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  1. Method

    S2 10 second robbery left with nothing extreme racism no Rp - 2019-07-19, 08:06

    Method POV: we were hearing gunshots coming from stary while we were looking around at vmc waiting for our combat timer. So we decided to travel and see what was going on. we didn't see anything and we decided to call it off and leave when we heard one of our members started hot miking meeting someone so we looked for him when he mutes for a couple mins. so we frantically look around for him till he pops back on the com's saying the men stole everything he had so the group decided to engage the men and I was killed in the ensuing firefight. I didnt really get much of a sight on any of the enemies before I got shot and died. In fact im 99.9 percent sure I team killed bobby in the chaos of the fire fight.
  2. if your dying to play a link to an older version of the mod is located in the help section on the discord just be sure to disable the summer mod to get it to run correctly and re enable it when the server is updated
  • Method

    Staff Feedback: Tomu

    Link to the situation: Assisted on discord so no screen shots Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: you acted promptly and assisted me and acted professionally all at 3 am good on you if you keep this up you will be a great staff member ( i don't want to clutter the page with flowery words and such) to be short and sweet great job and keep up the excellent work Suggestions for improvement:N/A
  • Method

    S2 field near Sosnovka invalid kill 2019-06-28, 11:01

    (Josiah pov) I logged on and met with ripper and asked where everyone one else was he said that everyone was sleeping except for sunny who was heading back in to the base. I figured i would stay on and wait for him to get back . A woman named JJ stopped by with a weapon for jade so i said id hold onto it for her it was a short while. till 3 men approached and asked if anyone was around for a traveling musician could play for i said no one was around at the moment or they were asleep. so we chatted for a couple mins till a red car arrived and a man got out wearing all black, he quickly put on a yellow arm band and (i cant definitely if he said his name or if i heard that from someone else) said he was sent here to fetch something. so i said ok let me check with my higher ups and got on the radio with sunny who asked me to figure out what he needed and give it to him so i asked and the man said the thing he was looking for was more of a person then a thing and i told sunny and he said he was almost there and would deal with things sunny walked in with a girl and went to speak to the man the man said “i'm here to discuss things about some trouble (or troubles not sure exactly) between your group and the wolf pack” sunny said he deals with the wolf pack so he and the man walked off so i kept the woman company while watching sunny and after a short bit i hear gun shots so i turn around and see sunny on the ground so i fire in the direction i thought i saw the man after few moments i got out of the tower and put away my weapon to rp checking on sunny and drag sunny inside when i'm shot and killed without a word after reaching sunny and attempting to emote grabbing sunny the words (didnt get sent before i was shot). Ending the rp and my involvement in the rp other than to do some pain rp for a couple mins before logging completely for the night. (Sorry for the lack of punctuation Im at work. If you need anymore from me feel free to message me.)
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    Games graphics wont load

    1 HOUR OF DOWNLOADS LATER halven was right the hard ware antialiasing is the issue and is working now solved my problem thanks mate
  • Method

    Games graphics wont load

    attempting now
  • Method

    Games graphics wont load

    I updated my game and launched the main menu is a black screen and when i log into the server its black too and verified my files and such and it still is messed up hereshow it looks
  • Method

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Walnuts that was the first time I ever cried in game that was so sad. @ScarletRose that was amazing
  • Method


    Thank you Sam you will truly miss you. @Walnuts

  • Method

    How long do i have to put up with this ?

    problem is it will keep happening that's why we have rules
  • Traveling through Russia on a hunting trip seemed like it could be a perfect hunt but quickly things turned south when one of his hunting party got hurt in the black mountains the hunting party had to travel to Chernarus via truck. Jason didn't expect things to go so south so quickly the infected pouring in him getting split from his party the only thing he did know is he had to get to safety he has to surivive after all how else is he supposed to get back to hunting. current history tba
  • Method


    Thank you so much @ScarletRose and @yuthee for constantly making my time in rp constantly amazing thank you for running our group so well guys


    1. Derek Crow

      Derek Crow

      This was a first time stitching 20 wounds, a chopped off ear and finger. Haha. It was a great time. Having you has been a blast.

    2. Fae


      Alfred RN


      Nurse Fae was not amused at having to hold your blood and saline up 😂

    3. Method


      Wasn't exactly my plan to be hurt so much.

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    6 days ago but still that's a lot of time 10.8 hours I'm pretty happy with that



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    New profile theme because I started humming the song while I was at work and well here we are.

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    uh sorry I don't think I'll spend that much to get the complete my RPG maker


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