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  1. Server and location: S2 - NWAF Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 05:10 Your in game name: Josef Vagner Names of allies involved: Jarek Kinsky Name of suspect/s: Eric Roosevelt's - GeaRP/RP Friend - AvoidRP Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Video uploading SoonTM Detailed description of the events: Moving down NWAF scavenging for ammunition etc me and Jarek run into Eric Roosevelt and his friend at the northern tents. Eric's friend draws his gun on me and I ask him what he thinks he was doing. Albeit in not such a nice way. Eric then ask's me what I am doing. I tell him I am looking for a little ammo. His friend then drops his aim and they both sprint off. At this point Jarek attempts to engage in RP with both of them as he was in another area of the tents when I spoke to them. Eric's friend proceeds to sprint off to hide in the tents and me and Jarek engage with hostile RP as Eric is American and as Chernarussians we dislike him. He feeds us his story of being an Airsoft man etc. Refusing to continue to RP he says he needs to continue looting, this occurs multiple times throughout our conversation. -GeaRP/RP- Meanwhile I tried to engage with Eric's friend except he avoids me like the plague. Not once did he talk or stand still. I gave up returned to Jarek and we realised it was fruitless and left.
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    Screenshot of the Week Contest ~ New Features

    I cannot screenshot well. But I can screenshot nonetheless.
  3. SuperJam

    Screenshot of the Week Contest ~ Unedited

  4. I think the saltiness may also now come from people picking each others arguments apart, I know we do not see the staff deliberation and with good cause but the extent at which they nitpick is probably at the same level as those in the reports. I feel the back and forth nitpicking of POV's by other members causes bitterness where as a staff member doing it may be taken differently. Just my 2c +1 for no cool down period
  5. SuperJam

    Screenshot of the Week Suggestions

    Has one been done for happiness and peacefulness, or are we all against that kind of stuff? +1 For stalkers and spooky stuffs
  6. Bor within the last hour or two? Sounds like my stomping ground. It was nice seeing someone even if you didn't stay for long, then again neither did I. All aside I have seen this kind of thing before. I often wonder whether the server randomly closes/opens doors similar to spawning loot. Who knows?
  7. *Kovac sensing the moment reaches into his bag and grabs the radio* For when this goes horribly wrong and you get shot, dont hesitate to reach out to me for medical attention. With a small donation of course. *The smell of new medical equipment in the air is palpable as Kovac continues trudging down the road*
  8. *Roused from his sleep by the mere mention of other men of medicine Kovac fumbles for his radio and quickly begins to transmit* "It is true! There are more still than I imagined! I am Kovac, thoracic surgeon specialised with trauma victims, it is good to hear from someone who has similar intentions. I too do a bit of medical work here and there but only ever in trade for medical supplies, food you see seems so irrelevant when a life perishes from lack of good tincture and roll. We should talk some day and reminisce on the old times when the nurses were still good looking eh? Perhaps there is interest in forming a trauma team of sorts? *Leaning back Kovac breathes out depely, it is relieving to hear from someone who speaks the same language as you, it gives you comfort that you are not there alone* Do not forget your Oath my friend. život nad smrtí. *The radio is slung mercilessly into his pack as Kovac realises the time and prepares to move out*
  9. SuperJam

    Dating Sites: Useful or Not?

    Hear, Hear!
  10. SuperJam

    .59 Experimental Update #1 now live

    Did someone say content? So excited
  11. SuperJam

    My PC specs and what to upgrade?

    Are you able to post the exact model of your CPU? As mentioned before the CPU is very hot for what it is. If you know how I would check that your cooler is in contact with your CPU and whether there is thermal paste at all. If this is not the case and it is simply overheating it would be worthwhile upgrading your cooler dependent on your CPU. Especially if it is unlocked in which case buying a 50-60 dollar cooler and overclocking could give you big net results without forking out $$$ on a new CPU.
  12. People that would rather kill than RP. RP in my opinion should be prioritised over death or KOS. I believe it is BadRP when you kill someone over attempting to RP with them even if it is a hostage that tries to escape. It is of my opinion that NVFL should be a two way street to some degree. I don't believe 9/10 people would just kill whoever, I do believe that the majority would give thought to taking life. IMO this is the finer end of super soldier RP in which people do not care for human life. Following on, it really irritates me that someone would rather kill than initiate and kill in a revenge situation, it seems to me that RP should be offered in terms of an execution especially in a 1v1/1v2 situation. An example of this is if you are moving a hostage who has no weapons and is not restrained due to lack of handcuffs or for whatever reason and they attempt to escape. It is much more interesting to shoot a few bullets around them and then give chase than to simply kill them. Also people that offer bad psychopath RP. I really struggle to get anything out of a bad psychopath/bandit that simply searches for a way to scar you or simply strips you of everything you have.
  13. Thankyou so much for this! Got me out of a sticky situation yesterday
  14. SuperJam

    Harassment vs. Banter

    For the blackmailing discussion and furthermore other situations is there a viable statute of limitations rule you could create and then apply to null their effect/existence? For example, I record you abusing me and intend to use it against you I then have 2-3 days to report it or it becomes null and void.