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  1. Boris has always been a patriot towards his country. He joined the military as young and has never left it since. He never got a family and he's happy about that. His love for the military was always where his heart lied. His real family. He was and still is an excellent soldier with weaponry. After everything went down, he stayed in his apartment for weeks. Seeing his country fall to this new kind of enemy.. It was too much for him to bear. Or so he thought. Eventually, Boris remembered his true calling. To fight the enemy to the bitter end. He now walks Chernarus, fighting the new enemy that rots among the streets, fields, farms, hills, lakes, whereever.. He finds them. He kills them. So they can die. Again.
  2. Alexzi Sadrakoff grew up in Chernarus, his early years on one birthday was given a camera by his dad. Ever since he has spiraled into photography from early teens into an adult. Having worked alot in Chernarus, aswell as taking a study in commercial photography in England for 3 years. When returing to Chernarus, he worked together with his brother and a childhood friend. Within a year they had established a well profitting company. He got together with the childhood female friend soon after returning. A year later they happily married. Before the outbreak, things started turning from speculation to worry, the more days that passed from the first news incident. The city he was in had usually always been calm and there was a very low rate of crime. But nobody expected the day when everything changed. Alexzi's brother had stayed over the past night, having woken up to shouts outside. He left his brothers home and never returned. Alexzi and his partner woke up to their front door breaking open. They were greeted by a man looking in terrible shape in the hall. They ran through several rooms with the mangled man after them. Upon leaving the house and into the woods, the couple was chased by more horrid looking villagers. The two accidently feel down a small hill, being separated. His wife paniced, and Alexzi was forced to run in the opposite direction, being the last time he has seen his loved one til this day.
  3. Found this dead npc with a weird nose. GOTY!
  4. More food items, like snack bars, or just something new overall. Feel there's been to little stuff added in the food department as of late. Maybe add fish products in stores, egg's, milk etc.