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  1. I would rate this a solid 10 out of 10 if it got me free beans. #SellOutForBeans Jokes aside, that's some lit work Alex.
  2. Frequency (open)

    *Mark picks up his radio, before he pushes down upon the PTT button, speaking up* "This is Mark here, I want to thank you for your assistance within Elektro earlier this fine day. Without your help, I would've probably been dinner to one of the many infected that was spread around the city. PS. I apologize for the accidental ripping of your pants during the battle for survival against the infected, I hope you're capable of finding a new pair or at least be able to fix them up." *Slowly he pulls his finger off the PTT button as the transmission ends*
  3. Lore reset?

    +1, go for it.
  4. Roamer Care Package (Open Frequency)

    After finishing up putting a bit of supplies into the tent, Mark reaches for his radio while pressing down the PTT button "Hello there, any survivors that may be listening to this broadcast. We've dropped off another supply drop at the town of Kamyshovo, it's located within one of the garages near the police station. Please, help yourself to any food, water, medical supplies or anything else within it that can assist you in your survival." He withdraws his finger from the PTT button, pondering for a bit before pushing it back down "PS. Make sure that you check that the cans are unopened when eating from them and take all the precautions you can before deciding to fill up yourself with any food or drinks within the package, as certain people are known to poison supplies." Finally he withdraws his finger from the PTT button before putting aside his radio
  5. The Roamers Media Thread

    Is that from when I was driving? Those look very familiar. Got some great pics in here, keep them coming fellas! Yupp
  6. The Roamers Media Thread

    Uploading some old screenies! [spoiler=Screenshots] "The escape from Zombies through Svetlojarsk" Stradic and Dicey, newly founded couple of the Roamers [align=center][/align] [align=center]Bus logic after restart[/align]
  7. I stand for permanent death after valid execution or death in firefight. It will make you consider your characters actions a whole lot more and you won't do stupid things nor will people go around and initiate on person after person after person, with minutes between each one of them. Because people have to consider the consequences of initiating on that player and this goes for the other sides of the coin as well, the person being initiated on have to consider his/her actions as well. How do I act? Do I have friends that I can trust to back me up? Or should I just stand this one down, let them pat me down for what they wanted, get the information they wished for and walk away with my life. Reason I believe this would be a good thing for DayZRP is because it would add onto the lack of consequences that exist currently. But, at the same time I know fully that most likely majority of this community would dislike a system that forces you into permanently killing off your character after having been killed in a valid way that doesn't involve bugs, rule break or anything like it.