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  1. Ju Ju

    Ju Ju

    lets play some alan wake and state of decay


  2. Ju Ju

    Suggestions for the Campfire Collection

    Object's name: Jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, rings ect) Reference picture: its jewelry you can search up jewelry and you can find ones you like Reason for it to be added/usage: more character varaiety/ stories (wedding's / character flair) Object's name: hot chocolate Reference picture: https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQhYnk4cA477gMzPPTDhjkDmR9-YiESXSICa5oqBv4IApPFQZ-P Reason for it to be added/usage: new food item that could be only made via campfire or stove for those cold rp nights maybe can combine with marshmellows for a new item Object's name: candy (chocolate, fruity candy hard candy, ect) Reference picture: its candy https://www.economycandy.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Mixed-Penny-Candy.jpg Reason for it to be added/usage: its candy everyone needs candy jk jk its a new food item Object's name: books again Reference picture: http://atheismnetwork.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/The-King-James-Bible.jpg https://shop.scholastic.com/content/dam/scholastic/sso/products/74/9780545162074/9780545162074_xlg.gif Reason for it to be added/usage: it was in the game but it was removed for some reason / rp situations/ campfire reads I got more but I want to see more from everyone else
  3. Ju Ju

    Explaining why players are banned

    The main issue here is transparency yes I see what people are saying privacy and yes I know that players could go ask the banned players but this idea is purely a way to help with said transparency staff/ website. if you guys got a better idea of how to make things more transparent on this front post it.
  4. Ju Ju

    Explaining why players are banned

    Try to stay on topic here we can meme around later
  5. Ju Ju

    Explaining why players are banned

    I know that I meant it wasn't really addressed by the staff why it happened people just vanished and I believe adding such a feature helps with the staff transparency which is why a lot of the people I know who left the community weather via tendi or not say was a major issue/ continues to be a major issue in some members eyes
  6. Ju Ju

    Explaining why players are banned

    Personally I'm not sure if its possible with the website but lets say you hover over the banned tag in peoples profile if its able to tell you a basic reason why the person was banned like "repeated rule breaks, flaming etc" I think that this would help quell people's confusion about the ban if it was officially addressed some way on the website instead of starting a snowball effect because of confusion either accidentally or maliciously caused by people speculating why the ban took place like how the massive community backlash "the tendi"
  7. Ju Ju

    Ju Ju

    As annoying as it is I'm actually really glad to see this .


    1. Aisling


      I wish the server was 100 slots again

      I sat in queue forever >_<

    2. Ju Ju

      Ju Ju

      same same but hey people!!!!!!!!

    3. Zero


      Server can not handle 100 tbh. 

    4. Spartan


      Working on a second server. Soontm

  8. Ju Ju

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Little late post but had lots of fun trying to turn the other cheek with @Honeybee and being part of the Jesus gang for the few mins it lasted. it was great to see the Lord's word is sorta getting through to some people. @Totapi and the other guy I didn't get the name of and as usual, it's always great running into @TheeFlocki at least I hope I got franks username this time and his companions such as Vlad though I had no idea where drew was this time.
  9. Ju Ju


    *Alfred presses the transmit button the sound of birds and wind can be heard in the background* Hello my children this is father Joshia live in STARY as i am told thats besides the fact anyways im holding a sermon in novy in the next hour for who ever wishes to attend wither to receive blessings or just to hear the word of the lord. all are welcome ill only wait for an hour then im going to go look for some pilgrims to assist stay safe and let the lord protect you in your journey and assist you to your path. *He lets go of the radio's trasmit button*
  10. Ju Ju

    Ju Ju

    Heres some roleplay pictures yes my friend fell down an elevator shaft.



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    The Law

    1. Ju Ju

      Ju Ju

      Welcome to me

      *snaps keyboard*

  12. Ju Ju

    Staff Feedback: Dino

    Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: My presence in the server continueing Feedback: I know it was around a week or two ago but you helped make sure that i could get back in the server after we switched to the launcher and helped me find a loophole that though i cant get the launcher working if you help everyone the way you helped me your going to be great Suggestions for improvement: N/A as I dont require staff help much
  13. Ju Ju

    Not really new but newly new

    Welcome back im glad to see you back in the saddle.
  14. Ju Ju

    New Moon Media Thread

    I love alot of these pictures guys keep up the great work
  15. Ju Ju

    Ju Ju

    come join us