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  1. Method

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Walnuts that was the first time I ever cried in game that was so sad. @ScarletRose that was amazing
  2. Method


    Thank you Sam you will truly miss you. @Walnuts

  3. Method

    How long do i have to put up with this ?

    problem is it will keep happening that's why we have rules
  4. Traveling through Russia on a hunting trip seemed like it could be a perfect hunt but quickly things turned south when one of his hunting party got hurt in the black mountains the hunting party had to travel to Chernarus via truck. Jason didn't expect things to go so south so quickly the infected pouring in him getting split from his party the only thing he did know is he had to get to safety he has to surivive after all how else is he supposed to get back to hunting. current history tba
  5. Method


    Thank you so much @ScarletRose and @yuthee for constantly making my time in rp constantly amazing thank you for running our group so well guys


    1. yuthee


      This was a first time stitching 20 wounds, a chopped off ear and finger. Haha. It was a great time. Having you has been a blast.

    2. Fae


      Alfred RN


      Nurse Fae was not amused at having to hold your blood and saline up 😂

    3. Method


      Wasn't exactly my plan to be hurt so much.

  6. Method


    6 days ago but still that's a lot of time 10.8 hours I'm pretty happy with that



  7. Method


    New profile theme because I started humming the song while I was at work and well here we are.

  8. Method


    uh sorry I don't think I'll spend that much to get the complete my RPG maker


  9. Method


    From the album: Methods adventures

    I started this lore at that place now people have build a home there.
  10. Method

    Methods adventures

    The name is self-explanatory if it's not this is a gallery of shenanigans and my travels be it alone or with friends and it has pictures. some are old some are new
  11. Method

    I think this doctor is dead

    From the album: Methods adventures

    in all honesty, he attacked me first lol
  12. Method

    Treating sam

    From the album: Methods adventures

    look at the title lol
  13. Method

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Zilly glad to be there for your ceremony Well rest in peace Phil or whatever your name was (really wish I took a pic of your name) @Mr. Moon sorry you couldn't get there in time to stop what happened I didn't meet ya in person today but here's to you catching up with the father
  14. Method

    Real life picture Thread

    Another pic of me and the gang this time exploring my future stomping grounds the Phoenix Zoo.
  15. Method

    Real life picture Thread

    hair is long enough to do this with my hair
  16. Method


    chrome_2019-04-17_17-49-48.png.bf62c69c3d2c9fe6d55d3acf5786c356.pnga good game day

  17. Method

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Very surprising RP today with @ScarletRose and @Kain and others I didn't catch all the names
  18. Method

    I got long arms

    From the album: Methods adventures

  19. Method

    rip random guy i never even got your name

    From the album: Methods adventures

    i dont even know his name but we got swarmed
  20. Method

    Kill, torture or rescue the guy or girl above you

  21. Method

    Rip Krystl

    From the album: Methods adventures

    I loot and I turn around for min and I hear a yell and my friend fell to her death twas a sad day.
  22. Method

    found a piggy friend

    From the album: Methods adventures

    first pig I found so I followed it and found an m4 in a house it got stuck on
  23. Method

    creepy barn

    From the album: Methods adventures

    whoever set these like this scared the heck out of me when I spawned in
  24. Method


    *Method signs up for college again*

    Method- holy hell what did I just do this means Methods war against math is back on

  25. Method

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    Another classic game of thrones 10/10
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