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  1. For anyone wondering no I still haven’t cut my hair yet but here is one of the re-enactment uniforms I have.
  2. Background Story Ellis Cleburne was Born in Texas in 1981 Ellis grew up to a horse rancher based out of western Texas. He often accompanied his father to the different places they sold their mares and colts. Cleburne horses were much renowned throughout Texas, Arizona, and Colorado. During these trips, his father raised him with his sense of history teaching him all about the civil war and the American Indian wars along with their family history within the ranks of the Confederate cavalry. Hero's like general Custer, J.E.B Stewart, Robert E Lee, and Ulysses S Grant helped shape him in his formative years so other than the odd rodeo show and often boring school years Ellis studied United states military history extensively. He joined the Odessa Police while he applied to West Point, feeling he should get some structured experience before joining west point. After 3 years he applied and was accepted to the west point military academy he had earned commendations and awards for his fearless in the line of duty. From saving a family from a burning building only receiving minor burns to his back to using one of his father's horses to traverse the terrain of western Texas capturing 3 convicts showing his skill with on horseback. He felt as if he was born to be in the military officer graduating with honors and the rank of first lieutenant. Notes in his file told stories of Ellis being a bit eccentric adopting a gentlemanly noble air around him but none the less he was an exceptional officer shipping him off to Iraq to help command 2nd battalion 3rd platoon of the 7th Calvary. High Command ordered his platoon to provide some support to a group of pinned down marines so seeing this as his moment of glory. He leads his men from the front disregarding fellow officers attempting to break through the enemy fighting in tight quarters and suffering heavy casualties. Himself receiving a knife wound across his arm, but that didn't stop him from jumping on a downed troopers M249 and providing cover fire for his men and the others to extract half shouting the song Jine the Cavalry to his men's amusement and awe. The song was cut short when he was shot in his left shoulder, spinning him around splattering blood and sand all around. Ellis quickly got back to his feet and turned the gun on the enemy holding the position with the help of his men till reinforcements arrived his actions gave rise to his men calling him old Gary and earning him a silver star, and a purple heart. Ellis served honorably for the next 5 years before retiring at the rank of lieutenant colonel due to is leadership and experience in the field. He returned home and met up with some of his old police academy friends for a beer at the local bar. They explained that they been apart of the state police and then joined the texas rangers and they had a spot for Ellis in the mounted division. Graciously he took the offer, but the job had him mainly sitting behind a desk. This made him itch for action so when calls came their way Ellis jumped at the opportunity without his commander's say so this got him stuck on desk duty for months this happened multiple times over the course of the next 2 years. Cleburne got tired of as he called it "Inaction of the higher-ups" and decided to hang up his star and resign his position with the state police. as a retirement present from his father he received a horse to raise he named her jasmine. :Jasmine 2016 Ellis spent the next couple years trying to enjoy retirement on his father's horse ranch, preforming in civil war reenactments including the reenactment of Custer's last stand but everything he did reinforced and idea that was growing within him, the fact that something was missing what he had done in his life wasn't enough he wouldn't be remembered like the famous of the history. So he set out to leave a lasting mark on the world. Ellis concluded to make a militia out of former soldiers and willing citizens. He would help train them to ride horseback and would combine Civil war/ American Indian war tactics and training. To form a militia in Arizona to help with a surge of violent crime at the border at the time he soon fell in love with the countryside and moved to Arizona in late 2015 and preceded to do recruitment drives at local farms where the few who joined became the Arizona 17th mounted Calvary over the coming years they gained public appreciation through food drives / search and rescue participation etc. bringing them high esteem among the local population. As of the summer of 2017, the 17th now had 50 members 3 platoons so many that they didn't have enough horses (only Morgan breeds were selected) and Militia had to take turns using them, but LTC Cleburne attended every operation on his own horse by the name of Jasmine. He wore either military Fatigues in the field or a modernized civil war cavalry uniform as was required by the 17th to formal events. Either way, he wore a cavalry saber that was passed down by his father and a bugle as all the officers/signalers of the 17th were required to wear. One of his original members by the name of Jackson Miller had suggested that they take the horses to another country and get used to some problematic terrain and suggested a war torn country named Chernarus as it could use the income and the tourism. Ellis agreed and applied for the visas and the temporary import permit for their firearms receiving them in a month. He invited a few new recruits and his team trainers/ horse handlers using it as a training operation and a sort of retreat for them. Cleburne raised the necessary funds to make the trip happen having to fly to Russia as the Equestrian transport service could get Russia to take the hassle of the horses after unloading the animals and receiving the permits they needed they started off. The trip took longer than expected arriving the 5th of November they settled into a nice place to camp near a lake there was enough room for the tents and campfire after milling around a bit for a couple hours they decided to settle in for bed. Ellis decided to take his horse on a short night time ride to clear his head before bed he had been out of 40 mins before he heard Yelling and gunshots coming from camp he reared Jasmine and bolted toward camp. The sight he was met with stunned him for the first time in his life, the men were being attacked by what looked like a large group of locals. Something was obviously wrong with them as they were attempting to tear the men and horses limb by limb. Almost as quickly as he froze, he was back in action and yelled for his men to mount up and get the horses to safety. A young recruit bolted toward him being chased by some of the strangers. Instinctively he reached for his pistol, but it was still stored in his case beside his tent. He reached down and drew his saber to intimidate the assailants who seemed to be unaffected he yelled for the men to halt. Before he knew it, they were closing the gap so thinking of his horses safety he quickly pulls back on the rains to get Jasmine to back up this action seemed to cause the locals to get more agitated causing them to move faster toward him. Seeing this, Ellis dismounted and gave Jasmine to the militia recruit telling him to stay there. While advancing on the nearest attacker and preceded to wound them slicing their arm the entire time ordering the group to stop. But they seemed to not notice or care and kept pushing so he sliced across the belly spilling the local's guts on the grass. This did little to rout the relentless advance, so he drew the weapon back and pierced the attackers head dropping him instantly at that moment he heard a yell behind him and spun around to see the recruit being attacked. Cleburn advanced on the scene raising his saber to head level striking the strange assailant in the head dropping him before spinning around looking around for the rest of his men many laid dead on the forest floor near the bodies of their dead horses he took note that some of them were missing. In the back of his mind, he hoped they got away. Ellis ordered the man to mount up after he had remounted Jasmine holding up his hand for the man to receive the entire time he is slashing with his saber attempting to beat back the attackers from his horse. The LT colonel's horse trying to speed away with the 2 men linked only by one arm split them to Ellis's horror the recruit fell hard into the growing crowd of attackers and was very obviously killed under the writhing fists that is when the world suddenly flipped upside down as he was thrown from his horse. As he fell, he could hear her screams as she ran into the waiting arms of the madmen. Doing this, her legs went out from beneath her, and she fell to the ground and was swarmed her blood mixing into the grass and flowing toward Ellis. Enraged he moved toward his tent pulling free his pistol from his case and loaded it as he turned back toward crowd he saw the horse in pain trying to escape the mass of bodies. But he knew in the shape she was in she wouldn't make it so his revolver and aimed at his loyal steed and pulled the trigger and sprinted off into the woods not wanting to look back. Moving as fast as he could he exited the forest only be greeted by a large town gasping for air he realized he may be the only survivor of the Militia, and this may just be the start of things if need be he would rebuild the Milita and if he can whip these people into shape. He could make it out of this alive and earn the glory he has been born to receive. For it was glory or death and his luck has hold out this long it was bound to hold now as well. more to be added as things happen
  3. I give up my play streak spot to the one and only @Alkis better watch it cause when i come back from my hiatus ill be gunning for it again


    1. Alkis


      Still waiting the streak is still up giphy.gif.5f8bba223a1813cc3be98ce0622132f2.gif

  4. Method

    DayZRP 19.8.1

    *wonders how many times he is going to hear something about ww2 with the tear gas while in game* Plus 1 guys great additions.
  5. Had a great adventure traveling around with @OldSchool hopefully I get to meet with ya again.
  6. Did I just level up my pvp skill?

    1. Drizzy


      on a scale of 1 to kalo, yes

    2. Craig


      Welcome to Level 2.

  7. Before I completely leave behind the last couple months here is the first picture I took with the toy makers and the last one it was fun but now its time for another adventure.

    It was a blast it really was awful how it ended 


    last toy makers.jpg

  8. Had a great time today exploring met a cool fella today named peter sorta was spooked for a bit but hey had some shooting practice with him so over all a great bit of RP from @Wanderer at least I hope that is the right Schmidt.
  9. Method POV: we were hearing gunshots coming from stary while we were looking around at vmc waiting for our combat timer. So we decided to travel and see what was going on. we didn't see anything and we decided to call it off and leave when we heard one of our members started hot miking meeting someone so we looked for him when he mutes for a couple mins. so we frantically look around for him till he pops back on the com's saying the men stole everything he had so the group decided to engage the men and I was killed in the ensuing firefight. I didnt really get much of a sight on any of the enemies before I got shot and died. In fact im 99.9 percent sure I team killed bobby in the chaos of the fire fight.
  10. if your dying to play a link to an older version of the mod is located in the help section on the discord just be sure to disable the summer mod to get it to run correctly and re enable it when the server is updated
  11. (Josiah pov) I logged on and met with ripper and asked where everyone one else was he said that everyone was sleeping except for sunny who was heading back in to the base. I figured i would stay on and wait for him to get back . A woman named JJ stopped by with a weapon for jade so i said id hold onto it for her it was a short while. till 3 men approached and asked if anyone was around for a traveling musician could play for i said no one was around at the moment or they were asleep. so we chatted for a couple mins till a red car arrived and a man got out wearing all black, he quickly put on a yellow arm band and (i cant definitely if he said his name or if i heard that from someone else) said he was sent here to fetch something. so i said ok let me check with my higher ups and got on the radio with sunny who asked me to figure out what he needed and give it to him so i asked and the man said the thing he was looking for was more of a person then a thing and i told sunny and he said he was almost there and would deal with things sunny walked in with a girl and went to speak to the man the man said “i'm here to discuss things about some trouble (or troubles not sure exactly) between your group and the wolf pack” sunny said he deals with the wolf pack so he and the man walked off so i kept the woman company while watching sunny and after a short bit i hear gun shots so i turn around and see sunny on the ground so i fire in the direction i thought i saw the man after few moments i got out of the tower and put away my weapon to rp checking on sunny and drag sunny inside when i'm shot and killed without a word after reaching sunny and attempting to emote grabbing sunny the words (didnt get sent before i was shot). Ending the rp and my involvement in the rp other than to do some pain rp for a couple mins before logging completely for the night. (Sorry for the lack of punctuation Im at work. If you need anymore from me feel free to message me.)
  12. 1 HOUR OF DOWNLOADS LATER halven was right the hard ware antialiasing is the issue and is working now solved my problem thanks mate
  13. I updated my game and launched the main menu is a black screen and when i log into the server its black too and verified my files and such and it still is messed up hereshow it looks
  14. @Walnuts that was the first time I ever cried in game that was so sad. @ScarletRose that was amazing
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