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  1. Fruit Salad

    What Kind of RP do you Prefer?

    Some tense shit always sticks with you for a while.
  2. Fruit Salad

    S1 combat log, no care for hostage, badrp, short robbery, no reason for robbery

    I wouldn't really call it a robbery, as we did not rob you, we left you unable to follow us and ran away.
  3. Fruit Salad

    S1 combat log, no care for hostage, badrp, short robbery, no reason for robbery

    I don't record
  4. Fruit Salad

    S1 combat log, no care for hostage, badrp, short robbery, no reason for robbery

    Remy's POV I'll keep it short and simple I was traveling with Lukas, and in town met a specially friendly man. After a brief exchange of words he decided to join us on our way to Stary Sobor. On our way there, our new friend "Vlad" seemed very interested in us, even though Lukas stated that we like the silence. When we reached Novy Lucas made clear that we wish to split up and loot, though our new "friend" here never left my side, even following me inside every house i went into. * Personal note * - Vlads voice and accent seemed a lot like Vlad's the vampires from "Magicka" and that made me want to get away from him, as it got me uneasy. As Lukas had to go do some other things we decided to get rid of Vlad and log off. Lukas explained that our friends need help at the airfield, and told Vlad he could not come with us. Vlad kept following us, and repeating that "he can help" and " wants to come " running away, i lost eyesight of Lukas (it was dark) and had to run around for a while to find him again, whilst running around I ran past another survivor that Vlad yelled a few words at and kept running behind me. When i found Lukas, Vlad had cought again up to me. We started running towards NWA together. ON our way there Vlad kept asking about the situation at NWA to what we replied with barely anything. The whole time Lukas kept telling me that Vlad was stalling, and we should get somehow get rid of him, to that i suggested to handcuff him. As Lukas pointed the gun at Vlad and made him drop his gun i handcuffed him, and noticed a red armband in his backpack, which indicates the ZBOR forces. Realising Lukas has been right the whole time we scatered his belongings and ran, leaving him cuffed, though with most his most belongings (even his AK) still on the ground next to him. Reached the far side of NWA we logged out, as Lukas had other things to handle. (more than 15 minutes had passed). Edit: After reading this report i realise how close to death we were. If we had run the wrong way, or hadn't ran far enough, we would have been killed. If we wouldn't have done what we did, we would have been captured, with little to no survival chances, as the ZBOR are hostile against (and recently executed one of our group). as Blitz already said, he was infiltrating and got caught doing it.
  5. Fruit Salad

    [S3] Troll/Bad RP ~ Near Pustoshka

    It sounds a lot like you are just trying reason why you killed me (actually this whole message is just about that) - I am not accusing you of doing something wrong. I understand how it was a bad roleplay, though it was my first encounter ever, i did not know what to expect. Also, i was playing it tough because a takeover by a band of blue people was planned, as i mentioned before. However i don't see the actual reason for this report, what are you trying a achieve? A warning ? A ban ? I've realised my mistakes by watching the video, thank you for that. But i believe haven't broken any actual rules. Some of you, people, are actually sort of veterans here, I believe you could have handled the "reporting the troll" part far better.
  6. Fruit Salad

    [S3] Troll/Bad RP ~ Near Pustoshka

    So, i encountered this group, that acted as i should respect them, but there was no reason to. As stated, my character had a mental disorder. I was overconfident, the reason of that is - i had my friends around, they unfortunately couldn't get into the server. There was never an apparent treat from me. As for your badrp: You consistently tell me to shut up and to not speak. You also constantly bait you into speaking once you told you me to. Another thing in question is why did you forced the RP knowing, it was a " TROLL/BAD RP " on my side? The Reason you executed me as Strom mentioned: "we asked him to repeat something word for word, he refused to copy, and was killed for non complaince." He specifically states I was killed for not complying as I didn't repeat what he told me to say. I doubt can execute someone for such a ridiculous reason. I even said the words "I respect you, Jack". I understand, I might have broken some rules on my part, though I don't see a reason for report. That seems a little weird on your side. All of you have been doing this for a good while as i suspect, though on my side that was my first RP encounter ever. At any given moment you could'v just walked away. I was advised to put up a report for badrp and an invalid execution, though i plan not to do such thing. Fruit Salad
  7. Somehow, i respect people more when they are 35 rather than my age (im a kid) - I guess i was raised properly Hope to see more people like you here.