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  1. i was blacklisted

    Hello, @ethanuel115 both the answers above are correct we have a minimum age of 16. Lyca's answer lets you know what to do once you hit the proper age.
  2. Must be your active character

    Hello @Hyrien dont forget to pick the correct answer if your answer was well answered.
  3. Cannot connect to servers

    Howdy @Joffrey did your problem get solved or is it still on going?
  4. COMPLIMENT the person above you

    You are too cool you dont have to spell toes correct and still are cool
  5. Returning to server to find error.

    Could you provide us a screen shot of the authentication time out?
  6. Returning to server to find error.

    Hello @Andrewx21 Since you have been gone the website has had an overhaul and now to get into the servers you need to make a character under the characters sub section of the DayZ tab on the website. I would recommend a minimum of 300 words for the background for your character- as far as I know and have been told, that is a requirement. Make sure you refresh your memory by looking at the new lore and the rules. Try that first and let us know if that fixed your issue.
  7. COMPLIMENT the person above you

    I've not seen you change your avatar the whole time I've known you other than the colors. now that is dedication *starts a slow clap in Elmo's honor*
  8. Sound and Mic issue

    This same thing has been happening to members of my group it could be an unrelated reason but this last patch has been notorious at least with my friends and me that the VOIP sometimes won't work and will need to relog to get it to work. That could be the problem you're facing unless it's not then the answers above might hold the key.
  9. Greetings Everyone

    Just woke up but hey welcome to the community hope you enjoy your stay with us if you need any help with anything don't be afraid to ask me or any support for assistance or come to the help desk on the team speak regardless of how you ask we will gladly help.
  10. Was Jesus was a zombie and thats why he came back?

  11. The Departed

    Great role play today looking forward to more fun with the group.
  12. sock.thumb.jpg.42a231a802eb860e822d06fc3264fd28.jpg

    Julia is a free elf 

  13. The Departed

    The background i have on my character is just my condensed Version but i am writing up my extended version which will be used in the lore and stories section. Its taking a bit longer to write due to my work schedule juggling that and getting in game
  14. The Departed

    i can see what you mean about my character thats why i aged him up a bit from when i initially made him which his age was 25 and only being part of the company for 3-4 years but when the new lore wipe took place i aged him up to 29 with 8-9 years in the security company with his training as a pmc and the dea training that adds up to 10 ish years of training and partly due to his friends involvement in the company he was assigned to the embassy security forces
  15. The Departed

    If I did not read the criticisms why would I even be responding to you? And its not that we don’t trust nato; we don’t trust this detatchment of nato and as far as we have been told, you’re cut off from the rest of your command infrastructure. Where did I say anything that gave you the opinion that I’m acting childish by responding in a calm respective manner, but you continue with the name calling when I already said we would be looking at your criticisms as a group. If I keep getting this hostility from you instead of actually talking about the things you see as problems in a calm reasoned manner I won’t see a reason to respond to you