Quinn

    While his brother chose the military life, Sam was cut from a different cloth. After an alcohol-fueled altercation in college, he was forced to give up on becoming a a trauma surgeon. Sam didn't let that stop him, though; working two jobs over the course of several years, he received his credentials as an emergency paramedic and subsequently joined the Sons of Earth foreign aid group, travelling to dangerous locations around the world to help provide supplies and medical care to refugees and natural disaster victims. Acting as an emergency paramedic, Sam had the outstanding misfortune of being in southern Russia when the apocalypse hit. The UN was quick to draft his services once the Chernarus situation began devolving out of control, and Sam was eager to help. Now, he has joined forces with the United Nations, thrust into a military situation with little say in the matter. Although it isn't the first time he's worked in dangerous conditions, it IS the first time he has been at the heart of a pandemic that threatens the entire world, and he will now see whether he is up to the challenge.