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  1. Sivarg

    Choose your own PATH.

    Awesome! My new desktop background!
  2. Sivarg

    Halloween comes early in Polana

  3. Sivarg

    "Dont hold it by the blade, Hutch!"

    There is cutting with a razor blade and then there is hand maiming with a bastard sword!
  4. Sivarg

    Infectious Suicide

    Reminds me of watch dogs for some reason.
  5. Sivarg

    You got the products?

    Ganja maaaaan!
  6. Sivarg

    The Line.

    Great shot, love the one guy to the upper left.
  7. Sivarg


    So much going on, oh man where to start with the awesomeness. You pretty much got the whole screenshot filled in with something to look at! If this was a painting, you would have aced all the requirements that traditional paintings need. Nice Depth of field among other things, I'd have to take out my artist book to go through them all, just too many to remember. Likely my fav screenshot you took so far Watchman.
  8. Sivarg


    OH! It was a ceremony, haha. Nice gathering and congratulations to the two! Neat shot!
  9. Sivarg

    The Yes

    The Yes, "you may swim in my pond, miss", Yes.
  10. Sivarg


    Awesome screenshot! Are those edited flare-like effects on the sides?
  11. Sivarg


    The Limegreen Neon Bandit!
  12. Sivarg


    looking forward to having night again too!
  13. Sivarg

    -Wait For Me-

    LOL youre a wizard Pontiff!
  14. Sivarg


    mmm, goat? ?
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