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  1. Hey man, yes i was not against you. I killed the guys who shot my friends and then you killed me.. but it is ok, i understand that you got confused mate! I dont know anyone named ''Tyrell'' i was playing with John and James!
  2. My POV: ( Dave Bohannan ) we went to the north west airfield and robbed one guy, we used handcuffs on him and i took the gun he and gave him mine, then we left in the woods to hide. Then we went back and we saw a couple of guys talking to eachother and then they started to run after us for a while and we did not stop because we knew that the guy we robbed were his friends ( he said '' i have friends incoming '' while we robbed him). And they lost us, We walked to the edge of the whole Airfield area and then my friends ( John Bohannan and James Norman ) got shot at and died so i started aiming with my gun at the guys who shot them ( i saw the whole thing, i was hidden in a tree ) and took the shot and killed one guy at the dead body of one of my friends and the other guy ran away so i took him while he was running aswell.