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  1. Back for a fresh start

    Welcome back
  2. Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    For me at least the last patch has gutted the game for me it stutters every 5 ish mins for me and has gotten me killed by it so in till the games optimized better for me or i get enough money to upgrade ill be on less then normal less being the key word hopefully when beta hits the game might be more optimised and i wont have to barrow another computer just to play dayzrp
    • Iso
    • Method

    I see you got that haircut

    1. Method


      Yup but most importantly i got 2 more ooc hats

    2. Iso


      You need to spend your money better

    3. Method


      I wear them all the time

  3. Staff Feedback: Method

    Not exactly in format but im glad to see I helped you with your problem and ill keep up my good work.
  4. posting status

    does this problem still persist or did what Laski say work? if it did then be sure to click the check mark above the answer.
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    • Ark

    Digging the new theme my lord

    • Crim
    • Method

    Lost fan?

    1. Method


      i just spent over 60 bucks buying the whole series minus season 6 that's on my list if that tells you something haha 

  5. Method

    won my first chicken dinner with @Tmiller0727 that was intense man your death wasn't in vain20171003010001_1.thumb.jpg.3e0439f1c563f49454f18ed8c9ec74b1.jpg

  6. Lore Wipe

    The thoughts about having a new lore when beta hits haven't been talked about as far as staff is concerned as I know but much like galaxy has been saying I have heard people wanting both a lore wipe and not wanting one. but no as far as I've been told no lore wipe has been confirmed as of yet.
  7. Real life picture Thread

    Ill show you my full hair after work beni
  8. Real life picture Thread

    I quite like the look of my hair almost looks short might cut it like this ........ nah
  9. Adding pictures in your characters background?

    @VodkaWolf be sure to click the check mark the answers your question so we know you got the answer much like i said in your other question
  10. How irradiated is Kamensk?

    Howdy @VodkaWolf dont forget to select the answer that solves your question by clicking the check mark above it so the support team can tell you have been helped
  11. Same Background?

    Hello @dameons20 dont forget to push the check mark over the answer that answers your question so we know you have been helped
  12. Method

    I have to say i love this new profile style